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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-0-931722-08-0David Nathan JohnsonMadero in Texas
978-0-931722-09-7Ridin' the Rainbow
1982978-0-931722-17-2Katie BreezeNekkid cowboy
  ''978-0-931722-18-9Augusta MutchlerFive Acres and Dementia: how to restore an old Texas farmhouse and keep smiling
1991978-0-931722-19-6Kathleen Silber · Phylis SpeedlinDear Birthmother: Thank You for Our Baby
  ''978-0-931722-20-2Kathleen Silber · Phyllis SpeedlinDear Birthmother
1983978-0-931722-26-4Margaret CousinsThe Boy in the Alamo
1984978-0-931722-27-1David McKelveyBobby the Mostly Silky
  ''978-0-931722-28-8   ''Bobby the Mostly Silky
  ''978-0-931722-29-5Bryce MilliganDaysleepers and Other Poems (Corona poetry series)
1999978-0-931722-36-3Debra Stewart PetersonBreastfeeding the Adopted Baby
1991978-0-931722-38-7Bryan WoolleySam Bass
1991978-0-931722-39-4Katie BreezeNekkid Cowboy
1986978-0-931722-48-6David McKelveyMarverick, the Lucky Longhorn
1984978-0-931722-49-3Charles BehlenDreaming at the Wheel
1986978-0-931722-57-8Robert FlynnSeasonal Rain: And Other Stories
  ''978-0-931722-58-5Roy P. Benavidez · Oscar GriffinThe Three Wars of Roy Benavidez
1989978-0-931722-59-2Annette Baran · Arthur D. Sorosky · Reuben PannorThe Adoption Triangle: Sealed or Opened Records: How They Affect Adoptees, Birth Parents, and Adoptive Parents
1988978-0-931722-67-7Patty Leslie · Paul W. CoxTexas Trees: A Friendly Guide
  ''978-0-931722-68-4Tim SeiblesBody Moves
  ''978-0-931722-69-1Beatrice BerlerThe conquest of Mexico: A modern rendering of William H. Prescott's history
1989978-0-931722-71-4James L. GritterAdoption Without Fear
1990978-0-931722-78-3Kathleen Silber · Patricia Martinez DornerChildren of Open Adoption and Their Families
  ''978-0-931722-79-0Paula TranLiving and Cooking Vietnamese: An American Womans Experience
1991978-0-931722-87-5Mary StephensonMy child is a mother
1994978-0-931722-88-2Mary StephensonMy Child Is a Mother: A True and Happy Story About Open Adoption
1991978-0-931722-89-9Ben DavisStrange Angel the Gospel According to Benny Joe
1993978-0-931722-93-6Aziz ShihabA Taste of Palestine: Menus and Memories
1993978-0-931722-97-4Guy W. AndersonOakwoods Journal: Notes of an East Texas Naturalist
1994978-0-931722-98-1Dallin MalmgrenIs This for a Grade?: A Survival Guide for Teaching in the '90s
  ''978-0-931722-99-8David BowenPyramids of Glass: Short Fiction from Modern Mexico