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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1988978-0-941332-08-8Underwater Inspection
  ''978-0-941332-09-5Barbara M. DesideratiPictorial History of Diving
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1990978-0-941332-18-7US NavyU. S. Navy Diving Manual/Only Available As Single Volumes (0927-Lp-001-9110)
1995978-0-941332-26-2Robert Gordon TeatherEncyclopedia of Underwater Investigations
2003978-0-941332-27-9Susan Van Hoek · Marion Clayton LinkFrom Sky to Sea: A Story of Edwin A. Link
1993978-0-941332-28-6Who's Who in Scuba Diving
1994978-0-941332-29-3Eric P. KindwallHyperbaric Medicine Practice
  ''978-0-941332-38-5James P. Smith · Lee Ann SmithScuba Divers Sign Language Manual
1995978-0-941332-39-2Carl EdmondsDangerous Marine Creatures
1994978-0-941332-40-8Stephen ArringtonThe Expedition & Diving Operations Handbook (Diversification Series)
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1999978-0-941332-50-7Heinz K.J. LettninInternational Textbook of Mixed Gas Diving: Theory Technique Application (Diversification)
1997978-0-941332-55-2Paul S. AuerbachA Medical Guide to Hazardous Marine Life
  ''978-0-941332-57-6A. L LundyThe California abalone industry: A pictorial history
  ''978-0-941332-58-3A. L. "Scrap" LundyThe California Abalone Industry: A Pictorial History
1997978-0-941332-59-0Steven M. BarskySpearfishing for Skin and Scuba Divers (Diversification Series)
  ''978-0-941332-62-0Alert DiverThe Best of Alert Diver (Diversification Series)
1998978-0-941332-65-1Steven M. Barsky · Mark Thurlow · Mike WardSimple Guide to Rebreather Diving: Includes Both Semi-Closed Circuit and Fully Closed Circuit Systems (Diversification Series)
  ''978-0-941332-66-8Robert F. MarxDeep, Deeper, Deepest: Man's Exploration of the Sea (Diversification series)
  ''978-0-941332-67-5William L. HighBeneath the Sea, A Sampling of Diving and Other Adventures
1999978-0-941332-68-2J.S. LambThe Practice of Oxygen Measurement for Divers
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2010978-0-941332-70-5NOAA et al.NOAA Diving Manual: Diving for Science and Technology, Fourth Edition Revised
1999978-0-941332-71-2Steven M. BarskyThe Simple Guide to Snorkeling Fun
1999978-0-941332-75-0Robert N. RossierDive Like a Pro: 101 Ways to Improve Your Scuba Skills and Safety
2000978-0-941332-76-7Wilbur T. WorkmanHyperbaric Facility Safety: A Practical Guide
  ''978-0-941332-77-4Robert M. JacksonEssentials of Underwater Photography
2004978-0-941332-78-1Eric P. KindwallHyperbaric Medicine Practice, Second Edition-Revised
2000978-0-941332-79-8Ric WhartonThe Salvage of the Century
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  ''978-0-941332-84-2Nicos RaftisThe Technical Guide to Gas Blending
2000978-0-941332-87-3Bill McBrideTaking the Plunge!
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  ''978-0-941332-89-7Association of Diving Contractors InternationalCommercial Diver Log Book
2001978-0-941332-92-7Harold V. AndersonUnderwater Construction Using Cofferdams
  ''978-0-941332-95-8Robert F. MarxIn the Wake of Galleons
2002978-0-941332-96-5Jeffrey E. Bozanic - DAN/Rolex Diver of the Year 2007Mastering Rebreathers
  ''978-0-941332-97-2Bruce R. WienkeTechnical Diving in Depth
2003978-0-941332-99-6Richard A. NeubauerHyperbaric Oxygenation for Cerebral Palsy and the Brain Injured Child: A Promising Treatment