year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1983978-0-936756-00-4Jean BaudrillardIn the Shadow of the Silent Majorities (Semiotext(e) Foreign Agents Series)
  ''978-0-936756-02-8Jean BaudrillardSimulations (Foreign Agents Series)
1984978-0-936756-04-2Jean-François LyotardDriftworks (Foreign Agents Series)
1990978-0-936756-05-9Paul VirilioPopular Defense & Ecological Struggles (Semiotext(e) Foreign Agents Series)
1984978-0-936756-08-0P. M.Bolo Bolo (Foreign agents series)
1986978-0-936756-09-7Gilles Deleuze · Félix GuattariNomadology: The War Machine
1988978-0-936756-10-3Jean BaudrillardForget Foucault (Semiotext(e) / Foreign Agents)
  ''978-0-936756-13-4Peter Lamborn WilsonScandal: Essays in Islamic Heresy
1996978-0-936756-14-1Leopoldina FortunatiArcane of Reproduction: Housework, Prostitution, Labor and Capital
1988978-0-936756-15-8Peter Lamborn WilsonScandal: Essays in Islamic Heresy
1990978-0-936756-18-9Paul ThorezModel Children: Inside the Republic of Red Scarves
1992978-0-936756-19-6Michael RyanGulliver
1990978-0-936756-21-9Felix Guattari · Antonio Negri · Michael RyanCommunists Like Us (SEMIOTEXT)
1992978-0-936756-25-7Antonio NegriMarx Beyond Marx: Lessons on the Grundrisse
1989978-0-936756-26-4Constantine George CaffentzisClipped Coins Abused Words and Civil Government: John Locks Philosophy of Money
  ''978-0-936756-27-1Constantine George CaffentzisClipped Coins, Abused Words, Civil Government: John Locke's Philosophy of Money
1988978-0-936756-29-5A. Belden FieldsTrotskyism & Maoism: Theory & Practice in France & the United States
1986978-0-936756-33-2Paul VirilioSpeed & Politics
1992978-0-936756-34-9Chris CutlerFile Under Popular: Theoretical and Critical Writings on Music
1988978-0-936756-36-3Jean BaudrillardThe Ecstasy of Communication (Foreign Agents)
1998978-0-936756-38-7Michel FoucaultInterventions
1989978-0-936756-39-4Rolando PerezOn Anarchy & Schizoanalysis
1991978-0-936756-42-4Paul VirilioThe Aesthetics of Disappearance
  ''978-0-936756-43-1Rudy Rucker · Robert Anton Wilson · Peter Lamborn WilsonSemiotext[e] SF
1987978-0-936756-47-9Jim FlemingSemiotext(e) U.S.A.
1998978-0-936756-48-6William S. BurroughsCollected Interviews of William S. Burroughs (Double Agents Series)
1998978-0-936756-49-3Silvia FedericiCaliban & The Witches
1990978-0-936756-51-6Jean BaudrillardFatal Strategies
1992978-0-936756-52-3Louis KaplanDamned Universe of Charles Fort, The
1987978-0-936756-57-8Erje AydenSadness at Leaving: An Espionage Romance
1990978-0-936756-60-8Ann RowerIf You're A Girl (Native Agents)
  ''978-0-936756-61-5Cookie MuellerWalking Through Clear Water in a Pool Painted Black (Native Agents)
  ''978-0-936756-62-2Jurg Laederach69 Ways to Play the Blues (Foreign Agents)
  ''978-0-936756-63-9Heiner MullerGermania
1991978-0-936756-67-7Eileen MylesNot Me (Native Agents)
  ''978-0-936756-68-4Kathy AckerHannibal Lecter, My Father (Native Agents)
1992978-0-936756-69-1Robin James · Dave Mandl · Neil Strauss · Sue Ann HarkeyCassette Mythos
1993978-0-936756-71-4Steve AbbottLizard Club, The (New Autonomy Series)
1998978-0-936756-72-1Crowbar IrreverendPopular Reality
1991978-0-936756-73-8Paul VirilioLost Dimension
1993978-0-936756-74-5Dhoruba Bin Wahad · Assata Shakur · Mumia Abu-JamalStill Black, Still Strong
1991978-0-936756-76-9Hakim BeyT.A.Z. the Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism (New Autonomy Series)
1993978-0-936756-79-0Rene VienetEnrages and Situationists in the Occupation Movement: Paris, May, 1968
1987978-0-936756-80-6Michael BrownsteinThe Touch (Pocket Poets Series; 49)
1992978-0-936756-86-8Lynne TillmanThe Madame Realism Complex (Semiotext(e) / Native Agents)
1992978-0-936756-87-5Roberta AllenThe Daughter
1993978-0-936756-88-2Thom MetzgerThis Is Your Final Warning! (Autonomedia New Autonomy Series)
1990978-0-936756-89-9Bob BlackFriendly Fire (New Autonomy Series)
1994978-0-936756-92-9James KoehnlineGone to Croatan: Origins of North American Dropout Culture
1993978-0-936756-94-3Bart PlantengaRadiotext (E)
1994978-0-936756-95-0Pierre ClastresArcheology of Violence
1992978-0-936756-98-1David RattrayHow I Became One of the Invisible (Native Agents)
  ''978-0-936756-99-8Eldon GarnetThe Narrative Body

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