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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1979978-0-934672-00-9Merle Good · Phyllis Good20 Most Asked Questions About the Amish and Mennonites (People's Place)
1981978-0-934672-03-0Rachel Thomas Pellman · Joanne RanckQuilts Among the Plain People (People's Place Booklet No. 4))
1986978-0-934672-17-7Sara E. Fisher · Rachel K. StahlThe Amish School (People's Place Booklet)
  ''978-0-934672-18-4Stephen ScottWhy Do They Dress That Way? (People's Place Booklet, No 7)
1998978-0-934672-19-1Stephen ScottAmish Wedding & Other Special Occasions: of the Old Order Communities (People's Place Book)
1995978-0-934672-21-4Phyllis GoodFrom Amish and Mennonite Kitchens
1984978-0-934672-22-1Kenneth Pellman · Rachel T. PellmanThe World of Amish Quilts
  ''978-0-934672-23-8Rachel T. Pellman · Kenneth PellmanAmish Quilt Patterns
2013978-0-934672-29-0Rachel T. PellmanAmish Crib Quilts
1985978-0-934672-30-6   ''Small Amish Quilt Patterns
1986978-0-934672-34-4Grace H. KaiserDr. Frau: A Woman Doctor Among the Amish
2013978-0-934672-35-1Rachel T. PellmanAmish Doll Quilts, Dolls, and Other Playthings
1986978-0-934672-40-5Jean JanzenThree Mennonite Poets
1987978-0-934672-43-6Maryann ZeppThe Microwave Cookbook and Primer
2002978-0-934672-46-7Merle GoodAmos & Susie
1987978-0-934672-47-4Rachel T. Pellman · Jan SteffyPatterns for Making Amish Dolls and Doll Clothes
  ''978-0-934672-48-1Rachel T. Pellman · Kenneth PellmanThe World of Amish Quilts
  ''978-0-934672-53-5Elaine W. Good · Susie ShenkThat's What Happens When It's Spring!
1990978-0-934672-61-0Stephen Scott · Kenneth PellmanLiving Without Electricity (People's Place Book No. 9)
1989978-0-934672-65-8Cheryl A. BennerCountry Love Quilt
2013978-0-934672-68-9Elaine W. GoodIt's Summertime!
2013978-0-934672-72-6Craig N. GeiseyThe Country Bride Quilt
  ''978-0-934672-81-8Phyllis GoodThe Central Market Cookbook
2001978-0-934672-84-9Good BooksA Quilter's Notebook (Notebook (Good Books))
1990978-0-934672-88-7Cheryl Benner · Rachel PellmanCountry Lily Quilt
2013978-0-934672-89-4Norma Jost VothMennonite Food and Folkways from South Russia, Vol. 1