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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1980978-0-939680-00-9Matthew FoxWhee! We, Wee All the Way Home: A Guide to Sensual Prophetic Spirituality (Meditation)
1984978-0-939680-01-6Matthew FoxWestern Spirituality: Historical Roots, Ecumenical Routes
1983978-0-939680-04-7   ''Meditations with Meister Eckhart
1982978-0-939680-05-4Brian Swimme · Matthew FoxManifesto for a Global Civilization
1983978-0-939680-07-8Matthew FoxOriginal Blessing
1982978-0-939680-08-5Richard WoodsSymbion: Spirituality for a Possible Future
1985978-0-939680-09-2Lois RobbinsWaking Up in the Age of Creativity
1983978-0-939680-11-5Brendan DoyleMeditations with Julian of Norwich
  ''978-0-939680-12-2Gabriele UhleinMeditations with Hildegard of Bingen
1984978-0-939680-14-6Brian SwimmeThe Universe Is a Green Dragon: A Cosmic Creation Story
  ''978-0-939680-18-4James J. CollinsMeditations With Dante Alighieri
1985978-0-939680-19-1Leonard DoohanMatthew, Spirituality for the 80's and 90's: A Topical Commentary
1986978-0-939680-26-9Gerald HausmanMeditations with Animals: A Native American Bestiary
  ''978-0-939680-27-6Robert BoissiereMeditations with the Hopi
  ''978-0-939680-28-3Charlene Spretnak · Fritjof CapraGreen Politics
1986978-0-939680-29-0Charlene SpretnakThe Spiritual Dimension of Green Politics
1987978-0-939680-35-1Hildegard of BingenHildegard of Bingen's Book of Divine Works: With Letters and Songs
  ''978-0-939680-37-5Peter RogersA painter's quest: Art as a way of revelation
  ''978-0-939680-38-2Jose ArguellesThe Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology
1998978-0-939680-39-9Gerald HausmanMeditations With the Navajo: Prayer-Songs and Stories of Healing and Harmony
1987978-0-939680-41-2Chris GriscomEcstasy Is a New Frequency: Teachings of the Light Institute
  ''978-0-939680-44-3Wighard Strehlow · Gottfried HertzkaHildegard of Bingen's Medicine (Folk Wisdom Series)
1988978-0-939680-45-0Ph.D. José ArgüellesEarth Ascending: An Illustrated Treatise on Law Governing Whole Systems
  ''978-0-939680-46-7Richard GerberVibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves
1988978-0-939680-47-4Blanche GallagherMeditations with Teilhard de Chardin
  ''978-0-939680-48-1Richard GerberVibrational medicine: New choices for healing ourselves
  ''978-0-939680-49-8Jamie SamsMidnight Song: Quest for the Vanished Ones
  ''978-0-939680-53-5Jamie Sams · David CarsonMedicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals
  ''978-0-939680-55-9José ArgüellesSurfers of the Zuvuya: Tales of Interdimensional Travel
1989978-0-939680-56-6Michael SkyDancing With the Fire: Transforming Limitation Through Firewalking
1989978-0-939680-59-7Barbara Hand ClowHeart of the Christos: Starseeding from the Pleiades (Mind Chronicles)
  ''978-0-939680-60-3Barbara Hand ClowEye of the Centaur: A Visionary Guide Into Past Lives (Mind Chronicles Trilogy)
  ''978-0-939680-63-4Hunbatz MenSecrets of Mayan Science/Religion
1990978-0-939680-67-2Rick PhillipsEmergence of the Divine Child: Healing the Emotional Body
  ''978-0-939680-68-9Iron Thunderhorse · Donn, Jr. Le VieReturn of the Thunderbeings
1993978-0-939680-70-2P. M. H. AtwaterThe Magical Language of Runes
1991978-0-939680-77-1Joyce BismackWhy Don't I Feel Better: Healing the Recovering Alcoholic
  ''978-0-939680-78-8Nicki ScullyThe Golden Cauldron: Shamanic Journeys on the Path of Wisdom
1990978-0-939680-79-5Matthew FoxOriginal Blessing: Primer in Creation Spirituality
1991978-0-939680-80-1Jacob LibermanLight: Medicine of the Future: How We Can Use It to Heal Ourselves Now
1990978-0-939680-82-5Michael SkyBreathing: Expanding Your Power and Energy
1990978-0-939680-83-2William Irwin ThompsonIslands Out of Time: A Memoir of the Last Days of Atlantis: A Novel
  ''978-0-939680-84-9Zecharia SitchinThe Lost Realms (Book IV) (Earth Chronicles)
1992978-0-939680-86-3Ariel Spilsbury · Michael BrynerThe Mayan Oracle: Return Path to the Stars
1991978-0-939680-88-7Zecharia SitchinThe 12th Planet (Book I) (The First Book of the Earth Chronicles)
1992978-0-939680-89-4   ''The Stairway to Heaven (Book II) (2nd Book of Earth Chronicles)
  ''978-0-939680-90-0   ''The Wars of Gods and Men (Earth Chronicles)
1991978-0-939680-92-4David Spangler · William Irwin ThompsonReimagination of the World: A Critique of the New Age, Science, and Popular Culture .
1992978-0-939680-95-5Isha Lerner · Mark LernerInner Child Cards: A Journey into Fairy Tales, Myth and Nature
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1993978-0-939680-99-3Timothy WyllieDolphins, Telepathy & Underwater Birthing: Further Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences