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1983978-0-934380-00-3Edward D. DobsonCommodity Spreads: A Historical Chart Perspective
1981978-0-934380-02-7   ''Commodities, a Chart Anthology
1979978-0-934380-03-4   ''Trading Rule That Can Make You Rich: Precision Bid Commodity Trading
1980978-0-934380-04-1Ralph AinsworthProfitable Grain Trading
1981978-0-934380-05-8Alexander ParisComplete Guide to Trading Profits
1984978-0-934380-06-5C. Colburn HardyTrader's Guide to Technical Analysis
  ''978-0-934380-08-9Edward D. DobsonUnderstanding Fibonacci Numbers
1985978-0-934380-09-6Stanley KrollThe Professional Commodity Trader
  ''978-0-934380-10-2SarnoffJesse Livermore Speculator King
  ''978-0-934380-11-9Edwin LefevreReminiscences of a Stock Operator
1991978-0-934380-12-6Gerald AppelWinning Market Systems: 83 Ways to Beat the Market
1985978-0-934380-13-3Richard D. WyckoffWall Street Ventures & Adventures Thru 40 Years
1986978-0-934380-14-0Roy W. LongstreetViewpoints of a Commodity Trader
1989978-0-934380-15-7Courtney SmithCommodity Spreads Analysis Selection and Trading Techniques
1990978-0-934380-16-4Gerald Appel · W. Frederick HitschlerStock Market Trading Systems
  ''978-0-934380-17-1Toby CrabelDay Trading With Short Term Price Patterns and Opening Range Breakout
1990978-0-934380-18-8Louis LukacComparison of Twelve Technical Trading Systems
  ''978-0-934380-19-5Alexander H. WheelanStudy Helps in Point and Figure Technique
1991978-0-934380-20-1Jesse L. LivermoreHow to Trade in Stocks: The Livermore Formula for Combining Time Element and Price
1992978-0-934380-21-8Edwin LefevreReminiscences of a Stock Operator
1993978-0-934380-22-5Sonny KleinfeldThe Traders
1994978-0-934380-23-2Charles MacKayThe Crowd & Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds
  ''978-0-934380-24-9George D. TaylorThe Taylor Trading Technique
  ''978-0-934380-25-6Edward DobsonUnderstanding Bollinger Bands
1995978-0-934380-26-3Stanley KrollThe Professional Commodity Trader
1996978-0-934380-27-0Michael JenkinsThe Geometry of Stock Market Profits
  ''978-0-934380-28-7Michael JenkinsChart Reading for Professional Traders
1996978-0-934380-30-0Carroll D. Aby Jr.Point & Figure Charting: The Complete Guide
1997978-0-934380-31-7Larry PesaventoAstro-Cycles: The Trader's Viewpoint
1996978-0-934380-32-4Larry PesaventoPlanetary Harmonics of Speculative Markets
  ''978-0-934380-33-1PesaventoHarmonic Vibrations
1997978-0-934380-34-8Humphrey E. D. LloydTrading S&P Futures and Options: A Survival Manual and Study Guide
  ''978-0-934380-36-2Larry Pesavento · Steven ShapiroFibonacci Ratios With Pattern Recognition
2000978-0-934380-37-9Peter AlexanderBeginner's Guide to Computer Assisted Trading: How to Successfully Trade Stocks, Commodities and Funds With Your PC: 1975-2000, 25th Anniversary
1997978-0-934380-38-6Kermit C. ZiegPoint & Figure Commodity & Stock Trading Techniques: Commodity and Stock Trading Techniques Also Options-Bonds-International Currency-Indices
  ''978-0-934380-39-3Chris WilkinsonTechnically Speaking: Tips and Strategies from 16 Top Traders
  ''978-0-934380-40-9Andrew GoodwinTrading Secrets of the Inner Circle
1998978-0-934380-41-6Barry RuddStock Patterns for Day Trading and Swing Trading
1998978-0-934380-42-3Edward D. Dobson · Sandra K. ShulerUnderstanding Andrews
  ''978-0-934380-43-0Scot LowryMagic of Moving Averages
  ''978-0-934380-45-4Charles PatelTechnical Trading Systems for Stocks & Commodities
  ''978-0-934380-46-1J.M HurstJ. M. Hurst Cycles Trading & Trading Course, Set
1999978-0-934380-47-8Larry PesaventoProfitable Patterns for Stock Trading
  ''978-0-934380-48-5Courtney D. SmithFutures Spread Trading: The Complete Guide
1998978-0-934380-49-2Donald TrivetteProfessional Look at S & P Day Trading
1999978-0-934380-50-8Brian MillardChannels & Cycles: A Tribute to J. M. Hurst
1999978-0-934380-51-5Samuel K. TennisAsk Mr. Easylanguage
  ''978-0-934380-52-2Michael K. Hoffman · Gerald BacettiPit Trading: Do You Have the Right Stuff?
  ''978-0-934380-53-9James F. · Jones, Eric T. · Dalton, Robert B. · Dalton, Robert Bevan DaltonMind over Markets: Power Trading with Market Generated Information
  ''978-0-934380-54-6Ruth B. RooseveltExceptional Trading: The Mind Game
2000978-0-934380-55-3Bryce GilmoreGeometry of Markets
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1999978-0-934380-58-4Alexander ParisComplete Guide to Trading Profits
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  ''978-0-934380-61-4Art Collins · Kevin D. StokesMarket Rap: The Odyssey of a Still-Struggling Commodity Trader
  ''978-0-934380-62-1J.M. HurstThe Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing
  ''978-0-934380-63-8L. Dee BelvealCharting Commodity Market Price Behavior
  ''978-0-934380-64-5Henry WeingartenInvesting by the Stars
2001978-0-934380-65-2Harry D. Schultz · Samson CoslowA Treasury of Wall Street Wisdom
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2000978-0-934380-68-3Michael HarrisStock Trading Techniques: Based on Price Patterns
2001978-0-934380-69-0Teresa Aligood · Richard Smitten · Jesse L. LivermoreHow to Trade in Stocks: The Livermore Formula for Combining Time Element and Price (Revised Ed)
2000978-0-934380-70-6Larry Pesavento · Peggy MacKayOpening Price Principle: Best Kept Secret on Wall Street
2001978-0-934380-74-4Ruth Roosevelt12 Habitudes of Highly Successful Traders
2001978-0-934380-75-1Jesse LivermoreHow to Trade in Stocks
2002978-0-934380-76-8Art CollinsWhen Supertraders Meet Kryptonite
  ''978-0-934380-77-5James MoundSeven Secrets Every Commodity Trader Needs to Know
2001978-0-934380-78-2Steven A. GreenbergSingle Stock Futures: The Complete Guide
2002978-0-934380-81-2Larry Pesavento · Peggy MacKayPrivate Thoughts from a Trader's Diary
  ''978-0-934380-82-9Adrienne Laris ToghraieWinning Edge IV (Winning Edge (Traders Press))
  ''978-0-934380-83-6Robert MinerDynamic Trading: Dynamic Concepts in Time, Price & Pattern Analysis With Practical Strategies for Traders & Investors
  ''978-0-934380-84-3Dennis McNichollTaming Complexity: Beating the Dow 3 to 1
2002978-0-934380-85-0Tom BusbyRoadmap to the Markets
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2008978-0-934380-92-8Gerald Appel · Edward DobsonUnderstanding MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence)
2004978-0-934380-93-5Larry Pesavento · Leslie JouflasEssentials of Trading: It's Not WHAT You Think, It's HOW You Think
  ''978-0-934380-95-9Art CollinsMarket Beaters
  ''978-0-934380-97-3Rob RoninInvestor Skills Training: Managing Emotions And Risk In The Market
2007978-0-934380-98-0Edward D. Dobson · Roger ReimerUnderstanding Spreads
2005978-0-934380-99-7Ruth Barrons RooseveltKeeping a Cool Head in a Hot Market