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1979978-0-935640-00-7William T WileyWiley territory
1980978-0-935640-01-4Norbert NieuwlandPicasso from the Musee Picasso, Paris: Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 10 February through 30 March 1980
  ''978-0-935640-02-1Dominique BozoPicasso From the Musee Picasso Paris
  ''978-0-935640-04-5New music America: 7 June-15 June, 1980, a festival organized by Walker Art Center
  ''978-0-935640-05-2Chuck CloseClose portraits: Walker Art Center, Minneapolis: exhibition
  ''978-0-935640-06-9Artist and printer: Six American print studios
1981978-0-935640-08-3Graham William John Beal · George W. NeubertRobert Graham, statues
1981978-0-935640-09-0The CenterNew Dance USA: 3 October-10 October 1981: a festival
1982978-0-935640-10-6L. Lyons8 Artists: The Anxious Edge
  ''978-0-935640-11-3Lisa LyonsWegman's world: 5 December 1982 to 16 January 1983, Walker Art Center
  ''978-0-935640-12-0Melinda, and Bruce Jenkins et al. WardThe American new wave, 1958-1967
1983978-0-935640-13-7Walker Art CenterMedia Arts in Transition , 8 -11 June 1983 Walker Arts Center
1984978-0-935640-14-4David ByrneThe knee plays: The American section from The civil wars: a tree is best measured when it is down by Robert Wilson
  ''978-0-935640-15-1Martin Friedman and Elizabeth ArmstrongImages and impressions: Painters who print: Walker Art Center, 23 September to 25 November 1984
  ''978-0-935640-17-5Walker Art Center.Prints from Tyler Graphics: 23 September 1984 through 17 March 1985, Walker Art Center
1985978-0-935640-18-2Jack FlamRobert Motherwell the Collaged Image
1986978-0-935640-19-9Mildred (ed). FriedmanTokyo, form and spirit
1986978-0-935640-20-5Adam D WeinbergOn the line: The new color photojournalism
1987978-0-935640-21-2Marge GoldwaterPast/imperfect: Eric Fischl, Vernon Fisher, Laurie Simmons
  ''978-0-935640-23-6Laurie SimmonsLaurie Simmons: Water Ballet/Family Collision
  ''978-0-935640-24-3Jan DibbetsJan Dibbets: Essays by R H Fuchs
  ''978-0-935640-26-7James Casebere · Bruce Charlesworth · Bernard FauconCross-References: Sculpture into Photography
1988978-0-935640-27-4J. HobermanDennis Hopper: From Method to Madness
  ''978-0-935640-29-8Frank StellaFrank Stella: The circuits prints
1989978-0-935640-30-4Bruce JenkinsCinema outsider: The films of William Klein: a nationally touring retrospective
1989978-0-935640-31-1Caroline Hightower · Mildred Friedman · Ellen Lupton · J. Abbott Miller · Neil Harris · Estelle Jussim · Lorraine Wild · Maud LavinGraphic Design in America: a Visual Language History
1990978-0-935640-32-8Jasper JohnsPrinted Symbols
  ''978-0-935640-33-5RizzoliWalker Art Center
  ''978-0-935640-34-2Richard SchickelClint Eastwood Directs: A Retrospective Organized by the Walker Art Center
1991978-0-935640-35-9B. Ruby RichJodie Foster, growing up on-screen: A retrospective
1992978-0-935640-37-3Gary GarrelsPhotography in Contemporary German Art: 1960 To the Present
  ''978-0-935640-39-7Krystof WodiczkoPublic Address: Krzysztof Wodiczko
1993978-0-935640-40-3Simon Anderson · Walker Art CenterIn the Spirit of Fluxus
  ''978-0-935640-41-0Walker Art CenterIn the Spirit of Fluxus
1994978-0-935640-42-7Bruce Nauman · Kathy Halbreich · Neal BenezraBruce Nauman
1994978-0-935640-43-4Neal Benezra · Kathy Halbreich · Paul SchimmelBruce Nauman: Exhibition Catalogue and Catalogue Raisonne
1995978-0-935640-44-1Walker Art Center · San Francisco Museum of Modern ArtBordering on Fiction: Chantal Akerman's D'Est
  ''978-0-935640-45-8Richard FloodSigmar Polke: Illumination: May 6 Through September 17, 1995
  ''978-0-935640-46-5Jock Reynolds · A.D. ColemanDawoud Bey: Portraits 1975-1995
  ''978-0-935640-47-2Willem De Kooning · Gary Garrels · Robert Storr · San Francisco Museum of Modern ArtWillem De Kooning: The Late Paintings, the 1980s
  ''978-0-935640-48-9Peter W. Boswell · Deborah Emont Scott · Walker Art Center · Nelson-Atkins Museum of ArtJoel Shapiro: Outdoors
1995978-0-935640-49-6Willem De Kooning · Robert Storr · Gary Garrels · San Francisco Museum of Modern ArtWillem De Kooning: The Late Paintings, the 1980s
  ''978-0-935640-50-2Stuart Morgan · Richard Flood · Neville WakefieldBrilliant! New Art from London
1996978-0-935640-51-9Arthur C. DantoPeter Fischli and David Weiss: In a Restless World
  ''978-0-935640-52-6Peter Boswell · Maria Makela · Carolyn LanchnerThe Photomontages of Hannah Höch
  ''978-0-935640-53-3Carolyn Lanchner · Maria Makela · Peter BoswellThe Photomontages of Hannah Hoch
1997978-0-935640-54-0Joan Rothfuss · Kathy HalbreichMark Luyten: On A Balcony
  ''978-0-935640-55-7Richard FloodNo Place (Like Home)
1998978-0-935640-56-4Thelma Golden · Meredith Jones · Laura KuhnArt Performs Life: Cunningham/Monk/Jones
1999978-0-935640-57-1Jorg SchellmannJoseph Beuys: Multiples
1997978-0-935640-58-8Frank Stella · Siri EngbergFrank Stella at Tyler Graphics
1999978-0-935640-59-5Gary Garrels · Ann Temkin · Richard FloodRobert Gober: Sculpture And Drawing
1999978-0-935640-60-1Clive PhilpotEdward Ruscha: Editions 1962-1999
  ''978-0-935640-61-8Joan Rothfuss · Bruce Conner · Kathy Halbreich · Bruce Jenkins · Peter BoswellBruce Conner: 2000 BC-Part 2
1998978-0-935640-62-5Walker Art CenterUnfinished History
1999978-0-935640-63-2Bruce Conner2000 Bc: The Bruce Conner Story Part II
  ''978-0-935640-64-9Richard Flood · Matthew BarneyCremaster 2
1998978-0-935640-65-6Walker Art Ctr.Minneapolis Sculpture Garden: A Collaboration Between The Walker Art Center and The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
2000978-0-935640-66-3Dike Blair · Susan Davis · Emma Duncan · Joshua Gamson · Akiko BuschLet's Entertain: Life's Guilty Pleasures
2001978-0-935640-67-0Midori Matsui · Kathy HalbreichPainting at the Edge of the World
  ''978-0-935640-69-4Corinna Criticos · Judith Kirshner · Robert Lumley · Karen Pinkus · Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev · Francesco BonamiZero to Infinity: Arte Povera: 1962-1972
  ''978-0-935640-71-7Olukemi Ilesanmi Foreword By Kathy Halbreich · Wayne KoestenbaumColoring: New Work by Glenn Ligon
2002978-0-935640-72-4Catherine Opie · Douglas FogleCATHERINE OPIE: SKYWAYS AND ICEHOUSES
2003978-0-935640-73-1Hanru Hou · Philippe Vergne · Kathy Halbreich · Paulo HerkenhoffHow Latitudes Become Forms: Art in the Global Age
2003978-0-935640-74-8Douglas Fogle · Olukemi IlesanmiJulie Mehretu
  ''978-0-935640-75-5Jonathan Bell · Jamer Hunt · Aaron BetskyStrangely Familiar: Design and Everyday Life
  ''978-0-935640-76-2Giovanni Anselmo · Stefan Gronnert · Pamela Lee · Geoffrey Batchen · Richard Flood · Peter Fischli · David Weiss · Mel BochnerThe Last Picture Show: Artists Using Photography 1960-1982
  ''978-0-935640-77-9Victor Stoichita · Jasper JohnsPast Things and Present: Jasper Johns Since 1983
2005978-0-935640-78-6Joan Rothfuss · Elizabeth Carpenter · Richard Flood · Douglas Fogle · Olukemi Ilesanmi · Philippe Vergne · Siri EngbergBits & Pieces Put Together To Present A Semblance Of A Whole: Walker Art Center Collections
  ''978-0-935640-79-3Siri Engberg · Linda Nochlin · Marina WarnerKiki Smith: A Gathering, 1980-2005
2005978-0-935640-80-9Siri Engberg · Madeleine Grynsztejn · Kathy HalbreichChuck Close: Self-Portraits 1967-2005
  ''978-0-935640-83-0David MoosANDY WARHOL/SUPERNOVA: Stars, Deaths, and Disasters, 1962-1964
2006978-0-935640-84-7Steve Dietz · Robin Dowden · Sarah Schultz · Richard FloodExpanding the Center: Walker Art Center and Herzog & de Meuron
2007978-0-935640-86-1Philippe Vergne · Sander Gilman · Thomas McEvilley · Robert Storr · Kevin Young · Yasmil RaymondKara Walker: My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love
  ''978-0-935640-88-5Hayden Herrera · Victor Zamudio-Taylor · Elizabeth CarpenterFrida Kahlo
2008978-0-935640-90-8John Archer · David Brooks · Robert Bruegmann · Beatriz Colomina · Malcolm GladwellWorlds Away: New Suburban Landscapes
  ''978-0-935640-91-5Philip Bither · Trisha BrownTrisha Brown: So That the Audience Does Not Know Whether I Have Stopped Dancing
2009978-0-935640-93-9Peter Eleey · Olaf Blanke · Ina Blom · Peter Osborne · Margaret and Christine WertheimThe Quick and the Dead
2010978-0-935640-94-6Kerry Brougher · Philippe Vergne · Klaus Ottmann · Kaira Cabañas · Andria HickeyYves Klein: With the Void, Full Powers
  ''978-0-935640-95-3Yasmil Raymond · Marcus Steinweg · Thomas Hirschhorn · Simon BaierAbstract Resistance
2010978-0-935640-96-0Geoff Dyer · Barry Schwabsky · Britt Salvesen · Siri Engberg · August KleinzahlerFrom Here to There: Alec Soth's America
2011978-0-935640-98-4Ian Albinson · Rob Giampietro · Jeremy Leslie · Alexander Ulloa · Armin VitGraphic Design: Now In Production