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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1980978-0-935008-02-9Watchman NeeAssembling Together: (Basic Lessons)
  ''978-0-935008-04-3Watchman NeeDo All to the Glory of God: (Basic Lessons)
  ''978-0-935008-06-7   ''The Good Confession (Basic Lesson)
  ''978-0-935008-08-1   ''Living Sacrifice: (Basic Lessons) (Basic Lesson Ser. 1)
  ''978-0-935008-10-4   ''Love One Another (Basic Lesson Series, Vol. 6)
1980978-0-935008-12-8Watchman NeeNot I But Christ: (Basic Lessons)
1973978-0-935008-14-2   ''Christ the Sum of All Spiritual Things
1980978-0-935008-18-0Watchman NeeThe Glory of His Life
  ''978-0-935008-19-7   ''Gods Plan and the Overcomers
  ''978-0-935008-24-1   ''The King and the Kingdom of Heaven
  ''978-0-935008-25-8   ''The Latent Power of the Soul
1977978-0-935008-26-5   ''Let Us Pray
1971978-0-935008-28-9Watchman NeeMinistry of God's Word
1980978-0-935008-29-6   ''Practical Issues of This Life
  ''978-0-935008-31-9   ''Salvation of the Soul:
1972978-0-935008-35-7   ''Spiritual Authority
1973978-0-935008-37-1   ''Spiritual Knowledge
1968978-0-935008-39-5Watchman NeeThe Spiritual Man
1970978-0-935008-41-8   ''Spiritual Reality or Obsession:
1994978-0-935008-43-2Stephen KaungThe Splendor of His Ways
1995978-0-935008-45-6Watchman NeeWhom Shall I Send?
1980978-0-935008-48-7   ''The Spirit of Wisdom & Revelation
1981978-0-935008-50-0   ''Messenger of the Cross:
2019978-0-935008-51-7   ''Full of Grace & Truth, Vol. 2
1981978-0-935008-52-4Watchman NeeThe Mystery of Creation
  ''978-0-935008-53-1   ''Balanced Christian Life:
1980978-0-935008-55-5   ''The Better Covenant
1983978-0-935008-59-3   ''Grace for Grace (English and Chinese Edition)
  ''978-0-935008-60-9   ''Aids to Revelation
1984978-0-935008-62-3Watchman NeeFrom Faith to Faith
1985978-0-935008-64-7   ''From Glory to Glory
1986978-0-935008-66-1   ''The Life That Wins
  ''978-0-935008-67-8   ''Spirit of the Gospel:
1988978-0-935008-69-2Herbert L Fader · Stephen KaungThe Character of God's Workman
1989978-0-935008-70-8Watchman NeeBack to the Cross:
  ''978-0-935008-72-2   ''Interpreting Matthew
1992978-0-935008-76-0Watchman NeeThe Finest of the Wheat, Vol. 1
1994978-0-935008-79-1   ''The Communion of the Holy Spirit
2000978-0-935008-83-8   ''The Release of the Spirit
2005978-0-935008-85-2   ''Powerful According to God: 31 Days of Meditation in Prayer from the Writings of Watchman Nee
2009978-0-935008-89-0   ''Serve In Spirit
2010978-0-935008-91-3Watchman NeeSpiritual Discernment