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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1985978-0-936185-00-2Robert S. FlawsTurtle Tail and Other Tender Mercies: Traditional Chinese Pediatrics
978-0-936185-02-6Tieh Ta Ke: Traditional Chinese Traumatology & First Aid
1986978-0-936185-04-0Bob Flaws · Charles Chace · Michael HelmeTiming and the Times: Chronicity in the American Practice of Oriental Medicine
  ''978-0-936185-05-7Bob FlawsFree and Easy: Traditional Chinese Gynecology for American Women
1987978-0-936185-06-4Zhang Ting-LiangA Handbook of Traditional Chinese Gynecology
1988978-0-936185-07-1Chien-hui Liang · Liang Juan-HuiA Handbook of Traditional Chinese Dermatology: Originally Entitled Chang Jian Pi Fu Bing Zhong Yi Zhi Liao Jian Bian, or, A Brief Compendium of the TCM Treatment of Common Skin Diseases
1995978-0-936185-08-8Monk De QianShaolin Secret Formulas for the Treatment of External Injury
1988978-0-936185-10-1Bob FlawsBlue Poppy Essays, 1988: Translations and Ruminations on Chinese Medicine
1989978-0-936185-11-8Zhang Dai-zhaoTreatment of Cancer by Integrated Chinese-Western Medicine
  ''978-0-936185-12-5Bob FlawsNine Ounces: A Nine Part Program for the Prevention of AIDS in HIV Positive Persons
  ''978-0-936185-13-2Honora L. WolfeBreast Connection: A Laywoman's Guide to the Treatment of Breast Disease by Chinese Medicine
  ''978-0-936185-14-9Bob FlawsEndometriosis and Infertility and Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Laywoman's Guide
1990978-0-936185-15-6   ''Migraines and Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Layperson's Guide
1990978-0-936185-16-3SungbackClassical Moxibustion Skills in Contemporary Clinical Practice
  ''978-0-936185-17-0Bob FlawsSticking to the Point: A Rational Methodology for the Step By Step Formulation and Administration of a TCM Acupuncture Treatment (vol. 1)
  ''978-0-936185-18-7Honora Lee WolfeSecond Spring: A Guide to Healthy Menopause Through Traditional Chinese Medicine
  ''978-0-936185-19-4Bob FlawsCervical Dysplasia and Prostate Cancer Hpv, a Hidden Link: The Diagnosis and Treatment of Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia and Prostate Problems B
  ''978-0-936185-20-0   ''Scatology & the Gate of Life: The Role of the Large Intestine in Immunity, an Integrated Chinese-Western Approach
1990978-0-936185-21-7Bob FlawsSomething Old, Something New: Essays on the Tcm Description of Western Herbs, Pharmaceuticals, Vitamins and Minerals
1991978-0-936185-22-4   ''PMS: Its Cause, Diagnosis, & Treatment According to Traditional Chinese Medicine
  ''978-0-936185-23-1Honora Lee WolfeHighlights of Ancient Acupuncture Prescriptions
  ''978-0-936185-24-8Bob FlawsThe Dao of Increasing Longevity and Conserving Ones Life: A Handbook of Traditional Chinese Geriatrics and Chinese Herbal Patent Formulae
  ''978-0-936185-25-5   ''Fire in the Valley: The Traditional Chinese Medical Diagnosis and Treatment of Vaginal Diseases
  ''978-0-936185-26-2Xiao Shu-GinPediatric Bronchitis: Its Tcm Cause, Diagnosis, Treatment & Prevention
1991978-0-936185-27-9Bob FlawsArisal of the Clear: A Simple Guide to Healthy Eating According to Traditional Chinese Medicine
  ''978-0-936185-28-6Huang Bing-ShanAIDS And Its Treatment by Traditional Chinese Method
1995978-0-936185-29-3Mi Huang-Fu · Shou-Zhong Yang · Charles ChaceThe Systematic Classic of Acupuncture and Moxibustion: Huang-TI Chen Chiu Chia I Ching (Jia Yi Jing)
1992978-0-936185-30-9Charles ChaceFleshing Out the Bones: Case Histories in the Practice of Chinese Medicine
1999978-0-936185-31-6Alon MarcusAcute Abdominal Syndromes: Their Diagnosis & Treatment According to Combined Chinese-Western Medicine
1991978-0-936185-32-3Bob FlawsBefore Completion: Essays on the Practice of Tcm
1992978-0-936185-33-0Miriam LeeInsights of a Senior Acupuncturist
  ''978-0-936185-34-7Bob FlawsMy Sister the Moon: The Diagnosis and Treatment of Menstrual Diseases by Traditional Chinese Medicine
1995978-0-936185-35-4Fu Qing-ZhuFu Qing-Zhu's Gynecology
1992978-0-936185-36-1Anna LinA Handbook of TCM Urology & Male Sexual Dysfunction
  ''978-0-936185-37-8Miriam LeeMaster Tong's Acupuncture: An Ancient Alternative Style in Modern Clinical Practice
  ''978-0-936185-38-5Miki ShimaThe Medical I Ching: Oracle of the Healer Within
1993978-0-936185-39-2Bob FlawsPath of Pregnancy (vol. 1): A Handbook of Traditional Chinese Gestational and Birthing Diseases
1993978-0-936185-40-8Honora Lee WolfeHow to Have a Healthy Pregnancy and Healthy Birth With Traditional Chinese Medicine
  ''978-0-936185-41-5Li Dong-YuanThe Treatise on the Spleen and Stomach: A Translation of the Pi Wei Lun
  ''978-0-936185-42-2Bob FlawsPath of Pregnancy, Vol. 2: A Handbook of Traditional Chinese Postpartum Diseases
  ''978-0-936185-43-9Bob Flaws · Shou-zhong YangMaster Hua's Classic of the Central Viscera: A Translation of the Zhong Zang Jing
  ''978-0-936185-44-6Mark SeemA New American Acupuncture: Acupuncture Osteopathy - The Myofascial Release of the Bodymind's Holding Patterns
1993978-0-936185-46-0Liang Jian-HuiHandbook of Traditional Chinese Dermatology
  ''978-0-936185-47-7Honora Lee WolfeMenopause a Second Spring: Making a Smooth Transition With Traditional Chinese Medicine
1999978-0-936185-48-4Bob FlawsFulfilling the Essence: The Handbook of Traditional & Contemporary Chinese Treatments for Female Infertility
1999978-0-936185-49-1Bob FlawsHow to Write a TCM Herbal Formula
1993978-0-936185-50-7Zhu Dan-XiThe Heart & Essence of Dan-Xi's Methods of Treatment: A Translation of Zhu Dan-Xi's Zhi Fa Xin Yao
1999978-0-936185-51-4Bob FlawsImperial Secrets of Health and Longevity
1994978-0-936185-52-1   ''Statements of Fact in Traditional Chinese Medicine (English and Mandarin Chinese Edition)
  ''978-0-936185-53-8Yang Shou-ZhongExtra Treatise Based upon Investigation and Inquiry: A Translation of Zhu Dan-Xis
1999978-0-936185-54-5Fan Ya-LiChinese Pediatric Massage Therapy: A Parent's and Practitioner's Guide to the Treatment and Prevention of Childhood Disease
1994978-0-936185-55-2Chi-Chou Yang · Ji-Zhou Yang · Shou-Zhong Yang · Feng-Ting LiuThe Divinely Responding Classic: A Translation of the Shen Ying Jing from the Zhen Jin Da Cheng (Great Masters Series)
  ''978-0-936185-56-9Bob Flaws · Charles ChaceRecent TCM Research from China
  ''978-0-936185-58-3Bob FlawsChinese Medicinal Wines & Elixirs
  ''978-0-936185-59-0   ''70 Essential Tcm Formulas for Beginners
1995978-0-936185-60-6   ''The Book of Jook: Chinese Medicinal Porridges, a Healthy Alternative to the Typical Western Breakfast
1994978-0-936185-61-3Honora Lee WolfeThe Breast Connection: A Laywoman's Guide to the Treatment of Breast Disease by Chinese Medicine
1995978-0-936185-62-0Philippe Sionneau · Bob FlawsPao Zhi: An Introduction to the Use of Processed Chinese Medicinals
1999978-0-936185-63-7Yan De-XinAging & Blood Stasis: A New TCM Approach to Geriatrics
1995978-0-936185-64-4Zong Xiao-Fan · Gary Liscum · Xiao-Fan ZongChinese Medical Palmistry: Your Health in Your Hand
1995978-0-936185-66-8Douglas FrankLow Back Pain: Care & Prevention With Traditional Chinese Medicine
1997978-0-936185-67-5Bob FlawsThe Secret of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis
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2000978-0-936185-70-5Bob FlawsA Handbook of TCM Patterns & Their Treatments
1999978-0-936185-71-2   ''Keeping Your Child Healthy With Chinese Medicine: A Parent's Guide to the Care & Prevention of Common Childhood Diseases
2009978-0-936185-72-9Bob FlawsA Handbook of Tcm Pediatrics: A Practitioner's Guide to the Care & Treatment of Common Childhood Diseases
1996978-0-936185-73-6Philippe SionneauThe Treatment of Disease in Tcm: Diseases of the Eyes, Ears, Nose and
1999978-0-936185-74-3Ya-Li Fan · Fan Ya-LiChinese Self-Massage Therapy: The Easy Way to Health
1997978-0-936185-75-0Shu-He WangThe Pulse Classic: A Translation of the Mai Jing
1996978-0-936185-76-7Gary LiscumChinese Medicinal Teas: Simple, Proven, Folk Formulas for Common Diseases & Promoting Health
1999978-0-936185-78-1Yu Hui-Chan · Han Fu-RuGolden Needle Wang Le-Ting: A 20th Century Master's Approach to Acupuncture
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1997978-0-936185-81-1Philippe SionneauDui Yao: The Art of Combining Chinese Medicinals
  ''978-0-936185-82-8Robert S. Flaws · Honora L. WolfeA Handbook of Menstrual Diseases in Chinese Medicine
  ''978-0-936185-83-5Yi-ren LiuThe Heart Transmission of Medicine (The Great Masters
  ''978-0-936185-85-9Bob FlawsCuring PMS Naturally with Chinese Medicine
  ''978-0-936185-86-6   ''Curing Insomnia Naturally with Chinese Medicine
1997978-0-936185-87-3Doug Frank · Bob FlawsCuring Arthritis Naturally with Chinese Medicine
1998978-0-936185-88-0Bob Flaws · Feng-Wu LiuThe Essence of Liu Feng-Wu's Gynecology
  ''978-0-936185-89-7Lu Gang · Philippe SionneauThe Treatment of Disease in TCM: Diseases of the Neck, Shoulders, Back, and Limbs, Vol. 4
1999978-0-936185-90-3Honora Lee Wolfe · Bob FlawsBetter Breast Health Naturally with Chinese Medicine
1997978-0-936185-91-0Bob FlawsCuring Hay Fever Naturally with Chinese Medicine
1999978-0-936185-92-7   ''The Tao of Healthy Eating: Dietary Wisdom According to Traditional Chinese Medicine
1998978-0-936185-93-4Honora L. WolfeAcupoint Pocket Reference
  ''978-0-936185-94-1Rosa N. SchnyerCuring Depression Naturally with Chinese Medicine
  ''978-0-936185-95-8Honora Lee WolfeCuring Headaches Naturally with Chinese Medicine
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1998978-0-936185-97-2Bob FlawsSticking to the Point, Vol. 2: A Study of Acupuncture & Moxibustion Formulas & Strategies
  ''978-0-936185-98-9Honora Lee WolfeManaging Menopause Naturally with Chinese Medicine
  ''978-0-936185-99-6   ''Teach Yourself to Read Modern Medical Chinese: A Step-by-Step Workbook & Guide (English and Chinese Edition)