High Lonesome Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-0-944383-07-0Charles H. Harris · Louis R. Dadler · Louis R. SadlerThe Border and the Revolution: Clandestine Activities of the Mexican Revolution: 1910-1920
2002978-0-944383-09-4Montague StevensMeet Mr. Grizzly
1998978-0-944383-21-6Victor Michael Giammattei · Nanci Greer ReichertArt of a Vanished Race: The Mimbres Classic Black-On-White
1994978-0-944383-23-0Neil CarmonyWhiskey, Six Guns and Red Light Ladies
1995978-0-944383-25-4Frank C. HibbenHunting American Lions
  ''978-0-944383-30-8Neil B. CarmonyWhiskey, Six-Guns and Red-Light Ladies: George Hand's Saloon Diary, Tucson, 1875-1878
1996978-0-944383-36-0George HandThe Civil War in Apacheland: Sergeant George Hand's Diary, California, Arizona, West Texas, New Mexico, 1861-1864
  ''978-0-944383-37-7Frank C. HibbenHunting American Bears
  ''978-0-944383-39-1Frank TompkinsChasing Villa: The Last Campaign of the U.S. Cavalry
1997978-0-944383-41-4John ClumApache Days and Tombstone Nights: John Clum's Autobiography, 1877-1887
2015978-0-944383-45-2Ben K. GreenA Thousand Miles of Mustangin
2010978-0-944383-48-3Ben LillyBen Lilly's Tales of Bears, Lions and Hounds
1999978-0-944383-49-0M.H. SalmonGazehounds & Coursing - The History, Art and Sport of Hunting With Sighthounds
2000978-0-944383-50-6Neil B. Carmony · Steve GattoThe Real Wyatt Earp: A Documentary Biography
  ''978-0-944383-51-3Steve Gatto · Neil B. CarmonyThe Real Wyatt Earp: A Documentary Biography
2001978-0-944383-52-0Bob AlexanderDangerous Dan Tucker: New Mexico's Deadly Lawman
2001978-0-944383-53-7Bob AlexanderDangerous Dan Tucker: New Mexico's Deadly Lawman
  ''978-0-944383-55-1Will F. EvansHunting Grizzlys, Black Bear and Lions "Big-Time" on the Old Ranches
2002978-0-944383-59-9Harley ShawThe Wolf in the Southwest: The Making of an Endangered Species
  ''978-0-944383-60-5James A. McKennaBlack Range Tales
2003978-0-944383-61-2Ida Foster Campbell · Alice Foster HillTriumph and Tragedy: A History of Thomas Lyons and the LCs
  ''978-0-944383-63-6Bob AlexanderFearless Dave Allison: Border Lawman
2010978-0-944383-64-3G.W. EvansSlash Ranch Hounds
2007978-0-944383-71-1Bob AlexanderLawmen, Outlaws, and S.O.Bs, Vol. 2
  ''978-0-944383-73-5Jay C. BruceCougar Killer