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1981978-0-939144-01-3The First Hebrew Primer for Adults: Biblical and Prayerbook Hebrew--An Easy Self-Teaching Text Designed for People Who Have Not Studied in Years
  ''978-0-939144-02-0Ethelyn SimonTeach yourself to read Hebrew: An easy self-teaching text designed to teach adults how to read Hebrew
  ''978-0-939144-03-7Ethelyn Simon · Nanette Stahl · Linda Motzkin · Joseph AndersonA Simple Approach to Old Testament Hebrew: An introductory text which makes the language of the Old Testament accessable to all (English and Hebrew Edition)
  ''978-0-939144-04-4Ethelyn Simon · Nanette Stahl · Linda Motzkin · Joseph AndersonThe Answer Book for: A Simple Approch to Old Testament Hebrew
1983978-0-939144-05-1Ethelyn,Nanetta Stahl,Linda Motzkin and Joseph Anderson SimonThe First Hebrew Primer for Adults Second Edition
978-0-939144-06-8The First Hebrew Primer for Adults
1983978-0-939144-07-5Joseph Anderson and Devora LipshitzTall Tales Told & Retold in Biblical Hebrew
  ''978-0-939144-08-2Joesph AndersonTall Tales Teachers Guide
978-0-939144-10-5Prayerbook Hebrew Teacher's Guide
2008978-0-939144-11-2Ethelyn Simon · Joseph AndersonTeach Yourself to Read Hebrew
1988978-0-939144-12-9Joseph AndersonPrayerbook Hebrew the Easy Way
1989978-0-939144-13-6Ethelyn Simon · Irene ResnikoffThe Beginner's Dictionary of Prayerbook Hebrew (Companion to Prayerbook Hebrew the Easy Way)
1992978-0-939144-15-0Ethelyn Simon · Linda Motzkin · Irene ResnikoffThe First Hebrew Primer: The Adult Beginner's Path to Biblical Hebrew, Third Edition
2002978-0-939144-16-7Dorey Brandt-Finell · Ethelyn SimonAnswer Book for The First Hebrew Primer
978-0-939144-17-4Teacher's Guide for the First Hebrew Primer
1993978-0-939144-18-1Ethelyn Simon · Irene Resnikoff · Linda MotzkinThe First Biblical Hebrew Speller - Companion to The First Hebrew Primer
978-0-939144-19-8Prayerbook Hebrew Answer Book & Teacher's Guide
1994978-0-939144-20-4Irene Resnikoff · Linda Motzkin · Ethelyn Simon · Susan NossTall Tales Told in Biblical Hebrew
2003978-0-939144-21-1Ethelyn Simon · Loren M. KaplanOg the Terrible
2003978-0-939144-22-8Teach Yourself to Read Hebrew (Book & Cassette)
978-0-939144-23-5Tall Tales Told in Biblical Hebrew [With Cassettes]
978-0-939144-24-2Tall Tales Retold
2003978-0-939144-25-9Eks PublishingTall Tales Retold
1998978-0-939144-26-6Jane Handler · Kim Hetherington · Stuart Kelman · Stuart L. KelmanGive Me Your Hand: Traditional and Practical Guidance on Visiting the Sick
2003978-0-939144-27-3Denise Moyes-Schnur · Irene ResnikoffOg the Terrible Returns: Og's Further Adventures in Prayerbook Hebrew
  ''978-0-939144-29-7Joseph Anderson · Linda Motzkin · Jonathan Rubenstein · Laurence WisemanCompanion to Prayerbook Hebrew the Easy Way, Third Edition
2000978-0-939144-30-3Jessica W. GoldsteinThe First Hebrew Reader: Guided Selections from the Hebrew Bible
2003978-0-939144-32-7Joseph Anderson · Linda Motzkin · Jonathan Rubinstein · Laurence WisemanPrayerbook Hebrew the Easy Way
  ''978-0-939144-33-4Rabbi Stuart L. KelmanChesed Shel Emet: Guidelines for Taharah
2000978-0-939144-34-1Carol Racklin-SiegelIn the Beginning
2003978-0-939144-35-8Alison GreengardTower of Babel
2001978-0-939144-36-5Iris Greenbaum · Judith RadouskySiddur Shabbat B'Yachad: A Siddur for Young Children
  ''978-0-939144-37-2   ''Siddur Shabbat B'Yachad [With Companion CD]
2003978-0-939144-38-9Eks PublishingCompanion to Prayerbook Hebrew the Easy Way
  ''978-0-939144-39-6Alison GreengardRebecca
2003978-0-939144-40-2Jessica W. GoldsteinCompanion to the First Hebrew Reader
2002978-0-939144-41-9Stuart KelmanK'Vod Hamet: A Guide for the Bereaved
2003978-0-939144-42-6Alison GreengardNoah's Ark
  ''978-0-939144-43-3Irene Resnikoff & Claudia ValasOG in Jerusalem
2006978-0-939144-44-0Debby Graudenz · Reuven TrabinCompanion to the First Hebrew Primer
2004978-0-939144-46-4EKS PublishingA Place In The Tent: Intermarriage And Conservative Judaism
  ''978-0-939144-47-1Joseph LowinHebrew Talk: 101 Hebrew Roots And The Stories They Tell
  ''978-0-939144-48-8Joseph LowinHebrew Talk: 101 Hebrew Roots And The Stories They Tell
  ''978-0-939144-49-5Alison GreengardLech Lecha
2004978-0-939144-50-1Ethelyn Simon · Joseph Anderson · ETHELYN SIMON · JOSEPH ANDERSONTeach Yourself to Read Hebrew (CD & Book Set)
  ''978-0-939144-51-8Debby Graudenz · Reuven Trabin · DEBBY GRAUDENZ · REUVEN TRABINInteractive Bible Flashcards
2006978-0-939144-52-5Logos Bible SoftwareThe First Hebrew Primer Digital Edition: Complete Textbook, Answer Book and Audio Companion [CD-ROM]
2005978-0-939144-53-2Carol Racklin-SiegelJacob's Travels
2007978-0-939144-54-9Sarah Gershman · Kristina SwarnerThe Bedtime Sh'ma
  ''978-0-939144-55-6Sarah GershmanThe Bedtime Sh'ma
  ''978-0-939144-56-3Linda Shapiro WolfDerech Tzlecha!: The Path to Success: A Manual for Teachers and Parents of Special Needs Students
  ''978-0-939144-57-0Alison GreengardJoseph the Dreamer
2008978-0-939144-60-0Guidelines for Taharah Chesed Shel Emet
2009978-0-939144-61-7Galia ArmelandAleph-Bet Israel
2009978-0-939144-62-4Alison GreengardThe Brave Women Who Saved Moses
2010978-0-939144-63-1Sarah GershmanModeh Ani: A Good Morning Book (Hebrew Edition)
  ''978-0-939144-64-8   ''Modeh Ani: A Good Morning Book
2000978-0-939144-65-5Ethelyn Simon · Irene Resnikoff · Linda MotzkinMaster Set of Bible Flashcards (Flashcards)
  ''978-0-939144-66-2Joseph Anderson · Linda Motzkin · Jonathan Rubenstein · Laurence WisemanPrayerbook Hebrew Flashcards (Flashcards)
2011978-0-939144-67-9Alison GreengardLet My People Go!
2012978-0-939144-68-6Joshua BuchinTefilat HaDerech: The Traveler's Prayer
2007978-0-939144-69-3   ''The Rowing Lesson
2013978-0-939144-71-6Rabbi Stuart Kelman · Dan FendelChesed Shel Emet: The Truest Act of Kindness, Exploring the Meaning of Taharah
2015978-0-939144-72-3Rabbi Stuart Kelman · Dan Fendel · Rabbi Jason Weiner · BCCNihum Aveilim
2008978-0-939144-75-4Cara BlackMurder on the Ile Saint-Louis (Aimee Leduc Investigation)
  ''978-0-939144-83-9Adrian HylandMoonlight Downs