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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-0-936262-04-8Lista Duren · Wil McDonald · Will McDonaldBuild Your Own Home Darkroom
1991978-0-936262-06-2Dennis CurtinInto Your Darkroom Step by Step
1992978-0-936262-09-3Thomas TomosyCamera Maintenance & Repair
  ''978-0-936262-18-5Lynn LaymonUnderwater Videographer's Handbook
1995978-0-936262-37-6John FullerMake Fantastic Home Videos: How Anyone Can Shoot Great Videos!
  ''978-0-936262-38-3Laurie WhiteInfrared Photography Handbook
1996978-0-936262-43-7Joseph PaduanoWide-Angle Lens Photography: A Complete, Fully Illustrated Guide (Amherst Media's Photo-Imaging Series)
  ''978-0-936262-44-4Robert HurthWedding Photographer's Handbook: Fully Illustrated Guide
  ''978-0-936262-47-5Robert Hurth · Sheila HurthGlamour Nude Photography
1996978-0-936262-49-9George GyureCamcorder Business: Start and Operate a Profitable Videotaping Business Using Your Camcorder
1998978-0-936262-50-5Joseph PaduanoThe Art of Infrared Photography
1997978-0-936262-54-3Sandra LairdHandcoloring Photographs Step by Step
  ''978-0-936262-55-0Stan TrampeBlack & White Nude Photography
  ''978-0-936262-58-1Thomas TomosyCamera Maintenance & Repair, Book 2: Advanced Techniques: A Comprehensive, Fully Illustrated Guide (Bk. 2)
  ''978-0-936262-59-8   ''Restoring Classic & Collectible Cameras
1998978-0-936262-66-6Norman KerrLighting Techniques for Photographers
  ''978-0-936262-68-0Bill Lemon · Bill LennonBlack & White Model Photography: Techniques & Images
1999978-0-936262-70-3Jim ShullThe Beginners Guide to Pinhole Photography
1999978-0-936262-72-7David ArndtHow to Shoot and Sell Sports Photography
1998978-0-936262-75-8Helen T Boursier · Jeff SmithFamily Portrait Photography: Professional Techniques and Images
1999978-0-936262-77-2Ulrike Welsch · Ulrike WelshStock Photography: Professional Images and Techniques
  ''978-0-936262-78-9Billy PegramFashion Model Photography: Ads in Shutterbug and Popular Photography
  ''978-0-936262-82-6Todd DamianoInfrared Landscape Photography
  ''978-0-936262-83-3John GiolasHigh School Senior Portrait Photography
  ''978-0-936262-85-7Michael GreccoThe Art of Portrait Photography: Creative Lighting Techniques and Strategies
1999978-0-936262-86-4Thomas TomosyCamera Maintenance & Repair, Book 1: Fundamental Techniques: A Comprehensive, Fully Illustrated Guide
  ''978-0-936262-87-1   ''Leica Camera Repair Handbook
  ''978-0-936262-89-5Christopher Grey · Gwen LutePhotographer's Guide to Polaroid Transfer
  ''978-0-936262-91-8Gwen LutePhoto Retouching With Adobe Photoshop
  ''978-0-936262-93-2Barbara Box · Barbara BoxerStorytelling Wedding Photography: Techniques and Images in Black & White
1999978-0-936262-95-6Christopher GreyCreative Techniques for Nude Photography: In Black and White
  ''978-0-936262-97-0Robert Hurth · Sheila HurthGlamour Nude Photography
2000978-0-936262-99-4Richard MizdalBlack & White Photography for 35mm: A Guide to Photography and Darkroom Techniques