year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-940642-00-3Michael Bloomfield · S. SummervilleMe and Big Joe
1982978-0-940642-01-0Kathy AckerGreat expectations
  ''978-0-940642-03-4Terry Wilson · Brion Gysin · William S. BurroughsHere to Go: Planet R-101
  ''978-0-940642-04-1Brion GysinHere to go: Planet R-101
  ''978-0-940642-05-8V. ValeRe/Search: William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Throbbing Gristle
1983978-0-940642-07-2Andrea JunoIndustrial Culture Handbook: Re # 6/7
1985978-0-940642-08-9V. ValeRe/Search No. 8/9: J. G. Ballard
  ''978-0-940642-09-6Jim Morton · V. Vale · Andrea JunoRe/Search #10: Incredibly Strange Films
1987978-0-940642-10-2Timothy Leary · Abbie Hoffman · Mark Pauline · John Waters · Karen Finley · Bruce Conner · Paul KrassnerPranks !
1987978-0-940642-11-9Charles Ray WillefordHigh Priest of California/Wild Wives (Re/Search classics)
  ''978-0-940642-12-6Charles Ray WillefordHigh Priest of California (NOVEL AND PLAY; WILD WIVES)
1989978-0-940642-13-3Octave MirbeauThe Torture Garden
  ''978-0-940642-14-0V. Vale · Andrea JunoModern Primitives: Tattoo, Piercing, Scarification- An Investigation of Contemporary Adornment & Ritual (RE / Search, No. 12)
  ''978-0-940642-15-7Octave MirbeauTorture Garden (Re/Search Classics)
1990978-0-940642-18-8J. G. Ballard · William S. Burroughs · Ana Barrado · Phoebe GloecknerThe Atrocity Exhibition, Revised Edition (Re-Search Series)
  ''978-0-940642-19-5J. G. BallardAtrocity Exhibition
1976978-0-940642-20-1Daniel P. MannixFreaks: We Who Are Not As Others
1994978-0-940642-21-8A. Juno · V. ValeRe/Search #15: Incredibly Strange Music, Volume II
1993978-0-940642-22-5V. Vale · Andrea JunoIncredibly Strange Music, Vol. 1
1990978-0-940642-23-2Wanda von Sacher-MasochThe Confessions of Wanda von Sacher-Masoch (Re/Search Classics)
1992978-0-940642-24-9V. Vale · Andrea JunoAngry Women (Re/Search ; 13)
1993978-0-940642-25-6Andrea Juno · V. ValeBob Flanagan: Supermasochist (Re/Search people series)
1991978-0-940642-26-3Daniel P. MannixFreaks: We Who Are Not As Others
1994978-0-940642-27-0Vivian Vale · Andrea JunoIncredibly Strange Music: Cassette v.1
2000978-0-940642-28-7Paul SpinradThe RE / Search Guide to Bodily Fluids (RE / Search, No. 16)
1995978-0-940642-29-4Charles WillefordWild Wives
1995978-0-940642-30-0Charles Willeford · Lou StathisHigh Priest of California
978-0-940642-32-4Horror Hospital Unplugged: A Graphic Novel
1995978-0-940642-33-1V. ValeSearch & Destroy: The Authoritative Guide to Punk History

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