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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-0-934223-00-3W. Ross YatesJoseph Wharton: Quaker Industrial Pioneer
1989978-0-934223-04-1Paul EislerMy Life With the Printed Circuit
  ''978-0-934223-06-5William J. ScheickTwo Mather Biographies: Life and Death: And, Parentator
1992978-0-934223-07-2Gustina ScagliaFrancesco Di Giorgio: Checklist and History of Manuscripts and Drawings in Autographs and Copies from Ca. 1470 to 1687 and Renewed Copies
1990978-0-934223-08-9Gene D. PhillipsMajor Film Directors of the American and British Cinema
  ''978-0-934223-09-6Gayle L. OrmistonFrom Artifact to Habitat: Studies in the Critical Engagement of Technology (RESEARCH IN TECHNOLOGY STUDIES)
1991978-0-934223-10-2Peter A. CoatesThe Trans-Alaska Pipeline Controversy: Technology, Conservation and the Frontier
1992978-0-934223-12-6Clark A. ElliottScience At Harvard University: Historical Perspectives
1993978-0-934223-16-4Thomas MunzerRevelation and Revolution: Basic Writings of Thomas Muntzer
1992978-0-934223-17-1W. Ross YatesLehigh University: A History of Education in Engineering, Business, and the Human Condition
1993978-0-934223-18-8Anthony S. TravisThe Rainbow Makers: The Origins of the Synthetic Dyestuffs Industry in Western Europe
1992978-0-934223-19-5Tevfik F. NasEconomics and Politics of Turkish Liberalization
  ''978-0-934223-23-2James A. HijiyaLee De Forest and the Fatherhood of Radio
1993978-0-934223-28-7Steven L. GoldmanCompetitiveness and American Society (Research in Technology Studies, Vol 7)
1999978-0-934223-29-4Edward H. Davidson · William J. ScheickPaine, Scripture, and Authority: The Age of Reason As Religious and Political Ideal
1995978-0-934223-37-9Mary Ellen PittsToward a Dialogue of Understandings: Loren Eiseley and the Critique of Science
1996978-0-934223-38-6Walter M. BraschBetrayed: Death of an American Newspaper
  ''978-0-934223-39-3Bufford CoeJohn Wesley And Marriage
1998978-0-934223-47-8Gerald Pratley · John FrankenheimerThe Films of Frankenheimer: Forty Years in Film
1997978-0-934223-48-5C. C. StathatosA Gil Vicente Bibliography (1975-1995): With a Supplement for 1940-1975
1998978-0-934223-49-2Gene PhillipsExiles In Hollywood: Major European Film Directors in America
1999978-0-934223-50-8Dale Porter · O. M. Brack Jr.The Life And Times Of Goldsworthy: Gentleman Scientist and Inventor 1793-1875
1998978-0-934223-51-5Monte S. FinkelsteinSeparatism, the Allies and the Mafia: The Struggle for Sicilian Independence 1943-1948
1998978-0-934223-55-3Jeffrey KahanReforging Shakespeare: The Story of a Theatrical Scandal
1999978-0-934223-58-4Jesse S. TatumMuted Voices: The Recovery of Democracy in the Shaping of Technology
  ''978-0-934223-59-1Gene D. PhillipsMajor Film Directors of the American and British Cinema
2001978-0-934223-66-9Daniel J. WeeksNot For Filthy Lucre's Sake: Richard Saltar and the Antiproprietary Movement in East New Jersey, 1665-1707 (Studies in Eighteenth-Century America and the Atlantic World)
  ''978-0-934223-67-6Madeleine Z. Doty · Alice Duffy RinehartOne Woman Determined to Make a Difference: The Life of Madeleine Zabriskie Doty
2002978-0-934223-68-3Paul S. LarsonAn American Musical Dynasty: A Biography of the Wolle Family of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
2001978-0-934223-69-0Bettie M. Smolansky · Oles M. SmolanskyThe Lost Equilibrium: International Relations in the Post-Soviet Era
2005978-0-934223-76-8Christine MeilickeJerome Rothenberg's Experimental Poetry And Jewish Tradition
  ''978-0-934223-78-2Nirmal Tej SinghIrrigation And Soil Salinity In The Indian Subcontinent: Past And Present
  ''978-0-934223-79-9Alain F. CorcosThe Myth Of The Jewish Race: A Biologist's Point Of View
2005978-0-934223-81-2Jennifer M. CorryPerceptions Of Magic In Medieval Spanish Literature
2008978-0-934223-93-5Edward R. HoganOf the Human Heart: A Biography of Benjamin Peirce