Leyland Pubns

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-0-943595-04-7Winston LeylandMeatmen Volume 2
1989978-0-943595-20-7Publications LeylandMeatmen Volume 6
1991978-0-943595-27-6Winston LeylandMeatmen Volume 10
  ''978-0-943595-28-3Publications LeylandMeatmen, Vol. 11
  ''978-0-943595-29-0   ''Meatmen, Vol. 12
  ''978-0-943595-31-3Winston LeylandEighteen and over: True Gay Encounters, Vol. 10 (Meatmen Series) (Volume 13)
1992978-0-943595-37-5   ''Warriors and Lovers (True Homosexual Military Stories, Vol. 2) (Warriors & Lovers)
1993978-0-943595-38-2Publication LeylandMeatmen, Vol. 15
  ''978-0-943595-41-2Winston LeylandMilitary Sex: True Homosexual Stories
1995978-0-943595-44-3Publications LeylandMeatmen Volume 16
1996978-0-943595-48-1Winston LeylandLUST: Licentious / Underground / Sexy / True Gay Encounters, Vol. 1
1994978-0-943595-49-8   ''Marine Biology (True Homosexual Military Stories, Vol. 4)
1995978-0-943595-50-4   ''Meatmen Volume 17
1994978-0-943595-55-9Publications LeylandCream: True Homosexual Experiences
1995978-0-943595-56-6Winston LeylandBasic Training (True Homosexual Military Stories, Vol. 5)
1996978-0-943595-60-3Winston LeylandMeatmen Volume 19
  ''978-0-943595-61-0Luc MilneThe Milk Farm: An Erotic Novel
1997978-0-943595-63-4Winston LeylandMeatmen: Anthology of Gay Male Comics (Volume 20)
  ''978-0-943595-64-1Brandon FoxApprenticed to Pleasure: An Erotic Sci-Fi Novel
  ''978-0-943595-65-8Bob VickeryCock Tales
2000978-0-943595-67-2Various · Werner GittMacho Marines (True Homosexual Military Stories)
1997978-0-943595-68-9Winston LeylandMeatmen Volume 21
  ''978-0-943595-69-6Joseph W. BeanHorsemen: Leathersex Short Fiction
1998978-0-943595-71-9Rictor NortonMy Dear Boy: Gay Love Letters Through the Centuries
1998978-0-943595-75-7Winston LeylandMeatmen Volume 22
  ''978-0-943595-79-5Brandon FoxConjuring the Flesh: An Erotic Sci-Fi Novel
2000978-0-943595-80-1   ''Sex Rites: An Erotic Sci-Fi Novel
  ''978-0-943595-81-8Boyd McDonaldWads: True Homosexual Experiences from S.T.H. Writers (Wads Ser)
  ''978-0-943595-83-2Joseph HansenBlood, Snow, & Classic Cars: Mystery Stories
2001978-0-943595-85-6Kenneth HarrisonYoung, Hung & Ready for Action: Erotic Short Stories
2002978-0-943595-86-3Winston LeylandMeatmen: An Anthology of Gay Male Comics (Volume 25)
2004978-0-943595-90-0   ''Meatmen Volume 26 (Vol 26)