Food First Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1982978-0-935028-00-3Frances Moore LappeWorld hunger: Ten myths
1979978-0-935028-03-4Betsy Hartmann · James BoyceNeedless Hunger: Voices from a Bangladesh Village
2017978-0-935028-04-1Justine M. Williams · Eric Holt-GiménezLand Justice: Re-imagining Land, Food, and the Commons
1982978-0-935028-05-8Frances Moore LappeMozambique and Tanzania: Asking the big questions
1980978-0-935028-06-5William Valentine · Frances Moore LappeWhat Can We Do? Food and Hunger: How You Can Make a Difference
  ''978-0-935028-07-2Frances Moore LappeAid As Obstacle: Twenty Questions About Our Foreign Aid and the Hungry
  ''978-0-935028-08-9Peter Sketchley · Frances Moore LappeCasting New Molds: First Steps Toward Worker Control in a Mozambique Steel Factory
1981978-0-935028-09-6David Weir · Mark SchapiroCircle of Poison: Pesticides and People in a Hungry World
1982978-0-935028-10-2Joseph CollinsWhat Difference Could a Revolution Make?: Food and Farming in the New Nicaragua
  ''978-0-935028-11-9Leonard RifasFood First Comic
  ''978-0-935028-12-6Walden Bello · David Kinley · Elaine ElinsonDevelopment Debacle: The World Bank in the Philippines
1983978-0-935028-13-3James WesselTrading the Future: Farm Exports and the Concentration of Economic Power in Our Food System
1982978-0-935028-14-0Frances Moore Lappe · Joseph CollinsNow We Can Speak: A Journey Through the New Nicaragua
1985978-0-935028-16-4Betsy Hartmann · James K. BoyceQuiet Violence: View from a Bangladesh Village (Third World Studies)
1984978-0-935028-17-1Laurie RubinFood First Curriculum: An Integrated Curriculum for Grade 6 Students Learn the Paths of the Food They Eat, the Roots of Hunger Here and Abroad, and H
1984978-0-935028-18-8Medea BenjaminNo free lunch: Food & revolution in Cuba today
1985978-0-935028-19-5Betsy HartmannRight to Live: Population Control, Poverty and Power
  ''978-0-935028-20-1Joseph CollinsNicaragua, What Difference Could a Revolution Make?
2017978-0-935028-21-8Steven BresciaFertile Ground: Scaling Agroecology from the Ground Up
1985978-0-935028-22-5Nigel TwoseFighting the Famine
1987978-0-935028-23-2Sonja WilliamsExploding the Hunger Myths: A High School Curriculum
  ''978-0-935028-24-9Elvia AlvaradoDon't Be Afraid, Gringo: A Honduran Woman Speaks From the Heart: The Story of Elvia Alvarado
2006978-0-935028-27-0Eric Holt-gimenezCampesino A Campesino: Voices from Latin America's Farmer to Farmer Movement for Sustainable Agriculture
  ''978-0-935028-28-7Peter Rosset · Raj Patel · Michael CourvillePromised Land: Competing Visions of Agrarian Reform
2008978-0-935028-31-7Caitlin HachmyerAlternatives to the Peace Corps: A Guide to Global Volunteer Opportunities, 12th Edition
2009978-0-935028-34-8Eric Holt-Gimenez · Raj PatelFood Rebellions: Crisis and the Hunger for Justice
2010978-0-935028-37-9Hannah Kay Wittman · Annette Aurelie Desmarais · Nettie WiebeFood Sovereignty: Reconnecting Food, Nature and Community
2011978-0-935028-38-6Eric Holt-GimenezFood Movements Unite!: Strategies to Transform Our Food System
1989978-0-935028-50-8Joseph CollinsThe Philippines: Fire on the Rim (A Food First Book)
  ''978-0-935028-51-5   ''The Philippines: Fire on the Rim
1989978-0-935028-52-2Medea Benjamin · Joseph Collins · Michael ScottNo Free Lunch: Food and Revolution in Cuba Today
1990978-0-935028-53-9Frances Moore Lappe · Rachel SchurmanTaking Population Seriously
  ''978-0-935028-54-6Frances Moore LappeTaking population seriously
1992978-0-935028-55-3Walden F. BelloDragons in Distress: Asia's Miracle Economies in Crisis
  ''978-0-935028-56-0Becky et Alii. BuellAlternatives to Peace Corp
1991978-0-935028-57-7BorhanEducation for Action: Where to Go for Graduate Studies That Tows on Social Change
1994978-0-935028-58-4Richard W. Franke · Barbara H. ChasinKerala: Radical Reform as Development in an Indian State
1991978-0-935028-59-1John Gershman · Karen BakerTrading Freedom: How Free Trade Affects Our Lives, Work, and Environment
1992978-0-935028-60-7Walden BelloPeople and Power in the Pacific: The Struggle for the Post-Cold War Order (Transnational Institute Series)
1999978-0-935028-61-4Walden Bello · Bill RauDark Victory: The United States and Global Poverty (Transnational Institute)
1994978-0-935028-62-1Katherine CastroAlternatives to the Peace Corps: A Directory of Third World and U.S. Volunteer Opportunities
1995978-0-935028-63-8Joseph Collins · John LearChile's Free Market Miracle: A Second Look
  ''978-0-935028-64-5Sean Et Brooks · Alison KnowlesEducation for Action: Undergraduate and Graduate Programs That Focus on Social Change
1994978-0-935028-65-2Elizabeth Lowery QuaratielloBasta! Land and the Zapatista Rebellion: Land and the Zapatista Rebellion in Chiapas
1995978-0-935028-66-9John Vandermeer · Ivette PerfectoBreakfast of Biodiversity: The Truth About Rain Forest Destruction
1996978-0-935028-67-6McClungHungry for Justice: The Food First Reader
  ''978-0-935028-69-0Phil Lowenthal · Stephanie Tarnoff · Lisa DavidAlternatives to the Peace Corps: A Directory of Third World & U.S. Volunteer Opportunities
1997978-0-935028-70-6Benedita Da Silva · Medea Benjamin · Maisa MendoncaBenedita Da Silva: An Afro-Brazilian Woman's Story of Politics and Love
1999978-0-935028-71-3Douglas M. BoucherThe Paradox of Plenty: Hunger in a Bountiful World
1999978-0-935028-72-0Anuradha Mittal · Peter RossetAmerica Needs Human Rights
  ''978-0-935028-74-4Walden Bello · Shea Cunningham · Kheng Poh LiA Siamese Tragedy: Development and Disintegration in Modern Thailand
  ''978-0-935028-75-1Filomena GeiseAlternatives to the Peace Corps: A Directory of Third World & U.S. Volunteer Opportunities
  ''978-0-935028-76-8Walden Bello · Shea CunninghamDark Victory: The United States and Global Poverty (Transnational Institute Series)
2000978-0-935028-77-5Susan BensonPioneers of the Soil: California Farmers Cultivating a Healthier Future
2001978-0-935028-78-2Martin BourqueTransforming the Cuban Countryside: Advances in Sustainable Agriculture
1999978-0-935028-79-9George A. Collier · Elizabeth Lowery QuaratielloBasta!: Land and the Zapatista Rebellion in Chiapas
2000978-0-935028-82-9International Forum on Globalization · Sarah AndersonViews from the South
2001978-0-935028-83-6Joan PowellAlternatives to the Peace Corps: A Directory of Third World and U.S. Volunteer Opportunities (9th Ed.)
  ''978-0-935028-84-3Walden F. Bello · Walden BelloThe Future in the Balance
2001978-0-935028-85-0Miguel A. AltieriGenetic Engineering in Agriculture
  ''978-0-935028-86-7Joan PowellEducation for Action, 4E
2002978-0-935028-87-4Fernando Funes · Luis Garcia · Martin Bourque · Nilda Perez · Peter RossetSustainable Agriculture and Resistance
  ''978-0-935028-88-1Peter RossetA New Green Revolution for Africa?
  ''978-0-935028-89-8Kenny Bruno · Joshua KarlinerEarthsummit.Biz: The Corporate Takeover of Sustainable Development
2003978-0-935028-90-4Angus Lindsay Wright · Wendy WolfordTo Inherit the Earth: The Landless Movement and the Struggle for a New Brazil
  ''978-0-935028-91-1Jennifer S. Willsea · Meagan ReuleAlternatives to the Peace Corps: A Directory of Third World and US Volunteer Opportunities (Alternatives to the Peace Corps: A Directory of Global Volunteer Opportunities)
2003978-0-935028-92-8Christine Ahn · Dennis KucinichShafted: Free Trade & America's Working Poor
2004978-0-935028-93-5Miguel A. AltieriGenetic Engineering in Agriculture: The Myths, Environmental Risks, and Alternatives
2005978-0-935028-94-2Ellen Hickey · Anuradha MittalSowing Resistance: The Third World Speaks Out on Genetic Engineering
  ''978-0-935028-96-6John Vandermeer · Ivette PerfectoBreakfast Of Biodiversity: The Political Ecology of Rain Forest Destruction
  ''978-0-935028-97-3George A. Collier · Elizabeth Lowery QuaratielloBasta!: Land And The Zapatista Rebellion In Chiapas
  ''978-0-935028-99-7Paul BackhurstAlternatives to the Peace Corps: A Guide of Global Volunteer Opportunities, 11th Edition