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1987978-0-939007-07-3Marcia ShankDesktop Motivators: Lee Canter's Assertive Discipline
  ''978-0-939007-09-7Lee CanterWinter Motivators
1988978-0-939007-16-5Lee Canter · Ann De LA Sota · Marcia Shank · Jim ThompsonLee Canter's Homework Without Tears for Teachers (GRADES 4-6)
1984978-0-939007-17-2Lee CanterAssertive Discipline Teachers Plan Book Plus No. 1
1987978-0-939007-18-9   ''Assertive Discipline Teachers Plan Book No. 2 (Book 2)
1988978-0-939007-19-6   ''Lee Canter's Homework Without Tears for Teachers Grades 1-3
1989978-0-939007-28-8   ''How to Write a Research Paper
  ''978-0-939007-29-5   ''How to Study and Take Tests
978-0-939007-38-7Homework Without Tears for Parents (Tareas Escolares Sin Lagrimas)
1991978-0-939007-39-4Lee CanterParents on Your Side: A Comprehensive Parent-Involvement Program for Teachers
2002978-0-939007-45-5Lee CanterAssertive Discipline--New and Revised: Positive Behavior Management for Today's Classroom
978-0-939007-47-9Assertive Discipline Seasonal Motivators (MCP Beginning to Read Books)
1992978-0-939007-48-6Lee CanterLee Canter's Assertive Discipline Elementary Workbook, Grades K-5
  ''978-0-939007-49-3   ''Lee Canter's Assertive Discipline Middle School Workbook: Grades 6-8
1993978-0-939007-52-3   ''Succeeding with Difficult Students: New Strategies for Reaching Your Most Challenging Students
  ''978-0-939007-53-0Marlene Canter Lee · CanterSucceeding with Difficult Students Workbook
1995978-0-939007-73-8Lee CanterManaging the Morning Rush: Shaping Up Your Family's Morning Routine (Effective Parenting Books)
1996978-0-939007-74-5RAND CorporationWinning the Chores Wars: How to Get Your Child to do Household Chores (Effective Parenting Books Series)
1995978-0-939007-75-2Lee CanterHelp! It's Homework Time: Improving Your Child's Homework Habits (Lee Canter's Effective Parenting Books)
  ''978-0-939007-77-6   ''Surviving Sibling Rivalry: Helping Brothers and Sisters Get Along (Effective Parenting Books)
1996978-0-939007-78-3Dharma PublishingNo More Bedtime Battles: Simple Solutions to Bedtime Problems (Effective Parenting Books Series)
  ''978-0-939007-79-0Bert SimmonsBound for Success: Guiding Your Child Toward Greater Achievement and Higher Self-Esteem
1994978-0-939007-82-0Lee Canter · Marlene CanterThe High Performing Teacher: Avoiding Burnout and Increasing Your Motivation
1995978-0-939007-83-7Lee CanterWhat To Do When Your Child Needs To Study: Helping Your Child Master Test-Taking & Study Skills (Effective Parenting Books)
1995978-0-939007-85-1Lee CanterWhat To Do When Your Child Won't Behave: A Practical Guide for Responsible, Caring Discipline (Effective Parenting Books)
1994978-0-939007-97-4   ''Scared or Prepared: Preventing Conflict and Violence in Your Classroom
1996978-0-939007-99-8Lee CanterTeaching Students to Get Along: Reducing Conflict and Increasing Copperation in the Classroom