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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-934678-01-8Fire Underwater
1979978-0-934678-03-2Noelle LampertiNoelle's Brown Book
1987978-0-934678-04-9no authorWoman Space: Future and Fantasy
1982978-0-934678-05-6Judith SchwarzRadical Feminists of Heterodoxy: Greenwich Village 1912-1940
1994978-0-934678-06-3Sarah DreherStoner McTavish (Stoner McTavish Mysterie)
1986978-0-934678-07-0Sarah DreherSomething Shady: A Stoner McTavish Mystery (Stoner McTavish Mysteries)
  ''978-0-934678-08-7Judith SchwarzRadical Feminists of Heterodoxy: Greenwich Village, 1912-1940
1987978-0-934678-09-4Claudia McKayPromise of the Rose Stone
  ''978-0-934678-10-0ReBecca BeguinRunway at Eland Springs
1993978-0-934678-11-7Sarah DreherGray Magic (Stoner McTavish Mysteries)
1987978-0-934678-12-4Ellen FryeLook Under the Hawthorn
1985978-0-934678-13-1Cora BrooksThe Sky Blew Blue: A Book of Exercises in Writing and Poem Making With Examples of Solutions
1987978-0-934678-14-8N. Leigh DunlapMorgan Calabrese: The Movie
1988978-0-934678-15-5Sarah DreherLesbian Stages: Plays by Sarah Dreher
  ''978-0-934678-16-2Judith AlguireAll Out: A Novel
  ''978-0-934678-17-9Elizabeth DeanAs the Road Curves: Ramsey Takes Off
1989978-0-934678-18-6Morgan Grey · Julia PenelopeFound Goddesses: Asphalta to Viscera
1989978-0-934678-19-3Patricia Roth SchwartzThe Names of the Moons of Mars: Short Fiction
  ''978-0-934678-20-9Elizabeth Dean · Linda Wells · Andrea CurranCut-Outs and Cut-Ups: A Lesbian Fun'N'Games Book
  ''978-0-934678-21-6Frances LucasDark Horse
1997978-0-934678-22-3Sarah DreherA Captive in Time (The Fourth Stoner McTavish Mystery)
1990978-0-934678-23-0Jeriann HilderleyMari
  ''978-0-934678-24-7Leslea NewmanSecrets: Short Stories
  ''978-0-934678-25-4Rebecca BeguinIn Unlikely Places
1990978-0-934678-27-8J. M. RedmannDeath by the Riverside
1991978-0-934678-28-5Joanne WhitfieldCody Angel
1992978-0-934678-29-2Fritzie RogersFalling Through the Cracks
1991978-0-934678-30-8Sigrid BrunelThe Woman With Red Hair: A Mystery
  ''978-0-934678-31-5Dorothy ClarkeTouch of Music
2008978-0-934678-32-2Candace Lee Van AukenKite Maker
1991978-0-934678-33-9Elizabeth Dean · Linda Wells · Andrea Curran · Ginger BrownComing Out: More Lesbian Fun 'N' Games
  ''978-0-934678-34-6Jessica LaurenShe Died Twice
  ''978-0-934678-35-3Muriel F. ColeThere Is a Child Hidden in This Picture
  ''978-0-934678-36-0Chris Anne WolfeShadows of Aggar
1992978-0-934678-38-4Natalie Clifford BarneyA Perilous Advantage: The Best of Natalie Clifford Barney
1992978-0-934678-39-1J. M. RedmannDeaths of Jocasta (Micky Knight Mystery)
  ''978-0-934678-40-7Idella SernaLocked Down: A Woman's Life in Prison (Lee Dortch)
  ''978-0-934678-41-4Frances LucasCathy IV
1994978-0-934678-42-1Jane MeyerdingEverywhere House: A Mystery
  ''978-0-934678-43-8Joanna MichaelsNun in the Closet
2008978-0-934678-44-5Sarah DreherOtherworld (The Fifth Stoner McTavish Mystery) (Stoner McTavish Mysteries)
1992978-0-934678-45-2Natalie Clifford Barney · Anna LiviaA Perilous Advantage: The Best of Natalie Clifford Barney
  ''978-0-934678-46-9Leslea NewmanIn Every Laugh a Tear
1993978-0-934678-47-6Rebecca BeguinHers Was the Sky
1993978-0-934678-48-3Kate AllenTell Me What You Like (The First Alison Kaine Mystery)
  ''978-0-934678-49-0Kristen GarrettLady Lobo
  ''978-0-934678-50-6Alexis JudeDog Tags
  ''978-0-934678-51-3Lesléa NewmanSaturday Is Pattyday
  ''978-0-934678-52-0Leslea NewmanSaturday Is Patty Day
1994978-0-934678-53-7Jorjet HarperLesbomania: Humor, Commentary and New Evidence That We Are Everywhere
1994978-0-934678-54-4Claudia McKayThe Kali Connection: A Lynn Evans Mystery
1999978-0-934678-55-1Victoria Publishing New · Karen SaumMurder Is Relative
1991978-0-934678-56-8Karen SaumMurder Is Germane (Brigid Donovan Mystery)
1994978-0-934678-57-5   ''Murder Is Material: A Brigid Donovan Mystery
  ''978-0-934678-58-2Chris Anne WolfeFires of Aggar
1995978-0-934678-59-9Lesa LudersLady God
  ''978-0-934678-60-5Judith AlguireIced!: A Novel
1994978-0-934678-61-2Cris NewportSparks Might Fly: A Novel
  ''978-0-934678-62-9Leslea NewmanEvery Woman's Dream: Short Fiction
1995978-0-934678-63-6Frances LucasIf Looks Could Kill
  ''978-0-934678-64-3Kate AllenGive My Secrets Back (The Second Alison Kaine Mystery)
1995978-0-934678-65-0Cindy Rizzo · Jo Schneiderman · Lisa Schweig · Jan Shafer · Judith SteinAll the Ways Home: Parenting and Children in the Lesbian and Gay Communities - A Collection of Short Fiction (Lita)
  ''978-0-934678-66-7Sarah DreherBad Company (The Sixth Stoner McTavish Mystery) (Stoner McTavish Mysteries)
  ''978-0-934678-67-4   ''Bad Company - The Sixth Stoner McTavish Mystery (Stoner McTavish Mysteries)
  ''978-0-934678-68-1Cindy Rizzo · Jo SchneidermanAll the Ways Home: Parenting and Children in the Lesbian and Gay Communities: A Collection of Short Fiction
  ''978-0-934678-69-8Marsha MildonFighting for Air: A Cal Meredith Mystery
1995978-0-934678-70-4Kate AllenI Knew You Would Call: A Marta Goicochea Mystery
1996978-0-934678-71-1Jorjet HarperTales from the Dyke Side
  ''978-0-934678-72-8Barbara DemingI Change, I Change - Poems by Barbara Deming
  ''978-0-934678-73-5Magdalena ZschokkeWindswept
  ''978-0-934678-74-2Kate AllenTakes One to Know One (The Third Alison Kaine Mystery)
  ''978-0-934678-75-9Nanisi Barrett D'ArnukOutside in: A Cameron Andrews Mystery
1996978-0-934678-76-6Karen SaumI Never Read Thoreau: A Mystery Novel
  ''978-0-934678-77-3Lee LynchOff the Rag: Lesbians Writing on Menopause
  ''978-0-934678-78-0Michiyo FukayaA Fire Is Burning It Is in Me: The Life and Writings of Michiyo Fukaya
  ''978-0-934678-79-7Barbara DemingI Change, I Change
  ''978-0-934678-80-3Jennifer SpryOrlando's Sleep: An Autobiography of Gender
1997978-0-934678-81-0ReBecca BeguinTorrid Zone: A Mystery Novel
1997978-0-934678-82-7Cynthia WebbNo Daughter of the South
  ''978-0-934678-83-4Jean MarcyCemetery Murders: A Mystery
  ''978-0-934678-84-1Laura PostBackstage Pass: Interviews With Women in Music
  ''978-0-934678-85-8Sarah DreherSolitaire and Brahms
1998978-0-934678-86-5Martha MillerSkin to Skin: Erotic Lesbian Love Stories
1997978-0-934678-87-2Elaine BealeMurder in the Castro: A Lou Spencer Mystery
  ''978-0-934678-88-9Claudia McKayTwist of Lime: A Lynn Evans Mystery
1997978-0-934678-89-6Sarah Strohmeyer · Geoff HansenBarbie Unbound: A Parody of the Barbie Obsession
1998978-0-934678-91-9Sarah DreherShaman's Moon: A Stoner McTavish Mystery
  ''978-0-934678-92-6Lesléa NewmanIn Every Laugh A Tear
  ''978-0-934678-93-3Lee LynchRafferty Street
1999978-0-934678-94-0Kate AllenJust a Little Lie (The Fourth Alison Kaine Mystery) (Alison Kaine Mysteries)
1998978-0-934678-95-7Carlene MillerKilling at the Cat: The First Lexy Hyatt Mystery
  ''978-0-934678-96-4Leslea NewmanThe Little Butch Book
1999978-0-934678-97-1Barbara SummerhawkQueer Japan: Personal Stories of Japanese Lesbians, Gays,Transsexuals and Bisexuals
1998978-0-934678-98-8Jean MarcyDead and Blonde: A Meg Darcy Mystery (Meg Darcy Mysteries)
  ''978-0-934678-99-5Vicki · Yohah Ralph · New Victoria PublishersVicki's Hot Tickets