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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-0-937064-00-9Hua Ching NiThe Complete Works of Lao Tzu: Tao Teh Ching & Hau Hu Ching
1979978-0-937064-01-6Hua-Ching NiTao: The Subtle Universal Law and the Integral Way of Life
  ''978-0-937064-02-3Hua Ching NiThe Taoist Inner View of Universe and Immortal Realm
1999978-0-937064-04-7Hua-Ching NiThe Foundation of a Happy Life: A Well-Planted Personality Brings Healthy Growth
1983978-0-937064-07-8Hua Ching Ni8000 Years of Wisdom: Book 1
  ''978-0-937064-08-5Hua-Ching Ni8000 Years of Wisdom: Vol II: Book 2: Includes Sex & Pregnancy Guidance
2008978-0-937064-09-2Hua Ching NiThe Uncharted Voyage Toward Subtle Light
1986978-0-937064-11-5   ''The Footsteps of Mystical Child
2003978-0-937064-12-2Maoshing NiChinese Herbology Made Easy
2009978-0-937064-18-4Hua-Ching NiTeachings of Chuang Tzu: Attaining Unlimited Life (Wisdom of Three Masters)
1989978-0-937064-20-7   ''The Way of Integral Life (Wisdom of Three Masters)
2009978-0-937064-24-5   ''The Story of Two Kingdoms (Esoteric Teachings of the Tradition of Tao, Bk 1)
1989978-0-937064-25-2   ''Stepping Stones for Spiritual Success
1989978-0-937064-26-9Hua-Ching NiQuest of Soul: Book Two: The Esoteric Teachings of the Tradition of Tao (The Esoteric Teachings of the Tradition of Tao Series, Book 2)
1990978-0-937064-27-6   ''Internal Growth Through Tao
  ''978-0-937064-29-0Hua Ching NiBook of Changes and the Unchanging Truth
  ''978-0-937064-30-6   ''Guide to Inner Light
1991978-0-937064-31-3Hua-Ching NiThe Power of Natural Healing
1990978-0-937064-32-0Hua Ching NiNurture Your Spirits
2009978-0-937064-33-7Hua-Ching NiThe Gentle Path of Spiritual Progress
1990978-0-937064-35-1   ''Essence of Universal Spirituality
1989978-0-937064-38-2   ''Eternal Light: Teachings of My Father, Grandmaster Ni Yo-San (Esoteric Teachings of the Tradition of Tao Bk 3)
1991978-0-937064-45-0Hua-Ching NiMystical Universal Mother
1992978-0-937064-46-7Hua- Ching NiMysticism: Empowering the Spirit Within
  ''978-0-937064-47-4Hua-Ching NiLife & Teachings of Two Immortals, Vol. I: Kou Hong
1993978-0-937064-48-1Hua Ching NiLife & Teachings of Two Immortals, Vol. II: Chen Tuan
2011978-0-937064-49-8Lao TzuEsoteric Tao Teh Ching
2008978-0-937064-51-1Hua-Ching NiInternal Alchemy: The Natural Way to Immortality
1983978-0-937064-54-2   ''Workbook for Spiritual Development of All People: Revised Edition
2003978-0-937064-65-8   ''Tao: The Subtle Universal Law and the Integral Way of Life
1987978-0-937064-66-5Maoshing NiThe Tao of Nutrition: New and Expanded Edition
1995978-0-937064-68-9Hua-Ching NiThe Gate to Infinity: Realizing Your Ultimate Potential
1989978-0-937064-72-6   ''Attune Your Body with Dao-In (Masters Series of Taoist Internal Practices: Book 1)
1994978-0-937064-73-3Hua Ching NiMastering Chi: Strength from Movement
1996978-0-937064-74-0Maoshing NiEnergy Enhancement Exercise: The Eight Treasures
1994978-0-937064-79-5Hua Ching NiProgress Along the Way: Life, Service and Realization (Self Development Series)
1983978-0-937064-81-8Hua-Ching NiI Ching The Book of Changes: And the Unchanging Truth, Revised Edition
1995978-0-937064-85-6   ''Self-Reliance and Constructive Change: The Declaration of Spiritual Independence (Course for Spiritual Self-Development)