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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-932194-04-6Daniel FairchildEverything You Always Wanted to Know About Drinking Problems and Then a Few Things You Didn't Want to Know
1981978-0-932194-06-0Francis M. SeegerUntil My Last Breath
  ''978-0-932194-07-7DamamdaWoman Next Door
1989978-0-932194-09-1Self-Image Modification
1982978-0-932194-10-7Jacquelyn SmallTransformers, the therapists of the future: A guide book for the journey beyond addiction
1984978-0-932194-13-8Jamie Rattray · Bill Howells · Irv SieglerKids and Alcohol: Facts and Ideas About Drinking and Not Drinking
1982978-0-932194-14-5   ''Kids and Smoking: Facts and Ideas about Smoking and Not Smoking
1987978-0-932194-15-2Janet Geringer WoititzAdult Children of Alcoholics
1985978-0-932194-16-9Tom BradySobriety Is a Learning Process
1986978-0-932194-17-6Janet G. Woititz EdDMarriage On The Rocks: Learning to Live with Yourself and an Alcoholic
1983978-0-932194-18-3Wayne KritsbergGifts: Advanced Skills for Alcoholism Counselors
  ''978-0-932194-19-0Jamie Rattray · Bill Howells · Irv SieglerKids and Drugs: Facts and Ideas about Using and Misusing Drugs
1984978-0-932194-20-6Health CommunicationsChanging Legacies
  ''978-0-932194-21-3Sharon Wegscheider CruseCo-Dependency
  ''978-0-932194-22-0Health CommunicationsAlcoholism: A Family Matter
1911978-0-932194-24-4Richard Cone · Joint Education ProjectChoices: A Substance Abuse Prevention Program for Junior High Students
1986978-0-932194-25-1Janet Geringer WoititzStruggle for Intimacy (Adult Children of Alcoholics series)
1986978-0-932194-26-8Sharon Wegscheider-CruseChoicemaking: for Co-Dependents, Adult Children and Spirituality Seekers
1996978-0-932194-27-5Rokelle LernerDaily Affirmations for Adult Children of Alcoholics: For Adult Children of Alcoholics
1988978-0-932194-28-2Leo BoothSpirituality and Recovery: A Guide to Positive Living
1986978-0-932194-29-9Sharon Wegscheider CruseUnderstanding Me: Your Personal Story
  ''978-0-932194-30-5Wayne KritsbergAdult Children of Alcoholics Syndrome: From Discovery to Recovery
  ''978-0-932194-31-2Marie SchuttWives of Alcoholics: From Co-Dependency to Recovery
  ''978-0-932194-32-9Robert J. AckermanGrowing in the Shadow: Children of Alcoholics
  ''978-0-932194-33-6Lee SilversteinConsider the Change: The Choice Is Yours
1986978-0-932194-34-3David C. Lewis · Carol N. WilliamsProviding Care for Children of Alcoholics: Clinical & Research Perspectives
  ''978-0-932194-35-0Dan EllisGrowing Up Stoned: Coming to Terms With Teenage Drug Abuse in Modern America
  ''978-0-932194-36-7Jane Middelton-Moz · Lorie DwinellAfter the Tears: Reclaiming the Personal Losses of Childhood
1987978-0-932194-37-4Patricia A. O'Gorman · Philip Oliver-DiazBreaking the Cycle of Addiction: A Parent's Guide to Raising Healthy Kids
  ''978-0-932194-38-1Janet Geringer WoititzHome Away from Home
  ''978-0-932194-39-8Sharon Wegscheider-CruseLearning to Love Yourself: Finding Your Self-Worth
1987978-0-932194-40-4Charles L. WhitfieldHealing The Child Within: Discovery and Recovery for Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families
  ''978-0-932194-41-1Ruth FishelThe Journey Within: A Spiritual Path to Recovery
  ''978-0-932194-42-8Mitzi ChandlerWhiskey's Song: An Explicit Story of Surviving in an Alcoholic Home
  ''978-0-932194-43-5Robert J. AckermanSame House, Different Homes: Why Adult Children of Alcoholics Are Not All the Same
  ''978-0-932194-44-2Leo BoothMeditations for Compulsive People
1987978-0-932194-45-9Robert C. SubbyLost In The Shuffle: The Co-Dependent Reality
  ''978-0-932194-46-6Leo BoothSay Yes to Life: Daily Meditations for Recovery
  ''978-0-932194-47-3David MeagherBeginning of a Miracle: How to Intervene With the Addicted or Alcoholic Person
  ''978-0-932194-48-0Robert J AckermanChildren of alcoholics: A bibliography and resource guide
  ''978-0-932194-50-3Gayle Rosellini · Mark WordenTaming Your Turbulent Past: A Self-Help Guide for Adult Children of Alcoholics
1987978-0-932194-51-0Robert J. AckermanLet Go and Grow: Recovery for Adult Children of Alcoholics
  ''978-0-932194-52-7Mary BrattonA Guide to Family Intervention
1988978-0-932194-53-4John C. Friel · Linda D. Friel M.A.Adult Children Secrets of Dysfunctional Families: The Secrets of Dysfunctional Families
  ''978-0-932194-54-1John BradshawBradshaw on the Family: A Revolutionary Way of Self Discovery
  ''978-0-932194-55-8Ann W. SmithGrandchildren of Alcoholics: Another Generation of Co-Dependency
  ''978-0-932194-56-5Julie D. Bowden · Herbert L. GravitzGenesis: Spirituality in Recovery from Childhood Traumas
1987978-0-932194-57-2Mary S. Stuart · Lynnzy OrrOtherwise Perfect: People and Their Problems With Weight
1988978-0-932194-58-9Pierre AndreDrug Addiction: Learn About It Before Your Kids Do
1987978-0-932194-59-6Mary M. McKee32 Elephant Reminders: A Book of Healthy Rules
1988978-0-932194-60-2Wayne KritsbergGifts for Personal Growth and Recovery
1988978-0-932194-61-9Joy Miller · Marianne RipperFollowing the Yellow Brick Road: The Adult Child's Personal Journey Through Oz
  ''978-0-932194-62-6Ruth FishelLearning to Live in the Now: 6-Week Personal Plan to Recovery
  ''978-0-932194-63-3George W. VroomAre You Missing the Boat to Recovery: How to Successfully Take Charge of Your Own Life
  ''978-0-932194-64-0Sharon Wegscheider-CruseCoupleship: How to Build a Relationship
  ''978-0-932194-65-7Kathleen WHealing a Broken Heart: 12 Steps of Recovery for Adult Children of Alcoholics
1988978-0-932194-66-4Arnold Fox · Barry FoxWake Up! You're Alive
  ''978-0-932194-68-8Patricia O'Gorman · Philip Oliver-DiazThe 12 Steps to Self-Parenting for Adult Children
  ''978-0-932194-70-1Bread and roses: A poetry anthology for adult children
  ''978-0-932194-71-8Maria RoyChildren in the Crossfire: Violence in the Home-How Does It Affect Our Children?
  ''978-0-932194-72-5Lane LasaterRecovery from Compulsive Behavior: How to Transcend Your Troubled Family
1988978-0-932194-73-2Mary StuartIn Sickness and in Health: The Co-Dependent Marriage
  ''978-0-932194-74-9Jan VeltmanCry Hope
  ''978-0-932194-75-6Pamela LevinCycles of Power: A User's Guide to the Seven Seasons of Life
  ''978-0-932194-76-3Dan EllisLegacies of an Alcoholic Family: A Recovery Novel
  ''978-0-932194-77-0Kathleen W.With Gentleness, Humor and Love: A 12 Step Guide for Adult Children in Recovery
1989978-0-932194-81-7Us JournalThe U.S. Journal's 1989 National Treatment Directory for Alcoholism, Drug Abuse and Other Addiction Problems
1998978-0-932194-82-4Ruth FishelTime for Joy: Daily Affirmations
1988978-0-932194-83-1Jeanne H. LivingstonBrother Lion: Words of Inspiration from a Spirit Guide
1988978-0-932194-84-8Pamela LevinBecoming the Way We Are: An Introduction to Personal Development in Recovery and in Life
  ''978-0-932194-85-5Laurie Weiss · Jonathan WeissRecovery from Co-Dependency: Its Never to Late to Reclaim Your Childhood
  ''978-0-932194-86-2John BradshawHealing the Shame That Binds You
1989978-0-932194-87-9Kay SheppardFood addiction: The body knows
1988978-0-932194-89-3Janet Geringer WoititzAdult Children of Alcoholics
  ''978-0-932194-90-9   ''Struggle for Intimacy
  ''978-0-932194-91-6Sharon Wegscheider CruseLearning to Love Yourself
1988978-0-932194-92-3Robert SubbyLost in the Shuffle
  ''978-0-932194-93-0Charles L. WhitfieldHealing the Child Within
  ''978-0-932194-94-7Wayne KritsbergAdult Children of Alcoholics Syndrome
  ''978-0-932194-95-4Robert J. AckermanLet Go and Grow: Recovery For Adult Children
  ''978-0-932194-96-1Patricia O'Gorman · Philip Oliver-Diaz12 Steps to Self-Parenting
1988978-0-932194-97-8Jane Middelton-Moz · Lorie DwinellAfter the Tears: Reclaiming the Personal Losses of Childhood
  ''978-0-932194-98-5Rokelle LernerI'm Running As Fast As I Can: How Adult Children of Alcoholics Catch Up on Child Development
  ''978-0-932194-99-2   ''Challenge of Intimacy for Adult Children of Alcoholics