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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1981978-0-940208-00-1Jack MorinAnal Pleasure & Health: A Guide for Men and Women
2000978-0-940208-04-9Joani BlankThe Playbook for Women about Sex
1986978-0-940208-05-6Joani BlankGood Vibrations: The Complete Guide to Vibrators
1983978-0-940208-06-3Gail Jones Sanchez · Mary GerbinoLet's Talk About Sex and Loving
2015978-0-940208-07-0First LastKID'S FIRST BK. ABOUT SEX
1985978-0-940208-08-7Jack MorinAnal Pleasures and Health: A Guide for Men and Women
1984978-0-940208-09-4Isadora AlmanAural Sex & Verbal Intercourse
1987978-0-940208-10-0Lily PondBreast is Not a Four-Letter Word
1993978-0-940208-11-7Susie BrightHerotica: A Collection of Women's Erotic Fiction
1989978-0-940208-12-4Joani BlankGood Vibrations: The Complete Guide to Vibrators
1988978-0-940208-13-1David SteinbergEROTIC BY NATURE
1992978-0-940208-14-8Isadora AlmanSex Information, May I Help you?
2015978-0-940208-15-5First LastFemalia
  ''978-0-940208-16-2   ''EXHIBITIONISM FOR THE SHY
1997978-0-940208-17-9Joani Blank · Leonore TieferFirst Person Sexual
2015978-0-940208-18-6Victoria Heilweil · Craig Morey · Annie SprinkleI AM MY LOVER
  ''978-0-940208-19-3First LastSEX SPOKEN HERE
2000978-0-940208-20-9Jack MorinAnal Pleasure & Health: A Guide for Men and Women
1998978-0-940208-21-6Anne Semans · Cathy Winks · Karen SelzSex Toy Tales
  ''978-0-940208-22-3Cathy WinksThe Good Vibrations Guide: Adult Videos (Good Vibrations Guide To...)
  ''978-0-940208-23-0   ''Good Vibrations Guide: The G-Spot
1998978-0-940208-24-7Susie BrightHerotica 1: A Collection of Women's Erotic Fiction
  ''978-0-940208-25-4Marcy SheinerHerotica 6: A New Collection of Women's Erotica (Herotica (Down There Press))
2015978-0-940208-26-1First LastGOOD VIBRATIONS: VIBRATORS 4TH ED
2000978-0-940208-27-8Joani BlankStill Doing It
2015978-0-940208-28-5First LastAny 2 People Kissing
2003978-0-940208-29-2Martha CornogThe Big Book of Masturbation: From Angst to Zeal
  ''978-0-940208-30-8Susie Bright · Mary Anne Mohanraj · Marcy SheinerHerotica 7
  ''978-0-940208-31-5Carol QueenThe Leather Daddy & The Femme
2015978-0-940208-32-2First LastPHOTO SEX
2004978-0-940208-34-6Kate CunninghamSafer Sex: The Good Vibrations Guide
2009978-0-940208-35-3Carol QueenExhibitionism for the Shy: Show Off, Dress Up and Talk Hot!
2015978-0-940208-36-0First LastHEROTICA 7
2010978-0-940208-37-7Jack MorinAnal Pleasure and Health: A Guide for Men, Women and Couples
  ''978-0-940208-38-4Ellen Nicolas RathboneLoving Sex: Every Woman's Guide to Sensual Sexuality