Oberlin College Press

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-932440-01-3Eugenio MontaleThe Storm and Other Poems
1980978-0-932440-07-5Wei · Young, David WangWang Wei, Li Po, Tu Fu, Li Ho: Four T'ang poets (FIELD translation series)
1981978-0-932440-08-2Gunter EichValuable Nail: Selected Poems
  ''978-0-932440-09-9Gunter EichValuable Nail: Selected Poems
  ''978-0-932440-11-2Benjamin PeretFrom the Hidden Storehouse: Selected Poems
1984978-0-932440-16-7Dino CampanaOrphic Songs (FIELD Translation Series)
  ''978-0-932440-17-4Dino CampanaOrphic Songs (Volume 9)
1985978-0-932440-18-1Karl KrolowOn Account Of: Selected Poems
  ''978-0-932440-19-8Karl KrolowOn Account Of: Selected Poems
1986978-0-932440-20-4Abba KovnerMy Little Sister and Selected Poems, 1965-1985
1987978-0-932440-22-8Vasko PopaHomage to the Lame Wolf: Selected Poems
2005978-0-932440-25-9Beckian Fritz GoldbergLie Awake Lake
2006978-0-932440-28-0David WalkerAmerican Alphabets: 25 Contemporary Poets (FIELD Editions)
2009978-0-932440-35-8Angie EstesTryst (Volume 24)
2005978-0-932440-36-5Inge PedersenThe Thirteenth Month
2010978-0-932440-39-6Amy Newlove SchroederThe Sleep Hotel
2011978-0-932440-40-2Timothy O'KeefeThe Goodbye Town (FIELD Poetry Series)
2011978-0-932440-42-6Georg TraklGeorg Trakl: Poems (Field Translation Series)
2012978-0-932440-44-0Mark NeelyBeasts of the Hill (FIELD Poetry Series)
1989978-0-932440-51-8Anna AkhmatovaPoem Without a Hero & Selected Poems
1990978-0-932440-52-5Miroslav HolubVanishing Lung Syndrome
  ''978-0-932440-53-2Miroslav HolubVanishing Lung Syndrome
  ''978-0-932440-55-6Wang Wei · Li Po · Tu Fu · Li Ho · Li Shang-yinFive T'ang Poets
  ''978-0-932440-56-3Rainer Maria RilkeThe Unknown Rilke
1991978-0-932440-57-0Marin SorescuHands Behind My Back: Selected Poems
  ''978-0-932440-58-7Marin SorescuHands Behind My Back: Selected Poems
1992978-0-932440-59-4Novica TadicNight Mail: Selected Poems
1993978-0-932440-64-8Marianne BoruchMoss Burning
1994978-0-932440-65-5Russell EdsonThe Tunnel: Selected Poems of Russell Edson
1994978-0-932440-68-6Rainer Maria RilkeThe Book of Fresh Beginnings
1995978-0-932440-69-3Stuart Friebert · David YoungModels of the Universe: An Anthology of the Prose Poem
  ''978-0-932440-71-6Yannis RitsosLate into the Night: The Last Poems of Yannis Ritsos
1996978-0-932440-76-1Miroslav HolubIntensive Care: Selected & New Poems
1997978-0-932440-78-5Attila JozsefWinter Night: Selected Poems of Attila Jozsef
  ''978-0-932440-79-2Marianne BoruchA Stick That Breaks and Breaks (Field Poetry)
  ''978-0-932440-80-8   ''A Stick That Breaks And Breaks
1998978-0-932440-83-9Franz WrightILL LIT: Selected & New Poems
1999978-0-932440-86-0Max JacobSelected Poems of Max Jacob
2000978-0-932440-87-7Timothy KellyStronger
2001978-0-932440-88-4Ralph BurnsGhost Notes
  ''978-0-932440-89-1Venus Khoury-GhataHere There Was Once a Country
2002978-0-932440-91-4Angie EstesVoice-Over
2002978-0-932440-92-1Tom AndrewsRandom Symmetries: The Collected Poems of Tom Andrews
2004978-0-932440-95-2Marianne BoruchPoems: New and Selected (Volume 15)
  ''978-0-932440-98-3Eugenio MontaleSelected Poems
2005978-0-932440-99-0Angie EstesChez Nous (FIELD Poetry Series)