Latin American Literary Review Press

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-0-935480-08-5Maria Luisa NunesA Portuguese Colonial in America: Belmira Nunes Lopes: The Autobiography of a Cape Verdean-American (Discoveries)
1982978-0-935480-09-2Marco Antonio Montes de OcaTwenty-One Poems (Discoveries)
1984978-0-935480-16-0Marjorie AgosínWitches and Other Things/Brujas y algo más (Latin American Literary Review Press Series Discoveries)
1985978-0-935480-17-7Sergio GalindoMexican Masquerade (Discoveries)
  ''978-0-935480-18-4Francisco Matos PaoliSong of Madness and Other Poems (Discoveries)
  ''978-0-935480-19-1Rudolph SchevillRecollections of a Golden Age
1989978-0-935480-27-6Barbara de la CuestaThe Gold Mine (Discoveries)
1988978-0-935480-28-3Manuel PonceSome of My Poems (Discoveries)
  ''978-0-935480-29-0Angelina Muniz-HubermanEnclosed Garden (Discoveries)
  ''978-0-935480-38-2Jacqueline BalcellsThe Enchanted Raisin (Discoveries)
1989978-0-935480-39-9Manuel Zapata OlivellaChambacú: Black Slum (Discoveries)
1989978-0-935480-40-5Josefina VicensThe False Years (Discoveries)
1990978-0-935480-43-6Cesar Vallejo · Richard Schaaf · Kathleen RossThe Black Heralds (Spanish and English Edition)
1991978-0-935480-47-4Enrique Jaramillo LeviWhen New Flowers Bloomed: Short Stories by Women Writers from Costa Rica and Panama (Discoveries)
  ''978-0-935480-48-1Gustavo Álvarez GardeazábalBazaar of the Idiots (Discoveries)
  ''978-0-935480-49-8Oscar HahnLove Breaks (Discoveries)
1992978-0-935480-51-1Victoria Kamhi de RodrigoHand in Hand with Joaquín Rodrigo: My Life at the Maestro's Side
  ''978-0-935480-52-8Thomas de Sancta MaríaThe Art of Playing the Fantasia (Explorations)
1991978-0-935480-54-2Edla Van Steen · Yvette E. MillerA Bag of Stories (Discoveries)
1975978-0-935480-57-3Yvette MillerGabriel Miro
1993978-0-935480-58-0Fernando AlegríaThe Maypole Warriors (Discoveries)
  ''978-0-935480-59-7Ricardo Means YbarraThe Pink Rosary (Discoveries)
1995978-0-935480-67-2Ana María MatuteSoldiers Cry By Night (Discoveries)
1995978-0-935480-68-9Pablo NerudaNeruda's Garden: An Anthology of Odes (Discoveries) (English and Spanish Edition)
1994978-0-935480-69-6Benita GaleanaBenita (Discoveries)
1997978-0-935480-75-7Benito Pérez GaldósNazarín (Discoveries)
1996978-0-935480-78-8Enrique Jaramillo LeviThe Shadow: Thirteen Stories in Opposition (Discoveries)
  ''978-0-935480-79-5Abdón UbidiaWolves' Dream (Discoveries)
  ''978-0-935480-81-8Ana María MatuteThe Trap (Discoveries)
1997978-0-935480-88-7Rita GardiolThe Silver Candelabra & Other Stories: A Century of Jewish Argentine Literature (Discoveries)
  ''978-0-935480-89-4Luis Arturo RamosWithin These Walls (Discoveries)
1998978-0-935480-92-4Mempo Giardinelli · Patricia J. DuncanSultry Moon (Discoveries)
  ''978-0-935480-93-1Sabina BermanBubbeh (Discoveries)
1998978-0-935480-94-8Alejandro Hernández DíazThe Cuban Mile (Discoveries)
  ''978-0-935480-96-2Alicia SteimbergMusicians and Watchmakers (Discoveries)
  ''978-0-935480-97-9Giannina BarschiYo-Yo Boing! (Discoveries)
  ''978-0-935480-98-6Noriega Julio · Maureen AhernPichka Harawikuna: Five Quechua Poets (Poetry in Indigenous Languages Series)
  ''978-0-935480-99-3Cecilia VicuñaÜL: Four Mapuche Poets (Poetry in Indigenous Languages)