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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-931866-00-5Barbara Hagen RiesebergBeardie basics
1979978-0-931866-02-9Kyra Petrovskaya Wayne · Kyrap WayneMax: The Dog That Refused to Die
1980978-0-931866-03-6Warren Eckstein · Fay EcksteinYes, Dog, That's Right!
1979978-0-931866-04-3Joan SimonsHigh Jumps and Dumbbells
1980978-0-931866-05-0John B KubiszHow to serve your dog
1981978-0-931866-06-7Fred L. LantingCanine Hip Dysplasia and Other Orthopedic Problems
1980978-0-931866-07-4Milo D PearsallYour dog, companion and helper
1981978-0-931866-08-1Ruth Faherty · Ruth FlahertyWesties: From Head to Tail
1982978-0-931866-10-4George H. "Bobbee" RoosCollie Concept
  ''978-0-931866-11-1Milo Pearsall · Hugo VerbruggenScent: Training to Track, Search and Rescue
1983978-0-931866-12-8Sally Ann Vervaeke-HelfLhasa lore
  ''978-0-931866-13-5Murray LoringYour Dog and the Law
1986978-0-931866-14-2Janet Elisabeth LarsonThe Versatile Border Collie
  ''978-0-931866-15-9Dorothy WalinThe Art and Business of Professional Grooming
1984978-0-931866-16-6Barbara Hagen Rieseberg · Betty Jo McKinneyBeardie Basics
1985978-0-931866-17-3Betty Jo McKinney · Barbara Hagen RiesebergSheltie Talk
1989978-0-931866-18-0Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-TaylorAll About Aussies: The Complete Handbook on Australian Shepherd Dogs
1985978-0-931866-19-7Evelyn SchneiderWhat's Bugging Your Dog: Canine Parasitology
  ''978-0-931866-21-0Phyllis A. HolstCanine Reproduction: A Breeder's Guide
1986978-0-931866-22-7John A. DonovanThe Irish Wolfhound: Great Symbol of Ireland
1985978-0-931866-23-4Myrna ShibolethIsrael Canaan Dog
1986978-0-931866-24-1Mari TaggartSheepdog training: An all breed approach
1986978-0-931866-25-8Davia Anne GallupRunning With Man's Best Friend
  ''978-0-931866-26-5Clarice Rutherford · Barbara Branstad · Sandra WhickerRetriever Working Certificate Training
1987978-0-931866-27-2Sharon ByfordThe Arabian: A Guide for Owners
  ''978-0-931866-28-9Barbara S. HandlerPositively Obedient: Good Manners for the Family Dog
  ''978-0-931866-29-6Sally Ann Vervaeke-HelfLhasa Apso: The Complete Owner's Handbook
  ''978-0-931866-30-2Paul R. ParadiseCockatiels
1989978-0-931866-31-9Edward S. Weiss · Thomas G. RoseDogs That Love and Protect
1987978-0-931866-32-6Gloria JarrettThe All-Breed Dictionary of Unusual Names
1990978-0-931866-33-3Ellie Milon201 Ways to Enjoy Your Dog: A Complete Guide to Organized U S and Canadian Activities for Dog Lovers
1988978-0-931866-34-0Elizabeth D. WhelenNo Greater Love
1988978-0-931866-36-4George Bobbee RoosCollie Concept
  ''978-0-931866-37-1Jim McCallInfluencing Horse Behavior: A Natural Approach to Training
  ''978-0-931866-38-8Cherylon Loveland · Clarice RutherfordRetriever Puppy Training: The Right Start for Hunting
  ''978-0-931866-39-5Noel K. FlandersThe Joy of Running Sled Dogs
1989978-0-931866-40-1James B. SpencerHunting Retrievers: Hindsights Foresights Insights
  ''978-0-931866-41-8Kyra Petrovskaya WayneLi'L Ol' Charlie
1989978-0-931866-42-5William E. CampbellOwners Guide to Better Behavior in Dogs & Cats
1990978-0-931866-43-2Fred L. LantingThe Total German Shepherd Dog
1989978-0-931866-44-9Ruth FahertyWesties: From Head to Tail
  ''978-0-931866-45-6John BowerThe Health of Your Dog
1990978-0-931866-46-3Dot SeabrookGetting to Know Your Silky Terrier
  ''978-0-931866-47-0Lue Button · Lou ButtonPractical Scent Dog Training
1991978-0-931866-48-7Miki Collins · Julie CollinsDog Driver: A Guide for the Serious Musher
  ''978-0-931866-49-4Sandi BurtLlamas: An Introduction to Care, Training and Handling
  ''978-0-931866-50-0Mari TaggartSheepdog Training: An All Breed Approach
1991978-0-931866-51-7Barbara S. HandlerSuccessful Obedience Handling: The New Best Foot Forward
  ''978-0-931866-53-1James R. EngelBouvier Des Flanders: The Dogs of Flandres Fields
1992978-0-931866-54-8Marion I. CoffmanVersatile Vizsla
1994978-0-931866-55-5Diane Russ · Shirle RogersThe Beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs: A Complete American Handbook
1992978-0-931866-56-2Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-TaylorGreasepaint Matadors: The Unsung Heroes of Rodeo
  ''978-0-931866-57-9Clarice Rutherford · David H. NeilHow to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With
1993978-0-931866-58-6Meredith HodgesTraining Mules and Donkeys: A Logical Approach to Longears
1992978-0-931866-59-3Charlene LaBelleA Guide to Backpacking With Your Dog
1994978-0-931866-60-9Barb RossIllustrated Guide to Sheltie Grooming
1997978-0-931866-61-6Cook Rodgers · Clarice RutherfordKids and Pets: A Family Guide to Living and Growing Together
1993978-0-931866-62-3Elaine Wenner GilbertsonA Feline Affair: A Guide to Raising and Breeding Purebred Cats
1994978-0-931866-63-0Deborah M. BrittHorse Training Basics: An Indispensable Guide for Beginning Trainers
  ''978-0-931866-64-7William E. CampbellOwner's Guide to Better Behavior in Dogs
  ''978-0-931866-65-4Lowell AckermanGuide to Skin and Haircoat Problems in Dogs
1994978-0-931866-66-1Mary A. MillerJunior Showmanship from Hand to Lead: The Complete Handbook for Junior Handlers
1995978-0-931866-67-8Gail I. Clark · William BoyerThe Mentally Sound Dog: How to Shape, Train and Change Canine Behavior
  ''978-0-931866-68-5Larry FoxNo Feet, No Horse: How to Train a Horse to Stand for Trimming and Shoeing
1994978-0-931866-69-2Robert Kainer · Thomas McCrackenColoring Atlas of Horse Anatomy
  ''978-0-931866-70-8Carol J. DonaldsonThinking of Buying a Horse?: A Beginner's Introduction to Buying and Caring for Your First Horse
1996978-0-931866-71-5Myrna ShibolethThe Israel Canaan Dog
  ''978-0-931866-72-2Sue A. AllenHow to Use Leg Wraps, Bandages and Boots: Supportive Leg Care for Your Horse
  ''978-0-931866-73-9Alison Strang · Gail MacMillanThe Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
1994978-0-931866-74-6Diane L. Bauman · Kathy Santo · Dee ZurburgBeyond Basic Dog Training-Workbook
1998978-0-931866-75-3Kay S. PineLike Father, Like Son?: Heredity and Horse Breeding
1996978-0-931866-76-0Liz PalikaLove on a Leash
1999978-0-931866-77-7Lowell J. AckermanCanine Nutrition and Feeding: What Every Owner, Breeder, and Trainer Should Know
1997978-0-931866-78-4Barbara Hagen Rieseberg · Betty Jo McKinney · Jo ParkerBeardie Basics and Beyond: The Complete Guide to Bearded Collies
1996978-0-931866-79-1Terry JesterLiving With Small and Toy Dogs: Training, Behavior, and Personality Differences
1996978-0-931866-80-7Jeff Brucker · Betty BruckerPreparation and Presentation of the Show Dog: The Complete Handling Guide
1995978-0-931866-81-4Chris Walkowicz · William Watson Denlinger · R. Annabel RathmanThe Bearded Collie
  ''978-0-931866-82-1John A. K. Donovan · William Watson Denlinger · R. Annabel RathmanGaelic Names for Celtic Dogs
1998978-0-931866-83-8Kathryn BraundDog Obedience Training Manual: A Complete Study Course Used by the Big Sky Dog School, Great Falls, Montana
1996978-0-931866-84-5Diane Fenger · Arlene F. Steinle · William Watson Denlinger · R. Annabel RathmanThe Standard Book of Dog Grooming
  ''978-0-931866-85-2Mary H. HoodFan's Guide to the Iditarod
1995978-0-931866-86-9John A. K. Donovan · William Watson Denlinger · R. Annabel RathmanGaelic Names for Celtic Dogs
1996978-0-931866-87-6Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor · Alpine Blue Ribbon BooksAll About Aussies: The Australian Shepherd from A to Z
1998978-0-931866-88-3New Horizons Equine Education Center IncDictionary of Equine Terms
1996978-0-931866-89-0Jacqueline ParkinFlyball Training---Start to Finish
  ''978-0-931866-90-6Joanne CarrieraThe Shetland Sheepdog at Work
  ''978-0-931866-91-3Kay DurrAncient Egyptian Names for Dogs
1998978-0-931866-92-0Janet Elisabeth LarsonThe Versatile Border Collie
1996978-0-931866-93-7Johan GallantThe World of Schnauzers: Standard, Giant, Miniature
1998978-0-931866-94-4Clarice Rutherford · David NeilHow to Raise a Puppy: Age 2 Through 5 Months
1997978-0-931866-95-1James B. SpencerRetriever Training Tests
1998978-0-931866-96-8Barbara A. Brooks · Sherry E. WallisThe Alaskan Malamute: Yesterday and Today
1996978-0-931866-97-5Moira K. AndersonCoping With Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet
1997978-0-931866-98-2Gretchen Haskett · Susan HouserThe Total Shiba
1997978-0-931866-99-9Barbara Hagen Rieseberg · Betty Jo McKinney · Jo ParkerBeardie Basics: Beginner's Guide to Bearded Collies