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1992978-0-938216-05-6Timothy MannA Guide to Grand Canyon Village Historic District
978-0-938216-06-3Geologic Map of the Eastern Part of the Grand Canyon
1979978-0-938216-08-7Elizabeth SimpsonRecollections of Phantom Ranch
2003978-0-938216-09-4Alan BerkowitzGrand Canyon Trail Guide
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1911978-0-938216-12-4Scott ThybonyA Guide to Hiking the Inner Canyon
1981978-0-938216-13-1Nancy J. LovingAlong the Rim: A Road Guide to the South Rim of Grand Canyon
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2007978-0-938216-33-9Lynne FosterExploring the Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon Association)
1987978-0-938216-34-6Richard ChamberlainRiver Song: A Natural History of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon [VHS]
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