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1983978-0-943914-01-5Karin NeushutzThe Doll Book: Soft Dolls and Creative Free Play
  ''978-0-943914-05-3Nancy WallaceBetter Than School: One Family's Declaration of Independence
1984978-0-943914-07-7Rene GuenonThe Multiple States of Being
  ''978-0-943914-08-4René GuénonThe multiple states of being
  ''978-0-943914-09-1Paul BruntonThe Notebooks on Paul Brunton, Vol. 1: Perspectives
  ''978-0-943914-12-1Paul BruntonPerspectives, Vol. 1: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton- A Survey of Categories 1-28
1986978-0-943914-13-8   ''The Quest (Notebooks of Paul Brunton)
1986978-0-943914-14-5Paul BruntonQuest (The Notebooks of Paul Brunton)
  ''978-0-943914-15-2   ''The Notebooks of Paul Brunton: Practices for the Quest Relax and Retreat
  ''978-0-943914-16-9   ''Practices for the Quest/Relax and Retreat: Notebooks (Notebooks of Paul Brunton (Paperback)) (Volume 3)
1984978-0-943914-17-6   ''The notebooks of Paul Brunton
1986978-0-943914-18-3Paul BruntonThe Notebooks of Paul Brunton: Volume 4: Meditation / The Body
  ''978-0-943914-19-0   ''Meditation: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton, Part 1 (Volume 4)
1994978-0-943914-20-6   ''Body Vol. 4 Part 2 (Notebooks of Paul Brunton)
1987978-0-943914-22-0   ''Emotions and Ethics/The Intellect: Notebooks (Notebooks of Paul Brunton (Paperback)) (Volume 5)
  ''978-0-943914-23-7   ''The Notebooks of Paul Brunton (16 Volume Set)
1987978-0-943914-25-1Paul BruntonThe Notebooks of Paul Brunton, The Ego: The Ego: from Birth to Rebirth (The Notebooks of Paul Brunton V006) (Volume 6)
  ''978-0-943914-26-8   ''Healing of the Self, the Negatives: Notebooks (Volume 7)
  ''978-0-943914-27-5   ''Healing of the Self, the Negatives (Notebooks of Paul Brunton (Paperback))
  ''978-0-943914-28-2   ''The Notebooks of Paul Brunton: Reflections on My Life and Writings
  ''978-0-943914-29-9   ''Reflections on My Life and Writing: Notebooks (Notebooks of Paul Brunton (Paperback)) (Volume 8)
1987978-0-943914-30-5Paul BruntonHuman Experience, The Arts in Culture: Notebooks (Notebooks of Paul Brunton (Hardcover)) (Volume 9)
1987978-0-943914-33-6Paul BruntonThe Orient: Its Legacy to the West (The Notebooks of Paul Brunton) (v. 10, Pt. 1)
  ''978-0-943914-34-3   ''The Sensitives: Dynamics and Dangers of Mysticism (The Notebooks of Paul Brunton)
1988978-0-943914-37-4   ''The Religious Urge, the Reverential Life: Notebooks (The Notebooks of Paul Brunton)
1987978-0-943914-38-1   ''The Notebooks of Paul Brunton: Volume 13, Relativity, Philosophy and Mind
1988978-0-943914-39-8   ''Relativity, Philosophy and Mind: Notebooks (The Notebooks of Paul Brunton, Vol 13) (v. 13)
1988978-0-943914-41-1Paul BruntonInspiration and the Overself: Notebooks (Notebooks of Paul Brunton (Paperback)) (Volume 14)
  ''978-0-943914-43-5   ''Advanced Contemplation: The Peace Within You: Notebooks (Notebooks of Paul Brunton (Paperback)) (Volume 15)
  ''978-0-943914-44-2   ''Enlightened Mind, Divine Mind: Notebooks (Volume 16)
  ''978-0-943914-46-6   ''Enlightened Mind, Divine Mind: Notebooks (Notebooks of Paul Brunton (Paperback)) (Volume 16)
  ''978-0-943914-47-3Joseph CampbellAn open life: Joseph Campbell in conversation with Michael Toms
2007978-0-943914-48-0Stephen LevineBreaking the Drought: Visions of Grace
1989978-0-943914-49-7Kenneth Thurston HurstPaul Brunton: A Personal View
1991978-0-943914-54-1John DeckNature, Contemplation, and the One
1992978-0-943914-55-8Stephen MacKennaPlotinus: The Enneads (LP Classic Reprint Series)
1992978-0-943914-58-9Georg FeursteinWholeness or Transcendence?: Ancient Lessons for the Emerging Global Civilization
2008978-0-943914-59-6Jon LipskyDreaming Together: Explore Your Dreams by Acting Them Out (LP Classic Reprint Series)
1994978-0-943914-67-1Ken R. VincentVisions of God from the Near Death Experience
2000978-0-943914-68-8Andrew Vidich · Pir Vilayat Inayat KhanHeart of Compassion: The Life and Teachings of Sant Kirpal Singh
1996978-0-943914-69-5Anthony DamianiLiving Wisdom: A New Vision of the Philosophic Quest
2008978-0-943914-73-2Gina Scarano-Osika · Kim Dever-JohnsonYou Grow Girl!: A Self-empowering Workbook for Tweens and Teens
1995978-0-943914-74-9Lex HixonComing Home: The Experience of Enlightenment in Sacred Traditions
  ''978-0-943914-75-6Lex HixonLiving Buddha Zen
  ''978-0-943914-76-3Pamela M. KircherLove is the Link: A Hospice Doctor Shares Her Experience of Near Death and Dying
1996978-0-943914-77-0Sam Cohen · Paul BruntonMeditations for People in Crisis
1997978-0-943914-78-7Danny McGowanAlexander Technique: Original Writings of F.M. Alexander
  ''978-0-943914-79-4Jed CivicThe Vegetarian Traveler: Where to Stay if You're Vegetarian, Vegan, Environmentally Sensitive
  ''978-0-943914-80-0Lex HixonGreat Swan: Meetings with Ramakrishna
1997978-0-943914-82-4William AnthonyThe Art of Napping
1998978-0-943914-87-9Paul BruntonWhat Is Karma?
  ''978-0-943914-88-6Juile JordonA Taste of Julie Jordan: 100 Top Vegetarian Classics
  ''978-0-943914-89-3Richard G. GeldardGod in Concord: Ralph Waldo Emerson's Awakening to the Infinite
  ''978-0-943914-92-3Paul BruntonThe Notebooks of Paul Brunton
1999978-0-943914-93-0Douglas Goldhamer · Melinda StengelThis is for Everyone: Universal Principles of Healing and the Jewish Mystics
  ''978-0-943914-94-7Ellen Dooling DraperA Lively Oracle: A Centennial Celebration of P.L. Travers, Magical Creator of Mary Poppins
1999978-0-943914-95-4Bill AnthonyThe Art of Napping at Work
2007978-0-943914-98-5Paul BruntonA Search in Secret Egypt