American Cancer Society

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2011978-0-944235-00-3Julia A. Bucher Rn · Peter S. Houts · Terri Ades DNP FNP-BC AOCNAmerican Cancer Society Complete Guide to Family Caregiving: The Essential Guide to Cancer Caregiving at Home
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1995978-0-944235-10-2Raymond E. Lenhard · American Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society Textbook of Clinical Oncology
2000978-0-944235-15-7Raymond E. Lenhard Jr · Robert T. Osteen · Ted GanslerClinical Oncology (Book with CD-ROM for Windows & Macintosh)
  ''978-0-944235-16-4Abigail Ackermann · Adrienne AckermannOur Mom Has Cancer
2001978-0-944235-18-8American Cancer SocietyCelebrate!: Healthy Entertaining for Any Occasion
1999978-0-944235-19-5   ''Kids' First Cookbook: Delicious-Nutritious Treats to Make Yourself!
2000978-0-944235-20-1Peter S. Houts · Julia A. BucherCaregiving: A Step-By-Step Resource for Caring for People With Cancer at Home
2002978-0-944235-22-5Lisa MurrayAngels & Monsters: A Child's Eye View of Cancer
  ''978-0-944235-25-6Joy Fincannon · Katherine BrussCouples Confronting Cancer: Keeping Your Relationship Strong
2001978-0-944235-27-0Harmon Eyre · Dianne Partie Lange · Lois B. MorrisInformed Decisions, Second Edition
  ''978-0-944235-28-7American Cancer SocietyA Breast Cancer Journey: Your Personal Guidebook
2000978-0-944235-29-4   ''American Cancer Society's Guide to Complementary and Alternative Cancer Methods
2001978-0-944235-30-0Marie LauriaSocial Work in Oncology: Supporting Survivors, Families, and Caregivers
2002978-0-944235-32-4American Cancer SocietyBecause . . . Someone I Love Has Cancer: Kids' Activity Book
2001978-0-944235-34-8Sue Heiney · Joan Hermann · Katherine Bruss · Joy FincannonCancer in Our Family: Helping Children Cope With a Parent's Illness
  ''978-0-944235-36-2Edward H. LaughlinComing to Terms With Cancer: A Glossary of Cancer-Related Terms
2001978-0-944235-37-9American Cancer SocietyThe American Cancer Society's Healthy Eating Cookbook: A Celebration of Food, Friends, and Healthy Living
2002978-0-944235-38-6   ''Good for You!: Reducing Your Risk of Developing Cancer
  ''978-0-944235-39-3Scott BischkeCrossing Divides: A Couple's Story of Cancer, Hope, and Hiking Montana's Continental Divide
2005978-0-944235-41-6Ellen Carr · Linda T. MillerLymphedema Handbook: Rusults of a Workshop on Breast Cancer Treatment-Related Lymphedema and Lymphedema Resource Guide
2002978-0-944235-42-3American Cancer SocietyKicking Butts: Quit Smoking and Take Charge of Your Health
2003978-0-944235-44-7   ''Cancer: What Causes It, What Doesn't
  ''978-0-944235-45-4Peter S. Houts · Julia A. BucherCaregiving, Revised Edition
2004978-0-944235-46-1Grace HawthorneHealthy Me: A Read-along Coloring & Activity Book (for ages 5-8)
2005978-0-944235-50-8American Cancer SocietyA Breast Cancer Journey: Your Personal Guidebook, 2E
2003978-0-944235-51-5Abby BlochEating Well, Staying Well, During and After Cancer
2004978-0-944235-52-2American Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society's Guide to Pain Control: Understanding and Managing Cancer Pain, Revised Edition
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2005978-0-944235-55-3American Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society's Complete Guide to Colorectal Caner
2006978-0-944235-56-0   ''Lymphedema: Understanding and Managing Lymphedema After Cancer Treatment
1999978-0-944235-57-7   ''The American Cancer Society's Healthy Eating Cookbook: A Celebration of Food, Friendship, and Healthy Living
2006978-0-944235-66-9   ''Quick Facts on Prostate Cancer
  ''978-0-944235-67-6   ''Quick Facts on Colon Cancer
2008978-0-944235-68-3American Cancer SocietyQuick Facts on Advanced Cancer
2007978-0-944235-69-0   ''Quick Facts on Lung Cancer
2009978-0-944235-71-3   ''American Cancer Society Complete Guide to Complementary &Alternative Cancer Therapies
2007978-0-944235-72-0   ''Breast Cancer Clear & Simple: All Your Questions Answered (Clear & Simple: All Your Questions Answered series)
  ''978-0-944235-73-7Joint Committee on National Health StandardsNational Health Education Standards
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2008978-0-944235-92-8American Cancer SocietyCancer Caregiving A-to-Z: An At-Home Guide for Patients and Families
2007978-0-944235-93-5Jeanne Besser · Colleen DoyleThe Great American Eat-Right Cookbook: 140 Great-Tasting, Good-for-You Recipes
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