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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1984978-0-930289-00-3Ernie ColónThe Medusa chain: A graphic novel
1985978-0-930289-07-2Ray BradburyFrost and Fire (DC Science Fiction Graphic Novel SF3)
1986978-0-930289-09-6Marshall Rogers · Harlan EllisonDemon with a glass hand (Science fiction graphic novel)
978-0-930289-10-2Pat MillsMetalzoic
1997978-0-930289-12-6DC ComicsAll Star Comics Archives, Vol. 2 (DC Archive Editions)
1986978-0-930289-13-3Frank MillerBatman: The Dark Knight Returns
  ''978-0-930289-14-0Cover Arthur BryonSpace Clusters (Graphic Novel, No. 7)
1992978-0-930289-15-7Dennis O'Neil · Archie GoodwinBatman Green Arrow: The Poison Tomorrow
1995978-0-930289-21-8Frank MillerFrank Miller's Ronin
1998978-0-930289-22-5Alan MooreSwamp Thing VOL 01: Saga Of The Swamp Thing
1995978-0-930289-23-2Alan MooreWatchmen
1987978-0-930289-24-9Mike W. BarrBatman: Son of the Demon
  ''978-0-930289-25-6Jerry Bingham · Mike W. BarrBatman: Son of the Demon
1991978-0-930289-28-7John ByrneSuperman: The Man of Steel VOL 01
1987978-0-930289-29-4Inc. · intros by John Byrne and Mike Gold · end notes by Robert Greenberger DC ComicsThe Greatest Superman stories ever told
1997978-0-930289-30-0Mike W. Barr · Brian BollandCamelot 3000 (DC Comics Series)
  ''978-0-930289-33-1Frank MillerBatman: Year One
1991978-0-930289-34-8Marv WolfmanThe New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
1988978-0-930289-35-5Mike GoldThe Greatest Batman stories ever told
1997978-0-930289-36-2DC ComicsGreatest Joker Stories Ever Told (DC Comics)
1991978-0-930289-38-6Mike GrellGreen Arrow: The Longbow Hunters
1986978-0-930289-39-3Not AvailableGreatest Superman Stories Ever Told
1991978-0-930289-40-9Keith Giffen · J.M. DeMatteisJustice League: A New Beginning
  ''978-0-930289-43-0Paul Levitz · Richard Bruning · Keith Giffen · Larry MahlstedtLegion of Super-Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga
1995978-0-930289-44-7Jim Starlin · Jim Aparo · Mike DeCarloBatman: A Death in the Family
1995978-0-930289-45-4Alan MooreBatman: The Killing Joke
1997978-0-930289-47-8Jerry SiegelSuperman Archives, Vol. 1 (DC Archive Editions)
1989978-0-930289-48-5Grant MorrisonArkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth
1995978-0-930289-52-2Alan Moore · David LloydV for Vendetta
2000978-0-930289-53-9Mark Askwith · Dean MotterThe Prisoner: Shattered Visage
1995978-0-930289-54-6Alan MooreSwamp Thing Vol. 2: Love and Death
1991978-0-930289-55-3Neil GaimanBlack Orchid
1997978-0-930289-56-0Grant MorrisonBatman: Arkham Asylum
1990978-0-930289-57-7Jenette (editor) · Gold, Mike (editor) KahnThe Greatest Golden Age Stories Ever Told
1991978-0-930289-59-1Neil GaimanThe Sandman Library, Volume 2: The Doll's House
1997978-0-930289-60-7DC ComicsBatman Archives Vol. 1 (Archive Editions (Graphic Novels))
1991978-0-930289-61-4Jenette Kahan · Brian Augustyn · Mike Gold · Julius SchwartzThe Greatest Team-Up Stories Ever Told [DC Comics, Greatest Stories Vol. 4]
1990978-0-930289-63-8Marv Wolfman · George PerezBatman: A Lonely Place of Dying
  ''978-0-930289-65-2George PrattEnemy ace: War idyll
1997978-0-930289-66-9DC ComicsGreatest Batman Stories Ever Told (DC Comics)
1989978-0-930289-67-6Brian Augustyn · Mike Mignola · P. Craig RussellGotham by Gaslight: A Tale of the Batman
1992978-0-930289-68-3Doug MoenchBatman: Prey
2004978-0-930289-72-0Kyle BakerWhy I Hate Saturn
1997978-0-930289-76-8Jerry SiegelSuperman Archives, Vol. 2 (DC Archive Editions)
1998978-0-930289-78-2George Pratt · Andrew HelferEnemy Ace: War Idyll
1990978-0-930289-79-9Mike W. BarrBatman: Bride of the Demon
  ''978-0-930289-80-5Inc. · Joe Kubert [Illustrator] DC ComicsThe Greatest 1950s Stories Ever Told
1991978-0-930289-81-2Gardner F. Fox · John Broome · Cary BatesGreatest Flash Stories Ever Told
1992978-0-930289-82-9Marv WolfmanDeathstroke, The Terminator: Full Cycle
1997978-0-930289-83-6DC ComicsThe Greatest 1950's Stories Ever Told (DC Comics)
2009978-0-930289-85-0Jim StarlinBatman: The Cult
1990978-0-930289-87-4Pepe Moreno · Dennis O'NeilBatman: Digital Justice
1991978-0-930289-88-1Keith Giffen · Gerard Jones · James Owsley · M.D. BrightGreen Lantern: Emerald Dawn
1989978-0-930289-90-4William Messner-LoebsEpicurus the sage
1991978-0-930289-94-2Dennis O'NeilBatman: Tales of the Demon
2001978-0-930289-96-6Mike W. Barr · Tom Sutton · Ricardo VillagranStar Trek: The Mirror Universe Saga (Star Trek (DC Comics))
1991978-0-930289-97-3Cindy NewellCatwoman Her Sisters Keeper
2000978-0-930289-98-0Mike W. Barr · Alan DavisBatman: Full Circle
1993978-0-930289-99-7Alan Grant · Keith Giffen · Simon BisleyLobo: The Last Czarnian (Comic Book)