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1982978-0-943012-02-5Thomas Dacosta KaufmannDrawings from the Holy Roman Empire 1540-1680: A Selection from North American Collections
1983978-0-943012-03-2Judith GoldmanFrank Stella: Fourteen prints with drawings, collages, and working proofs by Judith Goldman (1983-05-03)
1987978-0-943012-04-9Wen C. FongImages of the Ind: Selections from the Edward L. Elliot Family and John B. Elliott Collections of Calligraphy and Painting at the Art Museum, Princeton University, 2nd Edition
1984978-0-943012-05-6Robert MarkHigh Gothic structure: A technological reinterpretation
1985978-0-943012-06-3Sam HunterSelections from the Ileana and Michael Sonnabend collection: Works from the 1950s and 1960s
  ''978-0-943012-07-0A Decade of Visual Arts at Princeton: Faculty 1975-1985
1986978-0-943012-08-7Princeton University. Art MuseumSelections from The Art Museum Princeton University
1989978-0-943012-09-4Peter C. BunnellMinor White: The Eye That Shapes
  ''978-0-943012-10-0Peter C. BunnellMinor White
1990978-0-943012-11-7Thomas DaCosta KaufmannCentral European Drawings 1680-1800: A Selection from American Collections (Art Museum, Princeton)
  ''978-0-943012-12-4John WilmerdingWinslow Homer in the Eighteen Seventies: Selections from the Valentine-Pulsifer Collection (Arts, Symposium Papers; 21)
  ''978-0-943012-13-1John Wilmerding · Linda AyresWinslow Homer in the Eighteen Seventies: Selections from the Valentine-Pulsifer Collection (Arts, Symposium Papers; 21)
1991978-0-943012-14-8F. A Den BroederOld master drawings from the collection of Joseph F. McCrindle
1994978-0-943012-16-2Brunilde Sismondo RidgwayGreek Sculpture in The Art Museum, Princeton University
1994978-0-943012-17-9Brunilde Sismondo RidgwayGreek Sculpture in The Art Museum, Princeton University: Greek Originals, Roman Copies and Variants
  ''978-0-943012-18-6Peter C. BunnellThe Florence Gould Foundation Collection of Nineteenth-Century French Photographs At Princeton
1995978-0-943012-19-3Michael D. Coe · Richard A. Diehl · David A Freidel · Peter T. Furst · F. Kent Reilly · Linda Schele · Carolyn E.Tate · Karl A. TaubeThe Olmec World: Ritual and Rulership
  ''978-0-943012-20-9Henry PearlmanReminiscences of a Collector
1997978-0-943012-22-3Princeton University Art Museum.In celebration: Works of art from the collections of Princeton alumni and friends of the Art Museum, Princeton University
  ''978-0-943012-23-0Princeton University The Art MuseumContemporary Prints and Photographs: Selections from the Collection of James Kraft, Class of 1957
1998978-0-943012-24-7Emmet GowinEmmet Gowin: Aerial photographs
1999978-0-943012-26-1Peter C. BunnellPhotography at Princeton: Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of Collecting and Teaching the History of Photography
1999978-0-943012-28-5Robert E HarristThe embodied image: Chinese calligraphy from the John B. Elliott Collection
  ''978-0-943012-29-2Cary Y. · Dora C.Y. Ching & Judith G. Smith (Eds.) LiuCharacter & Context in Chinese Calligraphy
  ''978-0-943012-30-8Cary Y. Liu · Dora C. Y. ChingArts of the Sung and the Yuan: Ritual, Ethnicity, and Style in Painting
2001978-0-943012-34-6J. Michael PadgettRoman Sculpture in The Art Museum, Princeton University.
  ''978-0-943012-35-3J. Michael PadgettRoman Sculpture in The Art Museum, Princeton University.
  ''978-0-943012-36-0Carol ArmstrongCamera Women [Women Photographers in the Collection of the Princeton University Art Museum]
2004978-0-943012-37-7Paul Cezanne · Kathy Thomas HendersonCezanne in Focus: Watercolors from the Henry and Rose Pearlman Collection
2003978-0-943012-39-1Peter C. BunnellEdward Ranney Photographs: The John B. Elliott Collection
2003978-0-943012-40-7J. Michael · Princeton University · ChildsThe Centaur's Smile: The Human Animal in Early Greek Art
2013978-0-943012-41-4James Christen StewardPrinceton University Art Museum Handbook of the Collections Revised and Expanded Edition
978-0-943012-42-1American Art in the Princeton University Art Museum
2005978-0-943012-43-8CY LiuRecarving China's Past - Art, Architecture and Archaeology of the Wu Family Shrines
2007978-0-943012-45-2John M.D. PohlSorcerers' of the Fifth Heaven: Nahua Art and Ritual of Ancient Southern Mexico
978-0-943012-46-9Narrative Mixtec Ceramics of Ancient Mexico (Plas Cuadernos)
978-0-943012-47-6Princeton University Art Museum: Handbook of the Collections

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