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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-931340-04-8Hans VogtJohann Sebastian Bach's Chamber Music: Background, Analyses, Individual Works (English and German Edition)
2003978-0-931340-06-2Dietrich Fischer-DieskauRobert Schumann: Words and Music: The Vocal Compositions
  ''978-0-931340-08-6Nikolaus HarnoncourtThe Musical Dialogue: Thoughts on Monteverdi, Bach and Mozart
  ''978-0-931340-09-3Arnold FeilFranz Schubert: Die schone Mullerin * Winterreise (The Lovely Miller Maiden * Winter Journey)
1988978-0-931340-13-0Edward TarrThe Trumpet (English and German Edition)
2003978-0-931340-15-4Raymond MeylanThe Flute
  ''978-0-931340-17-8Andrew FarkasLawrence Tibbett: Singing Actor
  ''978-0-931340-18-5William R. MoranHerman Klein and the Gramophone (Amadeus)
1989978-0-931340-19-2Giacomo Meyerbeer · Heinz Becker · Gudrun BeckerGiacomo Meyerbeer, a Life in Letters
1990978-0-931340-24-6Enrico, Jr. Caruso · Andrew FarkasEnrico Caruso: My Father and My Family (Opera Biography)
2003978-0-931340-27-7Philippe BeaussantFrancois Couperin
1991978-0-931340-28-4Jacob AvshalomovThe Concerts Reviewed: 65 Years of the Portland Youth Philharmonic
1991978-0-931340-29-1James Johnson · Robert BurnsScots Musical Museum - 1787-1803 - In Two Volumes
1990978-0-931340-32-1Robert AndersonElgar in Manuscript
1991978-0-931340-35-2Michael StegemannCamille Saint-Saens and the French Solo Concerto: From 1850 to 1920
  ''978-0-931340-38-3Abram LoftViolin and Keyboard
  ''978-0-931340-39-0Heinz GartnerConstanze Mozart: After the Requiem
2003978-0-931340-41-3Roger NicholsDebussy Remembered
1992978-0-931340-45-1Abram LoftEnsemble: A Rehearsal Guide to Thirty Great Works of Chamber Music
2003978-0-931340-46-8Seymour FinkMastering Piano Technique: A Guide for Students, Teachers and Performers (Amadeus)
  ''978-0-931340-48-2Paul JacksonSaturday Afternoons at the Old Met: The Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts, 1931-1950
1992978-0-931340-49-9Mary CyrPerforming Baroque Music
2003978-0-931340-51-2Arthur JacobsArthur Sullivan: A Victorian Musician
1992978-0-931340-53-6Tim CarterMusic in Late Renaissance & Early Baroque Italy
2003978-0-931340-55-0Kurt BlaukopfMusical Life in a Changing Society: Aspects of Musical Sociology (Amadeus)
1993978-0-931340-56-7John C. TibbettsDvorak in America, 1892-1895
1992978-0-931340-57-4Stewart Buettner · Reinhard G. PaulyGreat Composers Great Artists: Portraits
2019978-0-931340-58-1Geoffrey SkeltonWagner in Thought and Practice
1993978-0-931340-59-8Lorraine GorrellThe Nineteenth-Century German Lied: Hardcover
2003978-0-931340-60-4John Frederick ConeAdelina Patti: Queen of Hearts (Opera Biography)
  ''978-0-931340-61-1Michael Thomas RoederA History of the Concerto (Amadeus)
1993978-0-931340-64-2J. B. SteaneThe Grand Tradition: Seventy Years of Singing on Record
2003978-0-931340-67-3Claude SamuelOlivier Messiaen: Music and Color: Conversations with Claude Samuel
2003978-0-931340-68-0Ann McCutchanMarcel Moyse: Voice of the Flute (Amadeus)
1994978-0-931340-69-7John ArdoinThe Furtwangler Record
  ''978-0-931340-70-3Claude KennesonSzekely and Bartok: The Story of a Friendship
  ''978-0-931340-71-0Charles OsborneThe Bel Canto Operas: A Guide to the Operas of Rossini, Bellini, and Donizetti
2019978-0-931340-73-4Annetta HoffnungGerard Hoffnung
2003978-0-931340-74-1Malcolm GilliesBartok Companion, The
1994978-0-931340-75-8Malcolm GilliesThe Bartok Companion
2003978-0-931340-78-9Howard TaubmanThe Pleasure of Their Company: A Reminiscence (Amadeus)
  ''978-0-931340-79-6Heinz GartnerJohn Christian Bach - Mozart's Friend and Mentor
  ''978-0-931340-80-2Catherine CessacMarc-Antoine Charpentier
2003978-0-931340-81-9William R. TrotterPriest of Music: The Life of Dimitri Mitropoulos (Amadeus)
2019978-0-931340-82-6Danile PistoneNineteenth-Century Italian Opera from Rossini to Puccini
1996978-0-931340-84-0Charles OsborneBel Canto Operas of Rossini, Donizetti, and Bellini
2003978-0-931340-86-4F. E. KirbyMusic for Piano: A Short History
  ''978-0-931340-87-1Charles Neilson GatteyLuisa Tetrazzini: The Florentine Nightingale (Opera Biography Series ; No. 5)
  ''978-0-931340-88-8Habib Hassan ToumaThe Music of the Arabs
1995978-0-931340-89-5Adolphe NourritThe Great Tenor Tragedy: The Last Days of Adolphe Nourrit As Told (Mostly by Himself)
2003978-0-931340-90-1John ArdoinThe Callas Legacy: The Complete Guide to Her Recordings on Compact Disc (Amadeus)
1995978-0-931340-91-8Nikolaus HarnoncourtBaroque Music Today: Music As Speech: Ways to a New Understanding of Music
2003978-0-931340-95-6Peter HillMessiaen Companion, The: Hardcover
  ''978-0-931340-96-3Francoise TillardFanny Mendelssohn (Amadeus)
  ''978-0-931340-97-0Paul RobertsImages: The Piano Music of Claude Debussy
1995978-0-931340-98-7Daniel SnowmanPlacido Domingo's Tales from the Opera
1996978-0-931340-99-4Alan Sanders · J. B. Steane · Elisabeth SchwarzkopfElisabeth Schwarzkopf: A Career on Record