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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1981978-0-931888-05-2Warren H. Carroll1917: Red Banners, White Mantle
2004978-0-931888-12-0Warren H. CarrollOur Lady of Guadalupe: And the Conquest of Darkness
  ''978-0-931888-21-2   ''The Founding of Christendom: A History of Christendom (vol. 1)
1987978-0-931888-24-3   ''The Building of Christendom, 324-1100: A History of Christendom (vol. 2)
1988978-0-931888-31-1Stephen M. Krason · Robert J. DagostinoParental Rights the Contemporary Assault on Traditional Liberties
1989978-0-931888-35-9Russell KirkLord of the Hollow Dark
1990978-0-931888-38-0George William RutlerChrist and Reason: An Introduction to Ideas from Kant to Tyrrell
1991978-0-931888-40-3Damian P. FedorykaAbortion and the Ransom of the Sacred (Brownson Studies, 2)
  ''978-0-931888-43-4Warren H. CarrollIsabel of Spain: The Catholic Queen
2004978-0-931888-44-1Stanley L. JakiScientist and Catholic: Pierre Duhem
1991978-0-931888-45-8Warren H. CarrollThe Guillotine & The Cross
2004978-0-931888-48-9Mark P. SheaThis Is My Body: An Evangelical Discovers The Real Presence
  ''978-0-931888-54-0Warren H. CarrollThe Glory of Christendom, 1100-1517: A History of Christendom (vol. 3) (History of Christendom Series ; Vol. III)
  ''978-0-931888-63-2Stanley L. JakiBible and Science
2004978-0-931888-65-6Claude TresmontantGospel Of Matthew: Translation & Notes
1996978-0-931888-67-0Warren H. CarrollThe Last Crusade: Spain 1936
2004978-0-931888-68-7Stanley L. JakiAnd on This Rock: The Witness of One Land and Two Covenants
  ''978-0-931888-70-0   ''Miracles and Physics
  ''978-0-931888-72-4Christendom PressThe Best of Triumph
  ''978-0-931888-73-1L. Brent BozellMustard Seeds: A Conservative Becomes a Catholic
  ''978-0-931888-75-5Warren H. CarrollThe Cleaving of Christendom, 1517-1661: A History of Christendom (vol. 4)
2004978-0-931888-78-6Timothy T. O'DonnellSwords Around the Cross: The Nine Years War: Ireland's Defense of Faith and Fatherland, 1594-1603
  ''978-0-931888-79-3Suzie AndresHomeschooling with Gentleness: A Catholic Discovers Unschooling
2006978-0-931888-80-9Warren H. CarrollThe Revolution Against Christendom: A History of Christendom, Vol. 5
2013978-0-931888-84-7Warren H. Carroll · Anne CarrollThe Crisis of Christendom: 1815-2005: A History of Christendom (vol. 6)
2007978-0-931888-86-1Bradley J. BirzerSanctifying the World: The Augustinian Life and Mind of Christopher Dawson