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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1985978-0-943728-07-0Ralph S. SingletonFilm Scheduling/Film Budgeting Workbook (Filmmaker's Library Series: No. 2)
1996978-0-943728-08-7Ralph S. SingletonFilmmaker's Dictionary
1987978-0-943728-17-9Michael SingerFilm Directors: A Complete Guide
978-0-943728-28-5Film Producers, Studios, Agents and Casting Directors Guide
978-0-943728-38-4Film Actors Guide (Film Actors Directory)
1997978-0-943728-39-1Ralph S. SingletonFilm Scheduling: Or, How Long Will It Take to Shoot Your Movie?
1993978-0-943728-47-6Michael J. McAlisterThe Language of Visual Effects
1991978-0-943728-48-3Susan AvalloneFilm Writers Guide 3ED (Film Writers Directory)
1992978-0-943728-49-0Katie MarattaSilent Pictures
1994978-0-943728-57-5Vincent J. FrancillonFilm Composers Guide (Film Composers Directory)
978-0-943728-58-2Film Writers Guide (Film Writers Directory)
1997978-0-943728-59-9Lynne NaylorTelevision Directors Guide: Second Edition
1996978-0-943728-65-0Ralph S. SingletonFilm Budgeting: Or How Much Will It Cost to Shoot Your Movie?
1995978-0-943728-68-1Susan AvalloneFilm Writers Guide (Film Writers Directory)
1997978-0-943728-71-1Ellie Kanner · Paul G. Bens jr.Next! An Actor's Guide to Auditioning
1996978-0-943728-78-0Vincent Jacquet FrancillonFilm Composers Guide (Annual)
  ''978-0-943728-79-7Michael HalperinWriting Great Characters: The Psychology of Character Development in Screenplays
1997978-0-943728-80-3Lorenz BooksWriting Short Films: Structure and Content for Screenwriters
  ''978-0-943728-88-9Lorenz BooksHow to Enter Screenplay Contests...and Win!: An Insiders Guide to Selling Your Screenplay to Hollywood
  ''978-0-943728-89-6Renee HarmonFilm Directing: Killer Style and Cutting Edge Technique
  ''978-0-943728-90-2Kelly KidwellYour Kid Ought To Be In Pictures: A How-To Guide for Would-Be Child Actors and Their Parents
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1999978-0-943728-99-5Greg MerrittFilm Production: The Complete Uncensored Guide to Filmmaking