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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-0-944079-00-3Mike LessiterName That Team
1991978-0-944079-01-0John B. HerrickPrescriptions for Healthy Farm Animals
1992978-0-944079-02-7Mike LessiterCountry Chuckles, Cracks and Knee-Slappers
1995978-0-944079-03-4David ErnstThe Farmer's Earthworm Handbook: Managing Your Underground Money-Makers
1996978-0-944079-04-1Darrell BrugginkUltra-Narrow-Row Corn Book: Squeezing the Most Out of Your Crop
1997978-0-944079-05-8Frank LessiterCentennial Farm: How Six Generations Farmed the Land
  ''978-0-944079-07-2Lee H. SchwanzThe Farm Weather Handbook
1987978-0-944079-08-9H. Lee SchwanzFamily Poultry Flock
1995978-0-944079-17-1William A. HayesMaking Ridge Till Work for You
1986978-0-944079-19-5Lee SchwanzRabbits for Food and Profit
  ''978-0-944079-20-1Dan ScheidRaising Game Birds
1997978-0-944079-26-3Narrower Yet! New Developments in Ultra-Narrow-Row Corn
1998978-0-944079-27-0Mike LessiterCountry Chuckles, Cracks & Knee-Slappers
  ''978-0-944079-28-7William HuntingThe Art of Horseshoeing: A Manual for Farriers (Farrier classics)
  ''978-0-944079-29-4Joe ShinnersChampionship Offense
1998978-0-944079-30-0Sandy LessiterMore Country Chuckles, Cracks & Knee-Slappers
1999978-0-944079-31-7Eric SacharskiBlackboard Strategies: Over 200 Favorite Plays From Successful Coaches For Nearly Every Possible Situation (Winning hoops)
  ''978-0-944079-32-4US War DepartmentThe Cavalry Horseshoer's Technical Manual (War Department Technical Manual, Tm 2-220.)
2000978-0-944079-33-1Christy WestThe How-To Horseshoeing Book
  ''978-0-944079-34-8George E. RichArtistic Horseshoeing (The Farrier classics)
  ''978-0-944079-35-5Mark Dudzik · Katie RobertsDynamite Drills (Winning Hoops)
2001978-0-944079-36-2Michael PodollChampionship Defense
  ''978-0-944079-37-9Charles Arthur McLellanThe Art of Shoeing and Balancing the Trotter
2001978-0-944079-38-6David RobergeThe Foot Of The Horse
2002978-0-944079-39-3Quinn Fitch · Kelly FitchKick Starters for Life 1,407 Motivational Messages
2003978-0-944079-40-9Mike AustinStraight Talk from the No-Till Answer Man
2002978-0-944079-41-6J. R. ColeThe Horse's Foot and How to Shoe It
2003978-0-944079-42-3Michael PodollPrototype Player: Basketball Drills and Skills to Help Coaches Mold Winners
  ''978-0-944079-43-0Dennis MagnerMagner's ABC Guide To Sensible Horse-Shoeing
  ''978-0-944079-44-7Michael PodollScoreboard Scorchers
2004978-0-944079-48-5Chris GregoryBetter Basics, Better Horseshoeing: A Step-By-Step Approach To Mastering Farrier Skills