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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-0-936861-04-3W. PiniLaw and Chaos: The Stormbringer Animated Film Projects
1988978-0-936861-07-4Wendy and Richard PiniThe Complete Elfquest: Book Two: The Forbidden Grove
1989978-0-936861-10-4Wendy Pini · Richard PiniThe Complete ElfQuest Graphic Novel, Book 5: Siege at Blue Mountain
  ''978-0-936861-11-1Wendy Pini · Richard PiniElfquest Graphic Novel 6: The Secret of Two-Edge
1995978-0-936861-13-5Richard Pini · Cherie Wilkerson · Wendy PiniThe Big Elfquest Gatherum
1994978-0-936861-15-9Richard PiniQuest's End (Elfquest Graphic Novel, Book 4)
1993978-0-936861-16-6Wendy Pini · Richard PiniElfquest Book #01: Fire and Flight
1994978-0-936861-17-3   ''Elfquest Book #07: Cry from Beyond
  ''978-0-936861-19-7Richard Pini · Wendy · Wendy PiniCaptives of Blue Mountain
1990978-0-936861-20-3Piers AnthonyXanth Graphic Novel, Vol 1 - Return to Centaur (or: What Kind of Foal Am I?)
1991978-0-936861-23-4Wendy Pini · Richard PiniThe Complete ElfQuest Graphic Novel, Book 7: The Cry From Beyond
1994978-0-936861-26-5Wendy Pini · Richard Pini · Sarah Byam · Charles BarnettElfquest Book #09: Rogue's Challenge
1993978-0-936861-30-2Wendy Pini · Richard PiniElfquest: The Hidden Years
1994978-0-936861-31-9   ''Elfquest - New Blood
  ''978-0-936861-34-0   ''Siege at Blue Mountain (Elfquest Graphic Novel Series, Book 5)
  ''978-0-936861-37-1Wendy Pini · Terry Beatty · Gary Kato · Richard Pini · Wendi LeeElfquest: Bedtime Stories
1996978-0-936861-38-8Wendy PiniA Gift of Her Own
1997978-0-936861-39-5Theresa RobesonThe Wolfrider's Guide to the World of Elfquest
1998978-0-936861-42-5Richard Pini · Wendy Pini · Brandon McKinney · Charles BarnettElfquest Reader's Collection #10: Shards
1999978-0-936861-43-2Richard Pini · Wendy Pini · Brandon McKinneyAscent (Elfquest Reader's Collection, Book 12)
1999978-0-936861-44-9Richard Pini · Wendy Pini · Brandon McKinneyElfquest Reader's Collection #12a: Reunion
1998978-0-936861-45-6Wendi Lee · Joellyn Auklandus · Steve Blevins · O.F. RokoElfquest Reader's Collection #11: Legacy
1999978-0-936861-46-3Joellyn Auklandus · Steve BlevinsElfquest Reader's Collection #11a: Huntress
1998978-0-936861-47-0Bern Harkins · Delfin BarralElfquest Reader's Collection #13: The Rebels
1999978-0-936861-48-7John Ostrander · Wendy Pini · David Boller · Richard Pini · Dennis FujitakeElfquest Reader's Collection #14: Jink!
  ''978-0-936861-49-4Richard Pini · Delfin BarralElfquest Reader's Collection #13a: Skyward Shadow
  ''978-0-936861-50-0Wendy Pini · Dennis Fujitake · John OstranderElfquest Reader's Collection #14a: Mindcoil
1998978-0-936861-52-4Wendy Pini · Richard PiniElfquest Reader's Collection #08a: Dreamtime
1999978-0-936861-56-2   ''Elfquest Reader's Collection #2: The Forbidden Grove
1999978-0-936861-58-6Wendy Pini · Richard PiniElfquest Reader's Collection #4: Quest's End
  ''978-0-936861-59-3Wendy Pini · Richard Pini · Joe StatonElfquest Reader's Collection #5: Siege at Blue Mountain
  ''978-0-936861-60-9Richard Pini · Wendy Pini · Joe StatonElfquest Reader's Collection #6: The Secret of Two-Edge
  ''978-0-936861-61-6Wendy Pini · Richard PiniElfquest Book #7: The Cry from Beyond
  ''978-0-936861-62-3   ''Elfquest Reader's Collection #8: Kings of the Broken Wheel
1999978-0-936861-64-7Richard Pini · Wendy Pini · Barry BlairElfquest Reader's Collection #15: Forevergreen
2000978-0-936861-70-8Joellyn Auklandus · Wendy Pini · Lorraine Reyes · Steve BlevinsElfquest Reader's Collection #11b: Wild Hunt
  ''978-0-936861-71-5Richard Pini · Vickie Murphy · Kathryn Bolinger · Wendi Strang-Frost · Steve Blevins · Craig TailleferElfquest Reader's Collection #16: WaveDancers
  ''978-0-936861-75-3Joellyn Auklandus · Wendy Pini · Lorraine ReyesElfquest Reader's Collection #11c: Shadowstalker