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1979978-0-933852-01-3United StatesSoviet naval developments
  ''978-0-933852-02-0Norman PolmarStrategic Air Command: People, Aircraft, and Missiles
  ''978-0-933852-03-7Robert Debs HeinlVictory at High Tide: The Inchon-Seoul Campaign (Great War Stories)
  ''978-0-933852-04-4Samuel B. GriffithThe Battle for Guadalcanal (Great War Stories)
  ''978-0-933852-05-1Cyril FallsArmageddon, 1918 (Great war stories)
1980978-0-933852-10-5John BuchanA History of the Great War (Great War Stories)
1980978-0-933852-11-2Nathan MillerThe Naval Air War, 1939-1945
1981978-0-933852-13-6Peter B MerskyThe Naval Air War in Vietnam
  ''978-0-933852-14-3Norman PolmarThe American submarine
1985978-0-933852-15-0Edward H. Heinemann · R. Rausa · K. Van EveryAircraft Design
1980978-0-933852-16-7Nevil ShuteThe breaking wave (Great war stories)
  ''978-0-933852-17-4Barrett TillmanMiG master: The story of the F-8 Crusader
1981978-0-933852-18-1Richard C. KnottBlack Cat Raiders of World War II
1979978-0-933852-19-8T. D HallamThe spider web: The romance of a flying-boat flight in the First World War
1981978-0-933852-21-1Hal LawrenceA Bloody War: One Man's Memories of the Canadian Navy, 1939-1945 (Great War Stories)
978-0-933852-22-8American Submarine
1981978-0-933852-24-2Norman PolmarSoviet naval developments
1982978-0-933852-31-0Rosario RausaSkyraider: The Douglas A-1 Flying Dump Truck
1983978-0-933852-32-7Barrett TillmanThe Wildcat in WWII
  ''978-0-933852-36-5Jan S. BreemerU.S. Naval Developments
  ''978-0-933852-38-9Norman PolmarThe American Submarine
1984978-0-933852-39-6Peter B. MerskyU.S. Marine Corps Aviation: 1912 To the Present
1983978-0-933852-41-9Harry GaileyPeleliu: 1944
1988978-0-933852-42-6Richard P. HallionRise of the Fighter Aircraft, 1914-1918
1986978-0-933852-48-8Peter B. & Norman PolmarThe Naval Air War in Vietnam
1990978-0-933852-49-5Craig L. SymondsA Battlefield Atlas of the Civil War
1985978-0-933852-50-1Johannes SteinhoffThe Final Hours: A German Jet Pilot Plots Against Goering
1986978-0-933852-51-8Department Of History U. S. Naval AcademyNew Aspects of Naval History: Selected Papers from the 5th Naval History Symposium
1988978-0-933852-52-5Howard A. WheelerAttack Helicopters: A History of Rotary-Wing Combat Aircraft
1986978-0-933852-53-2Craig L. SymondsA Battlefield Atlas of the American Revolution
1986978-0-933852-55-6Peter B MerskyThe naval air war in Vietnam
1987978-0-933852-58-7Robert SherrodHistory of Marine Corps Aviation in World War II (Great War Stories)
  ''978-0-933852-70-9William P. MacKSouth to Java: A Novel
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  ''978-0-933852-77-8Norman PolmarStrategic Air Command: People, Aircraft and Missiles
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1988978-0-933852-82-2Guy SajerForgotten Soldier (Great War Stories) (English and French Edition)
1988978-0-933852-83-9Jan De HartogThe Captain (Great War Stories)
1991978-0-933852-94-5Telford TaylorThe March of Conquest: The German Victories in Western Europe, 1940 (Great War Stories)
  ''978-0-933852-95-2Telford TaylorBreaking Wave (World War II Classics)
1989978-0-933852-97-6J. Richard Smith · Antony L. KayGerman Aircraft of the Second World War