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  ''978-0-935908-19-0Anne GellerAlcohol and sexual performance
1989978-0-935908-27-5JohnsonStory About Feelings/Coloring Book
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1986978-0-935908-31-2Vernon E JohnsonIntervention: How to Help Someone Who Doesn't Want Help
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1911978-0-935908-39-8Recovery of Chemically Dependent Families
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1998978-0-935908-53-4Vernon E. JohnsonEverything You Need to Know about Chemical Dependence: Vernon Johnson's Complete Guide for Families
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1990978-0-935908-67-1Chris L.Facing the Problem: Step One
  ''978-0-935908-68-8   ''Becoming Spiritual: Step Two
  ''978-0-935908-69-5   ''Becoming Willing: Step Three
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  ''978-0-935908-93-0Martin FlemingHow to Stay Clean and Sober
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  ''978-0-935908-98-5   ''Helping Kids Learn Refusal Skills (Johnson Institute Resources for Parenting)
  ''978-0-935908-99-2Dick SchaeferIs Your Child Involved With Alcohol and Other Drugs? (Johnson Institute Resources for Parenting)