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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-943231-07-5Robert LlewellynThe Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul
  ''978-0-943231-08-2Agostino Von Hassell · Keith CrossleyWarriors: The United States Marines
1990978-0-943231-09-9Mark PerrottEliza: Remembering a Pittsburgh Steel Mill
1989978-0-943231-17-4Albano GuattiHearts
1991978-0-943231-22-8Shelby L. StantonSoldiers: A Portrait of the United States Army
1990978-0-943231-26-6Julie Moir Messervy · Sam AbellContemplative Gardens
  ''978-0-943231-28-0Shelby L. StantonSpecial Forces at War: An Illustrated History, Southeast Asia, 1957-1975
  ''978-0-943231-29-7Michael TaylorThe National Cathedral Garden Address Book
1920978-0-943231-30-3HeatleyAir Ground Team
1990978-0-943231-31-0Al Vanags BaginskisAggressors Volume Tank Buster Vs Combat Ve
  ''978-0-943231-32-7Norman Polmar · Rikyu WatanabeAggressors: Carrier Power Vs. Fighting Ship
1991978-0-943231-36-5David A. AndertonAggressors: Interceptor Vs Heavy Bomber, Vol. 3
1991978-0-943231-37-2Alfred PriceAggressors: Patrol Aircraft Vs Submarine
  ''978-0-943231-45-7R. G. Rosenquist · Martin J. Sexton · Robert A. BuerleinOur Kind of War: Illustrated Saga of the U.S. Marine Raiders of World War II
  ''978-0-943231-46-4Col. Harry Summers Jr.Desert Storm
1992978-0-943231-55-6Philip HandlemanAviation: A History Through Art
  ''978-0-943231-56-3Hilde Gabriel LeeTaste of the States: A Food History of America
1993978-0-943231-60-0Herman Sixma · Theo Van GeffenF-18 Hornet
1994978-0-943231-63-1Ian MarshallArmored Ships: The Ships, Their Settings, and the Ascendancy That They Sustained for 80 Years
1995978-0-943231-95-2George A. CookPoor Man's Cookbook
1996978-0-943231-96-9Debbie Cornwell · Stephen CornwellCooking in the Nude: Quickies
  ''978-0-943231-97-6Debbie Cornwell · Stephen CornwellCooking in the Nude: Playful Gourmets
1995978-0-943231-98-3   ''Cooking in the Nude: Red Hot Lovers
1996978-0-943231-99-0   ''Just Married (Cooking in the Nude)