Wooden Boat Publications

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-0-937822-02-9Harold H PaysonKeeping the Cutting Edge Setting and Sharpening Hand and Power Saws
1982978-0-937822-04-3Harold PaysonHow to Build the Gloucester Light Dory: A Classic in Plywood
1988978-0-937822-07-4Woodenboat MagazineFifty Wooden Boats: A Catalog of Building Plans, Vol.1
  ''978-0-937822-10-4David C McIntoshHow to Build a Wooden Boat
1987978-0-937822-11-1Maynard BrayBuilding the Nutshell Pram
1988978-0-937822-13-5Maynard BrayHow to Build the Haven Twelve & a Half Footer
  ''978-0-937822-14-2Jay S HannaThe Shipcarver's Handbook: How to Design and Execute Traditional Marine Carvings
  ''978-0-937822-15-9Wooden Boat Magazine · Woodenboat MagazineThirty Wooden Boats
1989978-0-937822-19-7Maynard Bray · Carlton PinheiroHerreshoff of Bristol: A Photographic History of America's Greatest Yacht and Boat Builders
1993978-0-937822-27-2Eric DowHow to Build the Shellback Dinghy
1995978-0-937822-32-6Woodenboat MagazineForty Wooden Boats: A Third Catalog of Building Plans
  ''978-0-937822-33-3Peter H. SpectrePainting & Varnishing (The Woodenboat Series)
1995978-0-937822-34-0Wooden Boat Magazine10 Wooden Boats You Can Build: For Sail, Motor, Paddle and Oar (The Woodenboat Series)
  ''978-0-937822-36-4Wooden Boat Magazine · Woodenboat MagazineHow to Build the Catspaw Dinghy: A Boat for Oar and Sail
1996978-0-937822-39-5Henry "Mac" McCarthyFeatherweight Boatbuilding
  ''978-0-937822-41-8Peter H. SpectrePlanking & Fastening (The WoodenBoat Series)
  ''978-0-937822-42-5   ''Frame, Stem, and Keel Repair (Woodenboat Series)
1997978-0-937822-44-9   ''100 Boat Designs Reviewed: Design Commentaries by the Experts (Woodenboat)
  ''978-0-937822-45-6Harold PaysonThe Dory Model Book: A Woodenboat Book
1998978-0-937822-49-4Franco PaceWilliam Fife: Master of the Classic Yacht
1998978-0-937822-50-0Greg RosselBuilding Small Boats
1999978-0-937822-52-4Peter H. SpectreThe Mariner's Book of Days 2000
  ''978-0-937822-55-5Allan H. VaitsesLofting
  ''978-0-937822-56-2Ted MooresKayak Craft
2001978-0-937822-57-9Todd BradshawCanoe Rig: The Essence and the Art: Sailpower for Antique and Traditional Canoes
2003978-0-937822-58-6John Brooks · Ruth Ann HillHow to Build Glued-Lapstrake Wooden Boats
2000978-0-937822-61-6Iain OughtredClinker Plywood Boatbuilding Manual
  ''978-0-937822-63-0Anne Bray · Maynard BrayDesigns to Inspire: From The Rudder 1897-1942
2001978-0-937822-66-1Willits Dyer Ansell · Willits Dyer AnselA Kid's Book on Boatbuilding
  ''978-0-937822-67-8John LeatherThe Gaff Rig Handbook: History, Design, Techniques, Developments
2001978-0-937822-69-2Tom CunliffePilots: The World of Pilotage Under Sail and Oar: Vol.1 Pilot Schooners of North America and Great Britain
2002978-0-937822-72-2David StimsonHow to Build the Ocean Pointer: A Strip-Built 19'6" Outboard Skiff
  ''978-0-937822-73-9Royal LowellBoatbuilding Down East: How Lobsterboats Are Built
  ''978-0-937822-75-3Franco PaceSparkman & Stephens: Classic Modern Yachts
  ''978-0-937822-76-0Tom CunliffePilots: The World of Pilotage Under Sail and Oar: Vol. 2 Schooners and Open Boats of the European Pilots and Watermen
2004978-0-937822-78-4William GardenThe Making of Tom Cat: A Fathom Wide, by Two-Plus Long, and Half a Fathom Deep
  ''978-0-937822-80-7Jan AdkinsA Storm Without Rain: A Novel in Time
2004978-0-937822-81-4Jan AdkinsSolstice: A Mystery of the Season
  ''978-0-937822-82-1   ''Moving Heavy Things
  ''978-0-937822-83-8   ''Line: Tying It Up, Tying It Down
2004978-0-937822-84-5Jan AdkinsWorkboats
  ''978-0-937822-85-2   ''Wooden Ship
2005978-0-937822-88-3Gifford JacksonThe Marisol Skiff
  ''978-0-937822-89-0Reuel ParkerThe New Cold-Molded Boatbuilding: From Lofting to Launching
2008978-0-937822-96-8Darryl J StricklerRowable Classics: Wooden Single Sculling Boats and Oars
  ''978-0-937822-98-2Franco PaceHerreshoff and His Yachts
2009978-0-937822-99-9Nic ComptonIain Oughtred: A Life in Wooden Boats