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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-0-940669-02-4Ruth RoddyMonologues for Kids
1989978-0-940669-09-3Roger KarshnerHigh School Monologues They Haven't Heard
1990978-0-940669-12-3Dick DottererShakespeare's Monologues for Women
1991978-0-940669-14-7Ruth Mae RoddyScenes for Kids
1992978-0-940669-18-5   ''More Monologues for Kids
  ''978-0-940669-20-8Beth HenleyBeth Henley: Monologues for Women
1994978-0-940669-29-1Raf MauroModern Monologues for Modern Kids
1995978-0-940669-33-8Susan PomeranceFor Women: More Monologues They Haven't Heard
1996978-0-940669-34-5Neil SimonNeil Simon Monologues: Speeches from the Works of America's Foremost Playwright
1997978-0-940669-36-9Susan PomerancePocket Monologues for Women
1998978-0-940669-39-0   ''Monologues for Teenage Girls
1999978-0-940669-42-0Basil HoffmanCold Reading and How to Be Good at It: An Authoritative Book Vital to the Career of Every Actor
  ''978-0-940669-44-4Roger KarshnerMore Monologues for Teenagers
2000978-0-940669-45-1Ruth Mae RoddyMinute Monologues for Kids
  ''978-0-940669-47-5Roger Karshner · David Allen SternDialect Monologues [With CD]
  ''978-0-940669-48-2Neil SimonNeil Simon Scenes: Scenes from the Works of America's Foremost Playwright
2001978-0-940669-51-2Roger Karshner · David Alan SternDialect Monologues: Volume II with CD (Audio) (v. 2)
2002978-0-940669-53-6Susan PomeranceMore Monologues for Teenage Girls
2002978-0-940669-54-3Susan PomeranceTeen Talk: Modern Monologues for Teenage Girls
2004978-0-940669-55-0Karshner Kaufman · Mort KaufmanFunnylogues for Women: The Best of Dramaline Comedy
2005978-0-940669-57-4Ruth M. RoddyMore Minute Monologues for Kids