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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-0-937986-01-1Abraham MerrittFace in the Abyss
  ''978-0-937986-17-2Stephen KingThe Waste Lands (The Dark Tower, Book 3)
1976978-0-937986-30-1H. P. LovecraftTo Quebec and the Stars
1981978-0-937986-33-2L. Sprague De CampHeroes and Hobgoblins
  ''978-0-937986-35-6Robert Ervin HowardLord of the Dead
  ''978-0-937986-36-3Theodore RoscoeWonderful Lips of Thibong Linh
1980978-0-937986-41-7Robert Duncan MilneInto the Sun & Other Stories (Science Fiction in Old San Francisco)
1981978-0-937986-42-4Catherine L. Moore · Alicia AustinScarlet Dream
1982978-0-937986-44-8Clark Ashton SmithAs It Is Written
1981978-0-937986-45-5Harold LambDurandal
1983978-0-937986-46-2Donald M. GrantTalbot Mundy: Messenger of Destiny
1981978-0-937986-47-9Joseph Payne BrennanCreep to Death
1982978-0-937986-50-9Stephen KingThe Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, Book 1)
  ''978-0-937986-51-6   ''Dark Tower: The Gunslinger
1982978-0-937986-53-0Joseph Payne BrennanEvil Always Ends
1983978-0-937986-54-7Peter StraubGenerals Wife
  ''978-0-937986-55-4Charles L. GrantSoft Whisper of the Dead
1982978-0-937986-56-1Charles L. GrantThe soft whisper of the dead
1983978-0-937986-57-8David MorrellThe hundred-Year Christmas
  ''978-0-937986-58-5Harold Lamb · Alicia Austin · George BarrThe Sea of the Ravens
1984978-0-937986-60-8Mark E RogersThe adventures of Samurai Cat
  ''978-0-937986-61-5Mark E RogersThe adventures of Samurai Cat
1985978-0-937986-62-2William GilmourUndying Land
1984978-0-937986-63-9Stephen R. DonaldsonDaughter of Regals
  ''978-0-937986-65-3Stephen King · Peter StraubThe Talisman
1985978-0-937986-67-7Thomas CantyMonster at Christmas
1984978-0-937986-68-4John Buchan · John Bell · L. DickisonThe Far Islands and Other Tales of Fantasy
1984978-0-937986-70-7Peter Berresford EllisLast Adventurer: The Life of Talbot Mundy
1986978-0-937986-75-2R.E. HowardRobert E. Howard's Kull
1985978-0-937986-76-9Charles L. GrantThe dark cry of the moon
1986978-0-937986-77-6   ''Dark Cry of the Moon
  ''978-0-937986-78-3Novalyne Price EllisOne Who Walked Alone: Robert E. Howard the Final Years
1988978-0-937986-79-0Tanith LeeMadame two swords
1986978-0-937986-80-6Joseph Payne BrennanThe Borders Just Beyond
  ''978-0-937986-82-0Les DanielsYellow Fog
1987978-0-937986-83-7Peter TremayneMy Lady of Hy-Brasil
1986978-0-937986-84-4H. P. Lovecraft · Henry BeckwithLovecraft's Providence and Adjacent Parts
  ''978-0-937986-85-1Noel-Anne BrennanWinter Reckoning
  ''978-0-937986-87-5Charles L. GrantThe long night of the grave
1986978-0-937986-88-2Charles L. GrantThe Long Night of the Grave
  ''978-0-937986-89-9Sterling LanierCurious Quests of Brigadier Fellowes
1987978-0-937986-90-5Stephen KingThe Drawing of the Three (The Dark Tower, Book 2)
1985978-0-937986-91-2   ''The Drawing of the Three (The Dark Tower, Book 2)
1989978-0-937986-92-9Charles G. Finney · Richard SalvucciMagician Out of Manchuria
  ''978-0-937986-93-6Robert E. HowardPost Oaks and Sand Roughs
  ''978-0-937986-94-3Robert E. HowardShadows of Dreams
  ''978-0-937986-95-0Joseph Payne Brennan · Luis FerreiraAdventures of Lucius Leffing
1991978-0-937986-96-7Peter StraubMrs God/Boxed Signed Edition
1991978-0-937986-97-4Peter StraubMrs God
1997978-0-937986-98-1William Hope Hodgson · Hope Hodgson · Sam MoskowitzHaunted Pampero: Uncollected Fantasies and Mysteries