year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-0-939217-14-4Doug DuBosqueDraw 3-D
  ''978-0-939217-16-8Doug DubosqueLearn to Draw Now!
1992978-0-939217-17-5   ''Learn to Draw 3-D
1993978-0-939217-19-9   ''Draw! Cars
2000978-0-939217-22-9Doug DuBosqueDraw Dinosaurs
  ''978-0-939217-23-6Doug DubosqueDraw Rainforest Animals (Learn to Draw)
1994978-0-939217-24-3   ''Draw Ocean Animals
2000978-0-939217-25-0   ''Draw Grassland Animals (Learn to Draw)
2000978-0-939217-26-7Doug DubosqueDraw Desert Animals (Learn to Draw)
1994978-0-939217-27-4Susan JoycePost Card Passages
2000978-0-939217-28-1Doug DuBosqueDraw Insects
  ''978-0-939217-29-8   ''Draw Cars
  ''978-0-939217-30-4Damon ReinagleDraw Medieval Fantasies (Learn to Draw)
  ''978-0-939217-31-1   ''Draw Alien Fantasies
  ''978-0-939217-32-8   ''Draw Sports Figures (Learn to Draw)
2001978-0-939217-33-5   ''Draw Magical Fantasies (Learn to Draw)
2005978-0-939217-34-2Damon ReinagleDraw Monsters (Learn to Draw)
2000978-0-939217-40-3Freddie Levin1-2-3 Draw Pets and Farm Animals
  ''978-0-939217-41-0Freddie Levin1-2-3 Draw Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals
2001978-0-939217-42-7   ''1-2-3 Draw Wild Animals
  ''978-0-939217-43-4   ''1-2-3 Draw Knights, Castles and Dragons
  ''978-0-939217-44-1   ''1-2-3 Draw Cars, Trucks and Other Vehicles
2006978-0-939217-45-8   ''1-2-3 Draw Baby Animals
2002978-0-939217-46-5Steve Barr1-2-3 Draw Cartoon People: A Step-by-Step Guide
2002978-0-939217-47-2Steve Barr1-2-3 Draw Cartoon Faces: A Step-by-Step Guide
  ''978-0-939217-48-9   ''1-2-3 Draw Cartoon Animals
2003978-0-939217-49-6Freddie Levin1-2-3 Draw Mythical Creatures
1998978-0-939217-50-2Susan JoyceAlphabet Riddles
1999978-0-939217-51-9   ''ABC Animal Riddles
  ''978-0-939217-53-3   ''ABC Nature Riddles
2000978-0-939217-54-0Susan Joyce · Freddie LevinABC School Riddles
2003978-0-939217-57-1Jannelle MartinABC Math Riddles
2001978-0-939217-60-1Arlene Uslander · Freddie LevinThat's What Grandparents Are for
2004978-0-939217-61-8Freddie Levin1-2-3 Draw Horses
2005978-0-939217-62-5   ''1-2-3 Draw Ocean Life
2007978-0-939217-63-2Freddie Levin1-2-3 Draw People
2008978-0-939217-64-9   ''1-2-3 Draw Dogs
2010978-0-939217-65-6   ''1-2-3 Draw Princesses: A Step-By-Step guide
2003978-0-939217-70-0Steve Barr1-2-3 Draw Cartoon Wildlife: A step-by-step guide
  ''978-0-939217-71-7   ''1-2-3 Draw Cartoon Aliens and Space Stuff
  ''978-0-939217-72-4   ''1-2-3 Draw Cartoon Sea Critters: A step-by-step guide
2003978-0-939217-73-1Steve Barr1-2-3 Draw Cool Cartoon Stuff
2004978-0-939217-74-8   ''1-2-3 Draw Cartoon Monsters
2005978-0-939217-75-5   ''1-2-3 Draw Cartoon Cars
  ''978-0-939217-76-2   ''1-2-3 Draw Cartoon Aircraft
  ''978-0-939217-77-9   ''1-2-3 Draw Cartoon Trucks and Motorcycles
2015978-0-939217-82-3Doug DuBosqueDraw Cars