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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1985978-0-931787-07-2Guy McLimoreThe Triangle (Star Trek RPG)
1988978-0-931787-08-9Peter RoganThe Orions: Book of Common Knowledge and Book of Deep Knowledge
1983978-0-931787-13-3Guy W. McLimore Jr.Trader Captains and Merchant Princes (Star Trek: The Roleplaying Game)
1985978-0-931787-14-0David TepoolShip Construction Manual, 2nd Edition (Star Trek RPG)
  ''978-0-931787-21-8Bernard E. MenkeA Matter of Priorities (Star Trek RPG)
1986978-0-931787-26-3J. Andrew KeithLegions of Death
1987978-0-931787-32-4Todd HuettelBattletech: Technical Readout 3026, Vehicles and Personal Equipment
1985978-0-931787-41-6Forest G. BrownKlingon Ship Recognition Manual (Star Trek RPG)
  ''978-0-931787-42-3   ''Federation Ship Recognition Manual (Star Trek RPG)
1987978-0-931787-43-0Forest BrownRomulan Ship Recognition Manual (Star Trek RPG)
1986978-0-931787-49-2J. Andrew KeithCity of Gold (Doctor Who RPG)
  ''978-0-931787-58-4Fasa StaffMechwarrior: The Battletech Role Playing Game
  ''978-0-931787-67-6Jr. Keith William H.Doctor Who and the Vortex Crystal (A Solo-Play Adventure Game)
1986978-0-931787-68-3William H., Jr. KeithDoctor Who and the Rebel's Gamble (A Solo-Play Adventure Game)
  ''978-0-931787-69-0William H. Keith Jr.Decision at Thunder Rift
  ''978-0-931787-73-7Ray WinningerThe Cybermen (Doctor Who RPG)
1985978-0-931787-75-1Ray WinningerThe Hartlewick Horror (Doctor Who RPG)
1987978-0-931787-77-5Ardath MayharThe Sword and the Dagger (Battletech)
1986978-0-931787-78-2John A TheisenReturn to Axanar / The Four Years War (Star Trek RPG) (2 Book Set)
  ''978-0-931787-84-3Blaine L. Pardoe · Boy F. Petersen Jr. · Anthony Pryor · Dale L. Kemper · Shaun DuncanBattleTech Technical Readout: 3025
  ''978-0-931787-90-4The Doctor Who: Role Playing Game
1985978-0-931787-91-1J. Andrew KeithThe Iytean Menace (Doctor Who, RPG)
1985978-0-931787-92-8Jr. William H. KeithThe Lords of Destiny (Dr. Who Role Playing Game)
1986978-0-931787-93-5Fantasimulations AssociationDaleks (Doctor Who Ser./2 Books)
  ''978-0-931787-94-2J. Andrew KeithThe Master (Doctor Who roleplaying game)
1985978-0-931787-95-9Ray WinningerCountdown (Doctor Who RPG)