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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-0-934666-00-8E. RaymondOur Great Seal - The Symbols of Our Heritage and Our Destiny
1978978-0-934666-01-5E. Raymond CaptThe Great Pyramid Decoded
1976978-0-934666-02-2   ''Glory of the Stars: A Study of the Zodiac
2009978-0-934666-03-9E. RaymondJacob's Pillar: Stone of Destiny
2004978-0-934666-04-6E. Raymond CaptStonehenge and Druidism - Did a Divine Hand guide the building of Stonehenge?
2006978-0-934666-05-3   ''King Solomon's Temple: A Study of its Symbolism
1980978-0-934666-06-0Richard LaurenceThe Book of Enoch, the Prophet
2005978-0-934666-07-7George H. SchoddeBook of Jubilees: From the Ethiopic (Little Genesis)
2009978-0-934666-09-1E. Raymond CaptThe Lost Chapter of Acts of the Apostles
2008978-0-934666-10-7   ''Traditions of Glastonbury: The Biblical Missing Years of Christ - Answered
2010978-0-934666-11-4   ''Scottish Declaration of Independence - Scotland's Most Precious Possession
2003978-0-934666-13-8Helene KoppejanStrange Parallel: Zebulun - The Netherlands a Tribe of Israel
2010978-0-934666-15-2E. Raymond CaptMissing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets
2008978-0-934666-18-3E. Raymond CaptThe Gem Stones in the Breastplate: A study of the twelve most precious gemstones in the bible
1986978-0-934666-20-6   ''Study in Pyramidology
  ''978-0-934666-21-3E. Raymond Capt M.A. A.I.A. & F.S.A.Study in Pyramidology
2005978-0-934666-23-7E. Raymond CaptPetra - A Rose Red City Half as Old as Time
1988978-0-934666-25-1J.H. ParryThe Book of Jasher: Referred to in Joshua & Second Samuel
  ''978-0-934666-27-5Davis A. YoungChristianity and the Age of the Earth
1989978-0-934666-31-2Wm. Pascoe GoardThe Post Captivity Names of Israel
2005978-0-934666-36-7Isabel Hill ElderCelt, Druid and Culdee
2010978-0-934666-46-6R.H. CharlesThe Book of Enoch or 1 Enoch - Complete Exhaustive Edition
2002978-0-934666-52-7Frederick HabermanTracing Our Ancestors - Includes color map.
2005978-0-934666-54-1E. Raymond CaptAbrahamic Covenant: A study outline of the Identity of God's People
2008978-0-934666-55-8Barry FellAmerica B. C.
2004978-0-934666-65-7E. Raymond CaptThe Stone Kingdom - America
  ''978-0-934666-66-4K.C. Reader HarrisLost Tribes of Israel - [circa 1908 England]written by Reader Harris... founder of the Pentecostal L
2005978-0-934666-68-8E. Raymond CaptPaul the Missionary
2006978-0-934666-69-5   ''Counterfeit Christianity - How Ancient Paganism Mixed with Christianity