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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1985978-0-931759-00-0Alan LerwickKilted Fiddler
  ''978-0-931759-01-7Ron MiddlebrookBass Guitar Chords
  ''978-0-931759-02-4Ola Belle Reed · Kevin RothThe Good Friends Songbook: Original and Traditional Songs and Stories
  ''978-0-931759-03-1Deborah GreenblattThe Cajun Fiddle Tune Book
  ''978-0-931759-04-8Ron Middlebrook5-String Banjo Chord Chart
1985978-0-931759-05-5Ann PatrickLet's Make Piano Music With Marvin Primer
  ''978-0-931759-06-2Let's Make Piano Music With Marvin, Bk1
978-0-931759-07-9Marvin's Favorite Halloween Songs (Easy Piano)
1985978-0-931759-09-3Chuck KerriganAn Elementary Approach to the Drumset
1998978-0-931759-10-9Glenn WeiserIrish and American Fiddle Tunes for Harmonica
1989978-0-931759-11-6Ken PerlmanFingerstyle Guitar
1986978-0-931759-12-3Dan CraryDan Crary: The Flatpicker's Guide
1987978-0-931759-13-0Ann PatrickLets Make Piano Music With Marvin #2
1986978-0-931759-14-7Stefan GrossmanStefan Grossmans Annual Fingerpicking Guitar
1987978-0-931759-15-4Richard SmithRickenbacker
1986978-0-931759-16-1Dave CelentanoThe Magic Touch
1987978-0-931759-17-8Dave CelentanoLet's Make Piano Music With Marvin - Book Three
  ''978-0-931759-18-5Ron MiddlebrookBackpackers Harmonica Book: A Beginners Guide
  ''978-0-931759-20-8Dave CelentanoFlying Fingers
1988978-0-931759-21-5Marilyn BosCountry Fiddle
1996978-0-931759-22-2Forest RodgersPedal Steel Licks for Guitar: 30 Vintage Steel Licks (w/CD)
1988978-0-931759-23-9Let's Make Piano Music With Marvin - Book Four
1981978-0-931759-24-6Art RosenbaumArt of the Mountain Banjo
1988978-0-931759-26-0D. CelentanoRock Licks Forty of the Newest Heavy Metal Blues Two Handed and Basic Licks
  ''978-0-931759-27-7B. Allan DuncanFlutist's Daily Dozen
1988978-0-931759-28-4Ron MiddlebrookIllustrated Guitar
  ''978-0-931759-29-1Peter Rabbit Music: For the Beginning Pianist
1989978-0-931759-30-7Bubba BakerReggae Guitar: 22 Easy Exercises Plus Chord Rhythm Progressions
1985978-0-931759-31-4Janet SmithFingerstyle Guitar Solos
1989978-0-931759-32-1Duck BakerIrish, Scottish, English and American Fiddle Tunes for the Fingerpicking Guitarist
  ''978-0-931759-33-8Ken PerlmanClawhammer Style Banjo
  ''978-0-931759-34-5Dave CelentanoSpeed Metal: Heaby Metal Neo-Classical Styles from Paganini, Bach to Rock
1984978-0-931759-35-2Deborah GreenblattFiddlescapes
1995978-0-931759-36-9John Laughter · Scott PageRock and Roll Saxaphone, 2nd Edition
1989978-0-931759-37-6Ken PerlmanContemporary Fingerstyle Guitar
1990978-0-931759-39-0Hal Leonard Corp.Stylus Pick: Breaking the Speed Barrier
  ''978-0-931759-40-6Power Chording
1990978-0-931759-41-3Glenn WeiserBlues & Rock Harmonica
  ''978-0-931759-43-7Chuck KerriganMastering the Drum Set
1991978-0-931759-44-4   ''Syncopated Rhythms for the Contemporary Drummer
1990978-0-931759-45-1Byron BerlineFiddling Thru The Years
  ''978-0-931759-46-8Ron MiddlebrookSongs of the Cowboy
1991978-0-931759-47-5Hal Leonard Corp.Open Guitar Tunings
  ''978-0-931759-49-9Paul William SchmidtHistory of the Ludwig Drum Company
1992978-0-931759-50-5Jay ScottGretsch: The Guitars of the Fred Gretsch Co. (Guitars of Fred Gretsch Lo)
1991978-0-931759-51-2Mark · Mark Shapiro · JuniorSurvival Licks and Bar Room Tricks
1992978-0-931759-52-9Willie G. MoseleyClassic Guitars U.S.A
1991978-0-931759-54-3Ray F. BadnessDrum Programming: A Complete Guide to Program and Think Like a Drummer
  ''978-0-931759-55-0Rap Beats on the Drum Set
1991978-0-931759-56-7Dave CelentanoThe Art Of Transcribing For Guitar: By Dave Celentano
  ''978-0-931759-57-4Kenny SultanIntroduction to Acoustic Blues
1992978-0-931759-58-1John LaughterContemporary Saxophone
1991978-0-931759-59-8Dave CelentanoMonster Scales And Modes: By Dave Celentano
1992978-0-931759-60-4Bill BlackburnOld Guitar Mania
1995978-0-931759-61-1Brian EmmelFive String Bass: Complete Book of Scales, Modes and Chords
1993978-0-931759-62-8Jay ScottGretsch: The Guitars of the Fred Gretsch Company
1984978-0-931759-63-5Bob Cox · Ron Middlebrook5 String Banjo, Natural Style: Banjo Solo
1992978-0-931759-64-2Jerry PerelmanThe Perfect Harmonica Method: by Jerry Perelman
1993978-0-931759-65-9Bob BrozmenThe History & Artistry of National Resonator Instruments
1992978-0-931759-66-6Dave CelentanoKiller Pentatonics For Guitar
  ''978-0-931759-67-3Ron MiddlebrookSongs of the Trail
1993978-0-931759-68-0Stephen TothDobro Techniques: For Bluegrass & Country Music
  ''978-0-931759-69-7George FullertonGuitar Legends - The Evolution of the Guitar from Fender to GandL
  ''978-0-931759-70-3Bob BrozmanThe History and Artistry of National Resonator Instruments
1993978-0-931759-71-0Tommy TedescoTommy Tedesco - Confessions of a Guitar Player
  ''978-0-931759-72-7Tom BallBlues Harmonica: A Comprehensive Crash Course and Overview
  ''978-0-931759-73-4Kenny SultanAcoustic Blues Guitar/157
  ''978-0-931759-74-1Rob CookThe Complete History of the Leedy Drum Company
978-0-931759-75-8Brian EmmelCreating Rhythm Styles For 5-String Bass With Drum Accompaniment
1994978-0-931759-76-5Dave CelentanoModal Jams and Theory
1996978-0-931759-77-2Robert HartmanThe Larsons Creations, Guitars and Mandolins
1994978-0-931759-78-9Rob CookLeedy Drum Topics: Complete from 1923 to 1941
  ''978-0-931759-79-6John AldridgeGuide to Vintage Drums
1994978-0-931759-80-2Derek CornettElectric Blues Guitar
  ''978-0-931759-81-9Mark HamonNew Directions Around the Drums
  ''978-0-931759-82-6Dave CelentanoOver the Top
  ''978-0-931759-83-3Neville MartenStar Guitars: Guitars and Players That Have Helped Shape Modern Music
  ''978-0-931759-84-0Mickey EarnshawThe Essence Of Rhythm
1984978-0-931759-85-7Hal Leonard Corp.Backpackers Songbook
1994978-0-931759-86-4   ''Songs 'Round the Campfire
1995978-0-931759-87-1Tom BallThe Nasty Blues
1994978-0-931759-88-8Dave CelentanoRockin' Christmas for Guitar
1994978-0-931759-89-5Brian EmmelRockin' Christmas For 5-String Bass
1995978-0-931759-93-2John TapellaThe Sound and Feel of Blues Guitar
  ''978-0-931759-94-9Brian Emmel5-String Bassic Fundamentals
  ''978-0-931759-95-6Glenn WeiserCeltic Harp Music of Carolan and Others for Solo Guitar
  ''978-0-931759-96-3Ron Middlebrook · Dave CelentanoPower Rhythm Guitar
  ''978-0-931759-97-0Kevin RothThe Kevin Roth Children's Songbook
1995978-0-931759-98-7Chet FalzeranoGretsch Drums: The Legacy of That Great Gretsch Sound