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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1984978-0-939631-02-5Confederate Ordnance BureauThe Confederate Field Manual
1996978-0-939631-03-2Dean S. ThomasCannons: An Introduction to Civil War Artillery
1988978-0-939631-07-0Quincy A. GillmoreSiege and Reduction of Fort Pulaski
1996978-0-939631-10-0Earl P. WilliamsWhat You Should Know About the American Flag
1989978-0-939631-13-1Gregory A. CocoOn the Bloodstained Field II: 132 More Human Interest Stories of the Campaign and Battle of Gettysburg
  ''978-0-939631-14-8Dean S. ThomasThe Gettysburg Cyclorama: A Portrayal of the High Tide of the Confederacy
  ''978-0-939631-21-6High Command of the German Navy · High Command of the German Army · Kriegsmarine · WehrmachtThe U-Boat Commander's Handbook
1996978-0-939631-25-4Earl J. Coates · Dean S. ThomasAn Introduction to Civil War Small Arms
1991978-0-939631-33-9John PitmanThe Pitman Notes on U. S. Martial Small Arms and Ammunition, 1776-1933: U. S. Breech-Loading Rifles and Carbines, Cal. 45
  ''978-0-939631-36-0Ross J. KelbaughIntroduction to Civil War Photography
  ''978-0-939631-41-4Mark NesbittGhosts of Gettysburg: Spirits, Apparitions, and Haunted Places of the Battlefield
1996978-0-939631-47-6Gregory A. CocoKilled in Action: Eyewitness Accounts of the Last Moments of 100 Union Soldiers Who Died at Gettysburg
1992978-0-939631-51-3Mark NesbittMore Ghosts of Gettysburg: Spirits, Apparitions and Haunted Places of the Battlefield
1994978-0-939631-70-4Juanita LeischAn Introduction to Civil War Civilians
1996978-0-939631-76-6D. Scott · Ann Marie HartwigGettysburg: The Complete Pictorial of Battlefield Monuments
1996978-0-939631-77-3Thomas J. McGuireThe Surprise of Germantown: Or, the Battle of Cliveden, October 4th, 1777
1995978-0-939631-81-0Juanita LeischWho Wore What?: Women's Wear 1861-1865
1996978-0-939631-82-7Gregory A. CocoA Strange and Blighted Land: Gettysburg, The Aftermath of a Battle
  ''978-0-939631-88-9   ''A Vast Sea of Misery: A History and Guide to the Union and Confederate Field Hospitals at Gettysburg, July 1-November 20, 1863
  ''978-0-939631-90-2Mark NesbittGhosts of Gettysburg, III: Spirits, Apparitions and Haunted Places of the Battlefield, Vol. 3
2013978-0-939631-91-9Salome Myers Stewart · Sarah Sites ThomasThe Ties of the Past: The Gettysburg Diaries of Salome Myers Stewart, 1854-1922
1996978-0-939631-93-3Earl J. Coates · John D. McAulayCivil War Sharps Carbines and Rifles
2013978-0-939631-94-0Dean S. ThomasA Handbook of Civil War Bullets and Cartridges
1996978-0-939631-95-7D. Scott HartwigA Killer Angels Companion
  ''978-0-939631-96-4Chester HernCompanions in Conspiracy: John Brown and Gerrit Smith
  ''978-0-939631-97-1William A. FrassanitoGettysburg: A Journey in Time