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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-0-938935-07-0Karl Marx · Friedrich Engels · Jean-Jacques RousseauCommunist Manifesto and Social Contract (Audio Classics Series)
1990978-0-938935-17-9Charlton HestonPlato: Greece (Ca. 428-348 B.C.)
  ''978-0-938935-18-6Charlton HestonAristotle: Greece 384-322 B.C.
1994978-0-938935-20-9HestonSt. Thomas Aquinas
  ''978-0-938935-21-6Charlton HestonBaruch Spinoza: The Netherlands (1632-1677) (Giants of Philosophy)
1997978-0-938935-22-3   ''The Giants of Philosophy: David Hume
2002978-0-938935-24-7HestonGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel: Germany (1770-1831) (Audio Classics)
1994978-0-938935-25-4   ''Arthur Schopenhauer: Germany (1788-1860) (Giants of Philosophy)
1990978-0-938935-26-1Charlton HestonSoren Kierkegaard: Denmark (1813-1855)
  ''978-0-938935-27-8   ''Friedriche Nietzsche (Giants of Philosophy)
  ''978-0-938935-29-2   ''Jean-Paul Sartre
1997978-0-938935-33-9Louis RukeyserEarly Austrian Economics (Great Economic Thinkers)
1997978-0-938935-38-4Louis RukeyserJoseph Schumpeter and Dynamic Economic Change - Capitalism as "Creative Destruction"
1992978-0-938935-55-1George C. ScottThe Civil War
1987978-0-938935-84-1Walter CronkiteThe Bill of Rights and Additional Amendments (The Audio Classics Series)