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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-0-939481-03-3Gisela HolsteinAdvanced Techniques of Riding: The Official Instruction Handbook of the German National Equestrian Federation (English and German Edition)
1988978-0-939481-05-7Jean Froissard · Lily PowellClassical Horsemanship for Our Time
  ''978-0-939481-08-8Karen Bush201 Handy Hints for Horse Persons
  ''978-0-939481-09-5Gunnar HedlundThis Is Riding: Dressage, Jumping, Eventing in Words and Pictures (English and Swedish Edition)
  ''978-0-939481-10-1Rick MaynardHorses in Focus: From Gymkhanas to the Olympics, How to Photograph the Common--And Not So Common--Breeds of Horses & Ponies
1990978-0-939481-18-7Deutsche Reiterliche VereinigungThe Principles of Riding: The Official Handbook of the German National Equestrian Federation (The Complete Riding and Driving System, Book 1)
  ''978-0-939481-19-4Deutsche Reiterliche VereinigungLungeing
1990978-0-939481-21-7Sally O'ConnorCommon Sense Dressage: An Illustrated Guide
1991978-0-939481-23-1Sam SavittDraw Horses With Sam Savitt
1992978-0-939481-27-9Reiner Klimke · Werner ErnstKlimke on Dressage: From the Young Horse Through Grand Prix
  ''978-0-939481-28-6Charlene StricklandThe Warmblood Guidebook
  ''978-0-939481-29-3Eckart MeynersFit for Riding: Exercises for Riders and Vaulters
  ''978-0-939481-30-9Max GahwylerThe Competitive Edge II: Moving Up the Levels
1993978-0-939481-33-0Charles De KunffyThe Ethics and Passions of Dressage
1983978-0-939481-36-1Bengt LjunguistPractical Dressage Manual
  ''978-0-939481-37-8   ''Practical Dressage Manual
1994978-0-939481-38-5Kathy Connelly · Marietta WhittleseyDressage Insights: Excerpts from Experts
2004978-0-939481-39-2Julian WestallEducating the Young Horse: The Thinking Trainer's Guide
1994978-0-939481-40-8D.E. RubinHidden Horses 2
1995978-0-939481-42-2Karen E. N. HayesEmergency!: The Active Horseman's Book of Emergency Care
1995978-0-939481-43-9Max GahwylerThe Competitive Edge: Improving Your Dressage Scores in the Lower Levels
  ''978-0-939481-45-3Deborah Eve RubinHorse Trivia: A Hippofile's Delight
1996978-0-939481-46-0Alfred KnopfhartDressage: A Guidebook for the Road to Success (Masters of Horsemanship Series)
  ''978-0-939481-48-4Hans Von Blixen-FineckeThe Art of Training: Lessons from a Lifetime With Horses (The Masters of Horsemanship Series, Bk. 2)
1997978-0-939481-49-1Peggy Jett PittengerReschooling the Thoroughbred
  ''978-0-939481-50-7Jim McCall · Lynda McCallHorses Behavin' Badly: Training Solutions for Problem Behaviors
1998978-0-939481-51-4DecarpentryPiaffer & Passage (The Masters of Horsemanship Series, Bk. 3)
  ''978-0-939481-52-1Sally O'ConnorPractical Eventing, Revised Edition
1998978-0-939481-53-8Decarpentry · Major Anders Lindgren · Anders LindgrenMajor Anders Lindgren's Teaching Exercises: A Manual for Instructors and Riders (Masters of Horsemanship Series)
  ''978-0-939481-54-5Walter ZettlDressage in Harmony: From Basic to Grand Prix (Masters of Horsemanship Series)
2000978-0-939481-56-9Lisa CampbellJumps, Etc: Jumps, Dressage Arenas and Stable Equipment You Can Build
  ''978-0-939481-57-6Kimberly GattoAn Apple a Day: A Heartwarming Collection of True Horse Stories
  ''978-0-939481-58-3Doris Kay Halstead · Carrie CameronRelease the Potential: A Practical Guide to Myofascial Release for Horse & Rider
  ''978-0-939481-59-0Max GahwylerThe Competitive Edge III: Gravity, Balance, and Kinetics of the Horse and Rider
2001978-0-939481-60-6Sharon BiggsIn One Arena: Top Dressage Experts Share Their Knowledge Through the Levels
2001978-0-939481-61-3Tom HolmesThe New Total Rider: Health & Fitness for the Equestrian
  ''978-0-939481-62-0Gary KatzEquine Legal Handbook
2002978-0-939481-63-7K. J. FitzgeraldIn-Hand: A Practical Guide to Preparing & Showing Your Horse
2003978-0-939481-64-4Brian McKeownEnter at A, Laughing: A Tongue-In-Jowl Examination of the Sport of Dressage As Seen Through the Satirical Eyes of a Dressage Husband
2004978-0-939481-67-5Bruce NockTen Golden Rules of Horse Training: Universal Laws for All Training Levels and Riding Styles
  ''978-0-939481-68-2Diane MorganFeeding Your Horse for Life
  ''978-0-939481-69-9Heinrich Schusdziarra · Volker SchusdziarraAnatomy of Dressage
  ''978-0-939481-70-5Margaret A. OdgersThe Dressage Rider's Survival Guide: Memoirs of a Struggling Dressage Rider
2005978-0-939481-71-2Kimberly GattoBeyond the Rainbow Bridge
2006978-0-939481-72-9Janice Dulak · Katrin HaselbacherPilates for the Dressage Rider: Engaging the Human Spine Using Pilates
2006978-0-939481-73-6Sally O'ConnorEssential Exercises
  ''978-0-939481-75-0Ellen BroadhurstThe Chronicles of the $700 Pony
2007978-0-939481-77-4Walter A ZettlCircle of Trust: Reflections on the Essence of Horses and Horsemanship
2008978-0-939481-79-8Ellen BroadhurstThe Further Adventures of the $700 Pony
  ''978-0-939481-80-4Linda SchultzBetter Rider, Better Ride: Get Fit to Create Riding Breakthroughs
2010978-0-939481-83-5Sam SavittDraw Horses with Sam Savitt
  ''978-0-939481-84-2Sally O'Connor · Foreword by Robert DoverCommon Sense Dressage: An Illustrated Guide