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1985978-0-940931-11-4Gordon H. ClarkEphesians
1986978-0-940931-12-1Gordon H. ClarkClark Speaks from the Grave
  ''978-0-940931-14-5   ''First and Second Thessalonians (Trinity Papers ; No. 14)
1987978-0-940931-19-0J. Gresham MachenEducation, Christianity, and the State: Essays by J. Gresham Machen
  ''978-0-940931-20-6Gordon H. ClarkA Christian Philosophy of Education
1989978-0-940931-21-3   ''Three Types of Religious Philosophy (Trinity Papers No. 21)
  ''978-0-940931-22-0   ''The Johannine Logos: The Mind of Christ
1988978-0-940931-23-7   ''The Incarnation (Trinity Paper ; No. 23)
1989978-0-940931-25-1Gordon H. ClarkColossians (Trinity paper)
  ''978-0-940931-26-8Gordon Haddon ClarkThales to Dewey
  ''978-0-940931-27-5John RobbinsGordon H. Clark: Personal Recollections
1990978-0-940931-28-2Gordon Haddon ClarkToday's evangelism: Counterfeit or genuine? (Trinity paper)
1975978-0-940931-29-9Gordon H. ClarkFirst Corinthians: A Contemporary Commentary (Trinity paper)
1992978-0-940931-32-9Gordon Haddon ClarkEssays on ethics and politics
  ''978-0-940931-33-6Gordon H. ClarkSanctification (Trinity paper)
  ''978-0-940931-34-3Elihu CarranzaLogic workbook for Logic by Gordon H. Clark
1993978-0-940931-36-7Gordon Haddon ClarkNew Heavens, New Earth
1993978-0-940931-37-4Gordon H. ClarkThe Holy Spirit
  ''978-0-940931-38-1   ''An Introduction to Christian Philosophy
1994978-0-940931-39-8   ''Historiography Secular and Religious.
  ''978-0-940931-40-4Gordon H ClarkLord God of truth and Concerning the teacher
2000978-0-940931-43-5Gordon Haddon ClarkWilliam James and John Dewey
1996978-0-940931-45-9Gordon H. · Machen, J. Gresham · Johnson, Garrett · Robbins, John W. (editor) ClarkAgainst The World - The Trinity Review 1978-1988 (Against The World)
  ''978-0-940931-46-6Gordon H. ClarkGod and Evil: The Problem Solved
  ''978-0-940931-47-3   ''Philippians
1997978-0-940931-49-7Gordon Haddon ClarkAncient philosophy
1997978-0-940931-50-3John W. RobbinsWithout a Prayer: Ayn Rand and the Close of Her System
  ''978-0-940931-51-0Gordon H. ClarkKarl Barth's Theological Method (Trinity Papers, Vol 53)
  ''978-0-940931-53-4W. Gary CramptonKarl Barth's Theological Method
2002978-0-940931-59-6W. Gary CramptonBy Scripture Alone
2001978-0-940931-60-2Gordon H. ClarkWhat Do Presbyterians Believe?
2002978-0-940931-61-9John W., ed. RobbinsAgainst the churches; The Trinity Review, 1989-1998.
2003978-0-940931-63-3O. Palmer RobertsonThe Current Justification Controversy
2004978-0-940931-64-0John W. RobbinsA Companion To The Current Justification Controversy - Westminster Seminary & the New Perspective on
  ''978-0-940931-65-7Gordon Haddon ClarkWhat Is Saving Faith?: (Trinity Paper)
2005978-0-940931-68-8Paul M. ElliottChristianity and Neo-Liberalism: The Spritiual Crisis in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and Beyond
2004978-0-940931-71-8Gordon H. ClarkLogic
  ''978-0-940931-72-5J. Gresham MachenEducation, Christianity and the State
2004978-0-940931-73-2Gordon H. ClarkGod and Evil: The Problem Solved (Trinity Paper No. 46)
1999978-0-940931-78-7John W. RobbinsEcclesiastical Megalomania: The Economic and Political Thought of the Roman Catholic Church (Trinity Papers No. 52)
1996978-0-940931-85-5Gordon H. ClarkThe Philosophy of Science and Belief in God
1995978-0-940931-86-2Gordon H.ClarkReligion, Reason, and Revelation
1996978-0-940931-87-9Gordon Haddon ClarkThe Atonement (Trinity paper)
1995978-0-940931-88-6   ''God's Hammer
  ''978-0-940931-89-3J Gresham MachenEducation Christianity & the State
1993978-0-940931-90-9Gordon h. ClarkLanguage and Theology
1984978-0-940931-91-6Gordon H. ClarkThe Biblical Doctrine of Man
1990978-0-940931-92-3Gordon H. ClarkTrinity/Trinity Papers: No. 8
  ''978-0-940931-93-0   ''Logical Criticisms of Textual Criticism
1992978-0-940931-94-7   ''1st John (Trinity Papers No, 2)
1990978-0-940931-95-4   ''Faith and Saving Faith (Trinity Paper No. 5)
1985978-0-940931-97-8Gordon ClarkLogic