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1985978-0-937539-00-2Charlie Tremendous JonesThe Books You Read: Business Edition
1992978-0-937539-03-3Charles E. "T" Jones · James NewtonThe Books You Read: Historical Edition
2005978-0-937539-04-0J Martin Kohe · Don M Green · W Clement StoneYour Greatest Power
1968978-0-937539-06-4Charlie Tremendous JonesLife Is Tremendous
1983978-0-937539-07-1Russell Conwell · William George Jordan · James AllenMotivational Classics: Acres of Diamonds, the Kingship of Self Control, As a Man Thinketh
2005978-0-937539-08-8Jim TunneyIt's the Will, Not the Skill: Principles and Philosophies of Success as Seen Through the Eyes, Mind and Heart of Herman Edwards, Head Coach of the N
1995978-0-937539-12-5Charlie Tremendous Jones · Charles E. JonesQuotes are Tremendous
1991978-0-937539-16-3Ty BoydVisions: From the Leaders of Today for the Leaders of Tomorrow
  ''978-0-937539-17-0Fred SmithYou and Your Network: Getting the Most Out of Life
1993978-0-937539-18-7Don HutsonThe Sale: 25 High Performance Sales Skills to Master Before Your Competitors Do!
1994978-0-937539-19-4Bob BudlerYou Can Do It!
1993978-0-937539-20-0Joseph Fiedler · Lee WhiteIf You Think It's Tough to Sell, Try Buying: The Complete Guide to Effective Radio Advertising
1995978-0-937539-22-4Speakers Roundtable · Cavett Robert · Ken Blanchard · Speakers Roundtable StaffSpeaking Secrets of the Masters: The Personal Techniques Used by 22 of the World's Top Professional Speakers
1997978-0-937539-23-1Louis A. TartagliaThe Great Wing
1998978-0-937539-26-2Patricia FrippGet What You Want!
  ''978-0-937539-27-9Christopher J. Hegarty · Philip B. Nelson7 Secrets of Exceptional Leadership: A Self-Directed Program Designed to Help You Quickly Evaluate and Develop Your Leadership Skills
  ''978-0-937539-28-6Tim ConnorThe Road to Happiness Is Full of Potholes
  ''978-0-937539-29-3R. C. AllenThe Secret of Success
1998978-0-937539-30-9Fred SmithYou and Your Network: 8 Vital Links to an Exciting Life
1999978-0-937539-36-1Tony Zeiss · Tony ZeissTwelve Essential Laws for Becoming Indispensable
  ''978-0-937539-37-8Rob McCarterLife Is Good!
1995978-0-937539-38-5Charlie Plumb · Glen DeWerffI'm No Hero: A POW Story as Told to Glen DeWerff
1999978-0-937539-39-2Patricia FrippMake It So Dont Have to Fake It
  ''978-0-937539-40-8Charlie "Tremendous" Jones · Charlie Tremendous Jones · Gerald RobinsonE-Made Easy
2000978-0-937539-41-5Patricia FrippMake It So You Don't Have to Fake It!: 55 Fast-Acting Strategies for Long-Lasting Success
2005978-0-937539-45-3Napoleon HillThe Wisdom of Andrew Carnegie as Told to Napoleon Hill
  ''978-0-937539-46-0George Matthew AdamsYou Can: A Collection of Brief Talks on the Most Important Topic in the World -- Your Success
2000978-0-937539-48-4Jim StovallThe Ultimate Gift
2003978-0-937539-49-1Paul J. MeyerThat Something: Once You Find It, Your Life Will Never Be the Same! (Life-Changing Classics)
2000978-0-937539-51-4Larry WildeGreat Comedians Talk About Comedy
2001978-0-937539-53-8Jim StovallWisdom of the Ages
1998978-0-937539-55-2Bob BurgWinning Without Intimidation
2001978-0-937539-56-9James AllenAs a Man Thinketh (Life-Changing Classics Ser) (Life-Changing Pamphlet)
  ''978-0-937539-58-3Les GiblinThe Art Of Dealing With People
2001978-0-937539-59-0Leo G FrangipaneFrom mourning to morning: Healing in America's time of crisis
2002978-0-937539-62-0Mark SanbornThe Fred Factor: Every Person's Guide to Making the Ordinary Extraordinary!
  ''978-0-937539-63-7Robert A. LaidlawThe Reason Why
  ''978-0-937539-65-1Elbert HubbardA Message to Garcia (Life-Changing Classics) (Volume III)
1996978-0-937539-67-5Nido R QubeinStairway to Success: How to Achieve and Enjoy Success, Wealth and Happiness at Work and at Home
2002978-0-937539-68-2Chad ConnellyFreedom Tide: Now You Can Make a Difference!
  ''978-0-937539-69-9Lisa JimenezConquer Fear!: A Unique Blend of Psychology and Theology to Change Your Beliefs -- And Thus Your Results
2003978-0-937539-70-5Lisa DianeWhen You Can Walk on Water Why Take the Boat?: How Ordinary People Achieve Extraordinary Results
  ''978-0-937539-73-6Dwight L JohnsonThe Transparent Leader: Spiritual Secrets of Nineteen Successful Men
2004978-0-937539-74-3Jerry LewisInstruction Book For... "Being a Person" or (Just Feeling Better)
2004978-0-937539-75-0W. Clement Stone · Michael RittBelieve and Achieve: W. Clement Stone's 17 Principles of Success
  ''978-0-937539-78-1Russell H. Conwell · John WanamakerAcres of Diamonds (Life-Changing Classics) (Life-Changing Classics (Audio))
  ''978-0-937539-79-8William W. WoodbridgeBradford, You're Fired!: A Story of the Super-Self
  ''978-0-937539-81-1W. Clement Stone · Charlie T. JonesThe Success System That Never Fails
  ''978-0-937539-82-8Charlie Tremendous JonesBooks Are Tremendous: What They Represent to Some of Those Who Have Written, Read and Loved Them (Life-Changing Classics) (Life-Changing Classics (Audio))
2005978-0-937539-87-3Brenda A. SmithDivine Confinement: Facing Seasons of Limitation
2004978-0-937539-88-0Ken BlanchardIt Takes Less Than One Minute to Suit Up for the Lord
2004978-0-937539-92-7Dale Carnegie · Andrew CarnegieAdvantages of Poverty (Life-Changing Classics) (Life-Changing Classics (Audio))
2006978-0-937539-96-5Danny CoxThere Are No Limits: Breaking the Barriers in Personal High Performance