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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-0-944344-01-9John S. KloppenborgQ Parallels: Synopsis, Critical Notes & Concordance (Foundations & Facets)
1994978-0-944344-06-4John Dominic CrossanThe Dark Interval: Towards a Theology of Story
1988978-0-944344-07-1Robert Walter Funk · James R. Butts · Bernard Brandon Scott · Jesus SeminarThe Parables of Jesus (Jesus Seminar Series)
1989978-0-944344-08-8Burton L. Mack · Vernon K. RobbinsPatterns of Persuasion in the Gospels
1990978-0-944344-11-8John S. Kloppenborg · Stephen J. PattersonQ Thomas Reader (English, Coptic and Coptic Edition)
  ''978-0-944344-13-2Robert W. FunkNew Gospel Parallels, Vol. 1 and 2: Mark (Foundations & Facets) (New Gospel Parallels) (Foundations & Facets. Reference Series) (v. 1, v. 2)
1991978-0-944344-14-9Daryl D. SchmidtThe Gospel of Mark (Scholars Bible) (English, Ancient Greek and Ancient Greek Edition)
  ''978-0-944344-17-0Mieke BalOn Story-Telling: Essays in Narratology (Foundations and Facets) (FOUNDATIONS AND FACETS LITERARY FACETS)
1992978-0-944344-22-4John Dominic CrossanIn Parables: The Challenge of the Historical Jesus (Eagle Books)
1991978-0-944344-29-3Robert J. MillerThe Complete Gospels
1992978-0-944344-30-9Robert J. MillerThe Complete Gospels: Annotated Scholars Version
1994978-0-944344-32-3Stephen J. PattersonThe Gospel of Thomas and Jesus (Foundations & Facets Reference Series)
  ''978-0-944344-42-2W. Barnes TatumJohn the Baptist and Jesus: A Report of the Jesus Seminar
1996978-0-944344-47-7Ronald F. HockThe Infancy Gospels of James and Thomas: With Introduction, Notes, and Original Text Featuring the New Scholars Version Translation (Scholars Bible) (English, Ancient Greek and Ancient Greek Edition)
1995978-0-944344-49-1Robert J. MillerThe Complete Gospels: Annotated Scholar's Version
2005978-0-944344-51-4Robert JonesGod, Galileo and Geering: A Faith for the 21st Century
  ''978-0-944344-53-8Don CupittThe Way to Happiness
2005978-0-944344-54-5Paul Alan LaughlinGetting Oriented
2006978-0-944344-56-9Don CupittThe Great Questions Of Life
2003978-0-944344-58-3Karen L. KingThe Gospel of Mary of Magdala: Jesus and the First Woman Apostle
2005978-0-944344-60-6Robert Tomson FortnaThe Gospel of Matthew (Scholars Bible)
2004978-0-944344-61-3Roy W. Hoover · Stephen J. Patterson · Hal TaussigThe Historical Jesus Goes to Church (Jesus Seminar)
  ''978-0-944344-62-0Don CupittOdyssey on the Sea of Faith: The Life & Writings of Don Cupitt
2005978-0-944344-63-7Nigel LeavesSurfing on the Sea of Faith: The Ethics and Religion of Don Cupitt
1998978-0-944344-66-8David L. BarrTales of the End: A Narrative Commentary on the Book of Revelation (The Storytellers Bible, V. 1)
2004978-0-944344-67-5W. Barnes TatumJesus at the Movies: A Guide to the First Hundred Years
1999978-0-944344-68-2Charles W. Hedrick · Paul Allan MireckiGospel of the Savior: A New Ancient Gospel (English, Coptic and Coptic Edition)
2006978-0-944344-71-2Hal TaussigA New Spiritual Home: Progressive Christianity at the Grass Roots
1999978-0-944344-74-3Jesus SeminarThe Gospel of Jesus: According to the Jesus Seminar
2000978-0-944344-76-7Lloyd GeeringThe World to Come
  ''978-0-944344-77-4Paul Alan Laughlin · Glenna S. JacksonRemedial Christianity: What Every Believer Should Know About the Faith, but Probably Doesn't
1999978-0-944344-78-1Jesus Seminar · MeThe Jesus Seminar and Its Critics
2000978-0-944344-80-4John Shelby Spong · Marcus Borg · Robert W. Funk · John Dominic Crossan · Karen King · Lloyd Geering · Gerd Luedemann · Thomas SheehanThe Once and Future Jesus
  ''978-0-944344-81-1Lloyd GeeringTomorrow's God: How We Create Our Worlds
2001978-0-944344-82-8Don CupittReforming Christianity
  ''978-0-944344-83-5Lloyd GeeringChristian Faith at the Crossroads
2001978-0-944344-85-9Robert W Funk · Karen Armstrong · John Shelby SpongThe Once & Future Faith
  ''978-0-944344-86-6Bernard Brandon ScottRe-Imagine the World
2013978-0-944344-87-3Don CupittEmptiness and Brightness
2002978-0-944344-88-0Robert Walter FunkA Credible Jesus: Fragments of a Vision
2001978-0-944344-89-7Robert J. Miller · Dale C. Allison Jr. · Marcus J. Borg · John Dominic Crossan · Stephen J. PattersonThe Apocalyptic Jesus: A Debate
2004978-0-944344-90-3Charles W. HedrickGospel of the Savior: A New Ancient Gospel
2002978-0-944344-92-7Lloyd GeeringChristianity without God
  ''978-0-944344-94-1Roy W. Hoover · Marcus J. Borg · Kathleen E. Corley · John Dominic Crossan · Arthur J. Dewey · Robert T. Fortna · Robert W. Funk · Charles W. HedrickProfiles of Jesus
2003978-0-944344-95-8Robert J. MillerBorn Divine
  ''978-0-944344-96-5Don CupittLife, Life
2006978-0-944344-97-2   ''Radical Theology
  ''978-0-944344-98-9Nigel LeavesThe God Problem
2006978-0-944344-99-6Robert W. FunkFunk on Parables: Collected Essays